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Bobcat Grader Kit - 96/108" Grader with Gateway Control and Side Shift. Permanent Install Kit

Bobcat Grader Kit - 96/108" Grader with Gateway Control and Side Shift. Permanent Install Kit

  • $1,895.00

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Order this kit if you have a newer model Bobcat brand grader that is either 96" or 108" wide and it has only the Bobcat 7 pin cable with 2 hydraulic hoses.


In this kit you will receive the Bobcat branded T-Harness which connects to the Bobcat controller in the grader.

Here is a link.  Click here to see this harness.

You will also receive our side shift harness.  Use this harness only when operating the grader and want to activate the side shift function.

Here is the link.  Click here to see this harness.

You will also receive a Genius Super Controller Permanent install kit.  This gives you 10 operational functions with 2 of them locking so that you can turn the laser receivers on and off as needed.

Here is the link.  Click here to see this controller.

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  • Can you guys ship this kit to Australia ? I work for local government ( Shire council ) and they've purchased a 96" Bobcat grader to go with their Cat 246C skid steer and they want me to "make it work", as far as I can tell this is my only option. Cheers.

    Yes, we ship to Australia.  You can run it through the cart and it will calculate shipping.

  • It doesn't have a laser on it. It's an older one

    Then you can just install this harness.

  • So what I need is this? $1800? I bought a wiring plug a while back for a harley rake and it was only around $200. Does that sound right?

    If you are trying to operate a grader, that is a completely different animal to running a Harley rake.  If you look in our FAQ section or videos, you will see exactly what I am talking about.  Basically running a Harley Rake means you only need to bypass the controller in the attachment.  You can use your existing controls for that.  To operate a grader we have to fool the controller so you can even connect to it.  Then we have to equip your machine with controls since you only have a maximum of 6 and you need 8 - 10 controls.  If you tried to have a dealer do this that knew what they were doing, it would cost you $4000 - $5000.  We spent a couple of years creating an affordable kit that was simple to install and was the least invasive thing we could figure for everyone.  This kit works for everyone and is a lot cheaper than anything you could ever do through a dealer. works!!!

  • when you use the super controller joystick to switch the grader from manual to auto and back again is there anything to indicate it's switched modes?

    On the front of the laser receiver there is an LED indicator.

  • I have a Tac TL150 and I just purchased the 96” Bobcat grader blade w/sideshift. I have Topcon dual slope laser and 2 pole receivers for the grader. Question is, will your complete harness work for my Tac to do auto grading and can I also use a Topcon GPS system if I choose with your harness on my Tac?

    Is the system already integrated into the Bobcat grader?  If so, it will work.  If not, you are in unchartered territory.  I can help a bit but you need to knpow your way around the Topcon.

  • hello there I have a 262D cat machine the and purchased a 2017 96 bobcat grader I would like to know for sure that the $1895.00 permanent kit will work for me the sn is ACW901428 on the grader itself? My other question I have for you is I know it is compatable with a laser system would it be with a trimble GPS system? Also would this super controller operate other solniod oprated attachments as well? I live in Mandan nd and my number is 701-400-9011 if you could give me a call plese thank you .

    Yes.  We developed the kit specifically to use on a Cat with a Bobcat grader.  Yes, it is pin for pin compatible with other attachments.  It will work only with the laser systems developed for Bobcat.  We are working on our own that will work outside of the Bobcat system.

  • Looking to see if you have worked with trimble on this at all? We are trying to set up a John deere 333G and a Tac TL12. Both machines have different joysticks, and want to have the same on both machines

    We created the grader kit for this purpose, but you have to use the entire kit and install the joysticks. This will give you the ability to switch the Trimble from manual to auto mode. I am assuming this is the Bobcat Trimble kit and not an external one you are adding? If it is external, then no at this point it will not work. Also recognize that since this is not connected to a Bobcat you will be missing the screen and external screen adjustments that come with it. You have to manually adjust your slopes and level.