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SG-CB-1000-100 - Genius - 7 Pin Controller For Bobcat® Loaders - 1 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 1 x 12 volt solenoid directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat® and Versahandler® machines.  

New for 2016 - Latching Output.  Due to the success of the new 2 channel model, we have taken our engineering to the next level and added a latching function.  Tap the top left paddle and the unit will latch so you can do your secondary function without having to hold your thumb in place.  Tap it again and it releases.  Tap the lower paddle and it acts in a momentary function only.  Pure Genius!

Takes about 1 minutes to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is for plug mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has one solenoid to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has an indicator LED to show you that you have power and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine.

What is included:

  • CanBus Controller with 1 output.  Up or down control from your left stick. SG-CB-1000
  • 1 x 2 Pin Deutsch connector to connect to your attachment solenoids from the controller.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Incredible factory support that is not available anywhere but from Genius.

Read more about how this product functions here.

This is not just a plug in adapter.  There is a microprocessor with software loaded along with a IC driver circuit that enables this to work.  That is why it costs more than just a plain old connector.



This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • I ripped the 7 pin connector off of my SG-CB-1000-100 - GENIUS - 7 PIN CONTROLLER and am ordering a pin kit but I need a clearer picture of where the pins go please. Bobcat T590 2016

    The instructions are in our FAQ section found here.

  • Would this run the directional chute motor for a snow plow attachment?

    No.  You need the CB-4000 for that.  It has a bi-directional circuit and software so you can reverse the channels. Here is an excerpt from the page.

    Second Function:  This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 2 x 12 volt electric motors or linear actuators directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  It will automatically swap the polarity of the two outputs depending on which button you push on your control sticks.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

    Switching between these functions is simple.  When you first turn on your key, simply hold the left paddle switch in the up position for 4 x 12 Volt control, or in the down position for 2 x +-12 Volt Control.

  • Would this allow me to run a Cat 6 way blade from my 7 pin bobcat? The cat blade has multiple plug options on it last time I saw it, seemed to have a few Deutsch plugs on its harness.

    If you are willing to chop off whatever connector is on the current harness, then this will work.

  • How long is the pig tail? Does it have 2 pin male connector on both ends?

    It is 18" long and has a 2 pin Deutsch on one end with raw wire on the other.

  • My Grouser blade had no connector on the end of wire harness. Will the Deutsche connector work as the new end to connect to the old harness?

    Yes.  That is the common one.

  • We use a pole setter attachment and are experiencing issues after having it for 2 years. We can no longer toggle between the rotate and clamp functions. The CB-1000 is supposed to have an LED that is either red or green but there is no LED on at all when in operation (the adapter we have doesn't have a visible LED on the 2 pin side). Can you provide troubleshooting steps to determine if the issue is the CB-1000 adapter or the skid steer canbus? Thank you

    There is an LED there, but it is inside a small hole and bugs have a tendency to nest in the hole.  Clean it out and look for the light.  If nothing, then check your ACD fuse first before trying anything else.  It is usually the fuse unless the controller was hit from something external.  If that happened, the pins will be pulled back inside and it will be noticable.  I can sometimes repair these as long as the main housing is not damaged.

  • Hello, I am working with CL fab to purchase a Dominator tree puller with the grapple attachment. They mentioned that I can purchase an adaptor from you to allow switching on the the electric valve which allows running the grapple instead of the puller jaws. The description in this one sounds exactly correct to use with my Bobcat T770. 2011 model with 7 pin. Please confirm this is the part, and also that it will work with a standard control Bobcat T770 (foot controls).

    Yes, The CB-1000-100 is perfect for this application because you can lock the channel on so it will hold the control solenoid on and the grapple will actuate with operating the puller.

  • Does this come with a 2 pin cable to hook one end to the controller and other to the attachment or does it come with the short pigtail with 2 pin connector on only one end as shown in the pictures?

    It now comes with a pigtail because too many people had broblems crimping the pins.

  • Is it possible to talk to some by phone about this connector? Thanks John 206-390-4394

    Sorry, all inquiries are handled via email for faster more accurate service.

  • Will this also control a 12v motor and switch polarity in the same way the SG-CB-4000-108K 4-port controller will? We are trying to use this to control the nozzle angle motor on a Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower.

    No. It does not have reversing polarity like the 4000 controller.  The only model that we produce with programmable reversing polarity is the 4000.

  • Can this be used to control a higher amperage load, like momentary use of a small 12v pump for small sprayer, instead of a solenoid? Looking to run a small sprayer to spray stumps after cutting trees with a shear using the button on joystick.

    All of the CAN controllers have a maximum current rating of 9 amps. If you plan on running anything higher in amperage we suggest you install a relay.