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SG-DTR-DIN-6 - 6" Deutsch to DIN Adapter Cable

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This extension converts a Deutsch 2 pin to connect to a DIN style connector to connect directly to your solenoid.

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  • I have a chinese made tree shear (bought new at local auction, big mistake) and it comes with a 7 pin connector. I was thinking to convert it to 14 pin which I have on one machine, the attachment uses a similar looking connector on the solenoid (din) but it has 3 wires coming out of them, do you have such a connector?

    You can do this one of two ways. 

    1:  Chop of their connector and install a 14 pin connector.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CONNECTOR

    2:  Use our harness and adapters. 



  • Do you still make the SG-DTR-DIN-6 product?

    YES.  We are just sold out for a bit.

  • any idea as to when you will have more of these in stock? I have a project that I would like to complete but it requires four of these.

    By mid November.  A lot more Chinese auctions than we planned on.  RB told us they were going to stop the auctions because they had so many returns.

  • Do the din connectors on these have built in surge suppresion for the source? Thank you

    No they do not contain surge suppression.  We expect the manufacturers to buy coils with the suppressors installed.  We do realize that the Chinese attachments coming in through RB Auctions don't have this but in most cases they only last a few hours anyways so we do expect them to be going away soon.

  • same tree shear as previous question, you also have picture of it on your site (large orange) but want to hook to 7 pin bobcat

    I have no idea who you are or what the previous question was.  I respond to over 100 of these per day and can no way keep up with all of them.  Please help us to help you by providing the machine brand, model, electrical set up and the attachment manufacturer brand and model.  It helps us to help you faster and helps others.