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Bobcat Grader For Sale - Dual set-up for Laser Control

  • $15,500.00

New Bobcat 96” Grader. Skid Steer Genius bought this from our local dealer so that they could figure out the wiring and controls to make it operate on any machine. That day has come so the grader has to go so we can buy another attachment to work on.

This is the newest grader from Bobcat and it features full mold board controls including:

Left side up/down, right side up/down, angle left and right as well as side shift left and right. Laser receivers on/off is also supplied.

It has the optional laser receiver masts with coil cords. You will need to add the BRL2 receivers.

We will also give you a Genius Super Controller and side shift harness so that you can operate this grader on any machine. You will no longer be stuck with Bobcat. Use it anywhere. All of the functions will work including lasers. We used this for 5 hours of testing and that is it. It is virtually new but only better because it works anywhere.

We did install the Bobcat T-Harness so it has the 7 pin functions still in place so that if you are inclined, you can even plug it into a Bobcat when needed. 

If you were shopping for a grader then, you better act fast as these never last long. The price includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Contact us for a custom quote anywhere else.


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