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SG-BPH-8-4-9DT - 8 Pin Female to Deutsch 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

  • $175.00

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Connect directly to Caterpillar, ASV & Terex 8 Pin & Others. 4 Outputs

This harness is ideal for a few different scenarios.  Read more for the details as we take the guess work out of this for you.

First Scenario: CID Swing Boom, Snow Blowers and other CID attachments.

Are you sick and tired of a crappy control box that many companies use on their attachments?

The CID Swing Boom 8 Pin Harness allows you to run the CID Swing Boom directly from your left stick controls. This harness will work on most of anything that CID makes. 

Once again the real solutions company has the answer.  Use our harness to bypass their box and plug directly into your machine.  Our harness allows you to run the CID Swing Boom directly from your left stick controls.  We have been in the attachment business since 1994.  In that time, we have grown with the machines and understand the mechanical and electrical nuances found with each manufacturer.  Many of our attachment competitors just copy attachment ideas with no knowledge on how to implement them properly on a skid steer.  Well we do.  We know this so well, we even know how to make our competitors attachments work on your machine when our competitors do not.

This harness will work on most of anything that CID makes.  Check with us first if you are unsure. 

The CID Swing Boom is sold by other companies as their own. 

You will find the Swing Boom marketed as:

  • Prowler - Swing Boom Cutter
  • Spartan - Articulating Brush Cutter
  • Skid Steer Pro - Swing Boom

These are all the same mower and our harness will work perfectly.  We also have this available in a 14 pin version so check our other listing if you have a skid steer equipped with that configuration.

Second Scenario: Caterpillar

Most Caterpillar attachments use Deutsch 2 pin connections on their control solenoids.  This makes this harness ideal to swap out the wiring supplied on your Caterpillar attachment and update it to connect to work with any 8 pin equipped skid steer loader.

A note about 8 pin connectors.  We use this as a reference only.  A Deutsch 8 pin connector, when supplied with a skid steer loader usually does not have all of the pins installed.  Just because these pins are not installed does not mean it is not an 8 pin connector.  Always count all of the open positions as well as the pinned positions when you are trying to figure out what kind of connector you have or need.

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