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Genius - Kubota Machine Side Harness - 2 Button Control Only - SVL 95 | SG-KB-02

Genius - Kubota Machine Side Harness - 2 Button Control Only - SVL 95 | SG-KB-02

  • $220.00

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Kubota Machine Side Harness SVL95 Only - 2 Controls, 1 x 12V Keyed and 1 x Ground Only.

This kit includes:

  1. SG-KB-01 - Connection harness kit
  2. V0631-77320 - SVL-95 Connector mount kit

This is the harness that started it all for us and Kubota.  Shortly after the SVL machines were introduced, customers started calling us looking for the mate for this to run their Bobcat Snow Blowers.  We quickly realized that Kubota had only installed 2 buttons in their sticks so they could only run two functions.  This was a disaster so we quickly started designing our Super Controllers to allow operators the chance to run up to 10 controls. 

Since then many customers have called us and stated that they only care about two controls so all they want is the plain old 2 output harness that Kubota supplies.  Their complaint was that they are charging $500 for a harness that looks similar to something we charge a lot less for.  We went to work and here it is.  We have created a kit that is similar to theirs only nicer and cheaper.

We use our top quality outdoor rated cable along with original Deutsch connectors to build a winner of a harness.  We also use proper industry standard strain relief dust caps instead of the Kubota rubber dust caps.  This helps to save your day in case something falls on the connector.  We do this for less than half of the price of the Kubota harness.  This kit is almost 100% completely the same as the OEM kit except for a couple of parts that are easier to install using tie wraps.  Other than that, it installs exactly the same as the Kubota kit.  Have a look at their manual for instructions.

This kit will ship with both the Japanese style connector to plug in directly under your machine and run out to your boom.

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  • Will this or something similar work in a kubota 2013 svl75

    No it will not.  Please click this link. You want the SVL75/90 harness.

  • Will this 2 button control work for my 2014 kubota sl75-2 skidsteer to make the edge grader blade turn left or right?

    If it's a grader, no.  If it's a dozer, then yes.  Dozers need one control.  Graders need 6.

  • Hi al I’m wanting to put a side mount harness on my kubota 17 model 95-2 kubota I dad a cat with 8 pin on machine and power rake would this 14 pin kit work the same or do you sell kubota to 8 pin

    If your power rake only needs to go left and right, then yes, this harness will work.

    You will still need to conevert the attachment from an 8 pin either with a connector or an adapter.

  • will this fit a 2017 SVL 95-2

    Yes.  For sure.  Remember you will only get 2 controls.  That is a machine limitation.

  • I’m looking at getting a 6 way dozer blade made by bobcat an I need the plug to hook up to it what is my best way to make it work

    I have covered this extensively in the FAQ section of our website. The exact FAQ can be found here by clicking the link. You can also go to the video section at look at video number 117 for details of how to install the kit into the dozer.

  • Hi, I have a ‘16 SVL95-2S, and just want to run the “rotate” option on my snowblower. Does this kit plug direct into a corresponding harness connection hiding somewhere on my machine so that I can use the 2 buttons on the left stick to rotate counter and clock-wise?

    Yes, you are correct.

  • Will this work on a svl95-2s

    These were made for the pre 2018 models where there is only 3 buttons on the left handle since you can only get 2 controls on those machines.  If you have a newer machine, this is not the harness for you and you will need to contact Kubota for the newer hanresses.

  • I have an svl75-2 that came Without 14 pin connector on machine side. Will this work with the 75 and is this what is needed?

    On the left handle of your machine, do you have 3 buttons? If so, yes this will work but you will only have controls for two functions since that is all that Kubota allowed for those early years. Please see our FAQ section for full details on what Kubota did and some ways to solve this issue.