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SG-CB-4000-108K - Genius 7 Pin Controller For Bobcat® Loaders, Toolcat & Versahandler - 4 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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This is a true Genius Controller designed for solenoid or electric motor/actuator controls.

First Function - 4 x 12 Volt Outputs:  This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 4 x 12 volt solenoids directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

Second Function - Old Electric Motor Controlled Snow Blowers:  This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 2 x 12 volt electric motors or linear actuators directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  It will automatically swap the polarity of the two outputs depending on which button you push on your control sticks.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

Switching between these functions is simple.  When you first turn on your key, simply hold the left paddle switch in the up position for 4 x 12 Volt control, or in the down position for 2 x +-12 Volt Control.

Takes about 5 minutes to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is for boom mount or attachment mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has up to 4 solenoids to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has power, communication, and port status indicator LED's to show you that it is working and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine.  Throw away the crappy controller that the manufacturers supply and switch over to true machine controls.

Buffalo Turbine Owners - This is the product for you.  Your turbine uses a 12 volt motor to turn the chute one direction and then you need to reverse the current to go the other direction using the same two wires.  Well that is exactly what this product will do for you.

What is included:

  • 7 Pin Cable - 9 Feet Long - PN# SG-CBC-108
  • CanBus Controller with 4 outputs.  Up/Down & Left/Right - PN# SG-CB-4000-100
  • 4 x 2 pin Deutsch connectors to plug into your Solenoids from the controller Box.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

Read more about how this product functions here.

View Manual Here.




This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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    Does it require 4 or 6 controls?  6 controls if you see a cylinder on top which means you need a 6000 controller and not a 4000.

  • What size of conductor is the 4 x 2 pin Deutsch connectors designed to work with (14 AWG or 16 AWG)?

    14 or 16 will work.  We use 14 as our standard.

  • This includes the 7 pin cable too right?

    108" long. Yes.

  • I have a t 590 bobcat and want to run two 12 volt solenoids for a snowblower is the sg-cb-4000-108k genuis 7 pin the unit i need

    That product will work fine but snow blowers use 4 solenoids.

  • I have a Bob Cat Snowblower SB 200x72" Serial # 712909033, fitted on a S590 loader both 2014. Mice got into the wiring. Will the SG-CB-4000-108K work on my machine. Yes it is a 7 pin.

    You would need a harness for the attachment and a controller for the machine.

  • is this housing made of plastic or metal, I live in Fairbanks Alaska, we do get cold like Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. from what I read we have to mount to lift arms or to implement being controlled, is this right? I have a 2019 T770

    It is a plastic box fitted with a PCB and then filled with potting material that sets up and makes it waterproof.  This kit is designed to be mounted in the attachment next to the solenoids the same way that Bobcat has done it since 2002.

  • I want to verify that the unit(the SG-CB-4000-108K) will work for me: I have a 2005 bobcat S185 7 pin and want to run three different asphalt planers(one set up for a cat 8 pin, and two others with 14 pin plug ins (I don't know what machine ran them)). Two of these asphalt planers have deutsch 2 pin plugs coming out of the hydraulic servos and one has the 14 pin harness wired strait into the servos. What I want to do is wire deutsch two pins plugs from the servos to the SG-CB-4000-108K. (one unit has 4 servos Bradco, one has 3 (Altec), the other has 3 plus an electric 12 volt pressure controller(Altec)). Will this work from? Do you need more info to know if it will work? Thank you

    first of all your machine needs pilot controls (Joysticks) to use the 6000 controller. If you do, then the 14 pin planers should be no problem. The 8 pin is usually Cat A,B,C related so it probably has 5 hoses. If so, you will lose the side shift control if you try to operate it because old Cats used an extra set of hydraulic controls to operate two of the functions. Please verify what you have and get back to us. The planer will have 5 hydraulic hoses.