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Super Controller 14 Pin 10 Controls - Rental Kit | Skid Steer Genius

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Genius Super Controller 10 Output:  It is now possible to operate any attachment on any machine.  Buy this kit only for temporary installations.

We are proud to announce that our new Super Controllers are now in production. 

What is a Super Controller?  It is pure Genius.  We have put our 20 years of product and machine experience along with 30 years of electronic know how to work to solve one of the industries biggest issues.  Why won't machine manufacturers allow me to operate all of my attachments on any machine and why aren't there enough controls to do what I want to do?

These issues are now completely in the past thanks to pure Genius!  There are several options so please read the descriptions below and choose from the options table.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:  This is a temporary install kit that has a 10 foot cable meant to connect inside the cab and pass through the door out to the boom and then connect to your attachments via a 14 Pin connector.  The other kit we make is our permanent kit meant to be installed under the cab and then having the cable follow the hydraulic lines.  Please order the permanent install kit if this kit does not suit your purpose.

Series 10 SG-SC-102 - Rental Kit - 10 output, 10 Foot Output Cable - What's included.

This is meant to be a temporary install kit that can go from machine to machine easily.

    • Clip on - 2 small joysticks similar to a video game controller that clamp onto any control stick.  This gives you 10 controls.  4 more than most machine manufacturers give you today.
    • Each joystick has an X/Y 4-way control plus a Z locking button.  This allows you to run equipment requiring an always on control.
    • A controller interface in a sealed box with mounting magnets so you can easily install it with no labor.
    • A 10 foot harness so you can place it directly outside of your machine.
    • On the end of the harness is a 14 pin connector on magnets pinned out the old fashioned way.  The way things used to reliably work.
    • The connector is on magnets so you do not have to permanently install it.
    • A cigarette lighter plug so you can instantly power the controller.  You can be up and running any attachment in just a few minutes.

    Why did we develop this product?  We hate the way all of the manufacturers have conspired to make the attachment controls individual to each machine in an attempt to make you have to re-purchase them should you decide to change brands.  In the past, owners did not care about this because you did not have much money tied up in attachments or if you did, they did not have many controls.  As the modern machines evolved, it would have been easy for all of them to design similar controls or at least pin out the 14 pin connectors the same so that if you had several machines, you could swap the attachments back and forth.  Instead, each manufacturer did things like pin the exact connector differently so even though they were the same, they would not work.  Others used a different version with 8 pins so they would not interface properly.  Still another manufacturer added a computer interface and another different 7 pin connector which was virtually impossible to interface to until we started work in 2010 and built the first after market controller that would work easily with their machines. 

    That product termed the CanBus controller was so successful that we moved onto the other manufacturers and created what you see here.  We realized early on that we could not add buttons to their sticks as it is mechanically impossible.  What we decided to do was to create a small joystick control that could easily be added and be as unobtrusive as possible.  My personal feeling is that when I operate something, a joystick is much easier than reaching for buttons.  People raised over the past 40 years have come in contact with video game controllers and so they should be familiar with this.  We are going to be using these on our boom mowers and a joystick will be a much more efficient way to control our mowers because we can actuate both the X & Y axis at the same time.  We are really looking forward to getting these out into the field for you to try and welcome your feedback. 

    If you need to learn more, watch our videos here.

    We designed this from the ground up and made the control pack to operate inside your cab easily and reliably.  Every part of this was designed by us and we even wrote the software contained in the controller pack.  This shows our true dedication to building you something that is truly Genius and not some generic thing that you have to customize. 

    Bobcat Grader Upgrade:

    Do you have a Bobcat Grader 96" or 108".  You will need the following additional harnesses and adapters to make this work.  Once installed, all functions including side shift will work.

    Bobcat T-Harness - 7164095

    Bobcat Grader Adapter - SG-BC14-BC14-GR


    We welcome your comments and questions.

    Installation Instructions Can be Found Here:

    Kubota Permanent Install:



    Bobcat Permanent Install:


    Cat 299D Permanent Install:

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    Ask a Question
    • Hello I have a new John Deere 331 it has the 14 pin plug I bought a 2015 bobcat 96” grader attachment with auto grade system what do I need to operate this.


    • I have purchased a new motor grader attachment. It is a Land Honor (off brand) and I have a Cat 257D. I’m interested in purchasing some of the components of your packages and making a hybrid setup for my machine. Is this possible?

      Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them. These are the current names that we know about: Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Handy, American Manufacturing

      Land Honor Grader - Shows up with 24 volt solenoids.  It is the owners job to check and change this.  Not ours.

      6 Solenoids – Deutsch Connections

      12 Volt Solenoid for

      Here is the kit once you have changed the solendoids and verified the connections are Deutsch.

    • I have the super controller rental kit. Can the main control box be mounted externally if needed? It's going on a Hitachi zw50-5b, the concern is the cable might not be long enough.

      It is weather proof so you can mount it anywhere.

    • I have two different Kabota SVL 75 and I guess I need The rental Kit. Do I need anything else to go with that or is that all I need to hook up to a bobcat grader

      You need the entire Bobcat Grader Kit.

    • I Installed the super controller 14 pin rental kit on my JCB 1CXT so that I can run a power broom. My issue is that the harness has 1 wire with constant power and when you push the joystick you will get power to another wire. The way the power broom works is putting the broom in constant flow and then when you send power to one of the solenoids it will change the angle of the broom. Basically what I am asking is when you push the button on the joystick 1 wire will becomes hot and angles the broom to the right, I need to figure out how to push the button again and energize another wire to make the broom angle to the left. The wire with constant power just energizes the coil and the broom will just turn and deadhead the hydraulics until you turn off the Hydraulics. Please advise

      Don't use that pin.  You have 8 other pins that are controllable.  Pin K is the only constant power pin and that is the Bobcat spec.  We follow the standard Bobcat Specification for all of our controls as do most manufacturers.  Generally a broom would be wired to B-Ground and C/D for control.

    • Hi So I’m interested in putting a super controller on a 2014 Cat 906 Which of course only has one joystick however there is a flat metal surface where a magnetic mount could be attached. I’m wondering if there is a way to have two mini joysticks like on the four way controller so that all grader functions would be managed by the right hand while the left hand stays on the steering wheel. I suppose I could use the thumb buttons mounted on each side of the single joystick or mounted on a magnetic mount and side by side but I’m not sure how comfortable that would be I have a Fiat grader that operates with both blade lift functions on the right hand so it wouldn’t be a problem for me. Of course there would need to be another detente for laser Controle . Please let me know your thoughts.

      I did an install on a Toolcat in Edmonton Alberta where we installed two Ram Mount bases on the right panel so the customer could use his right hand between both joysticks and then use his left hand to steer.  We don't supply the extra parts but you can get them online.

      Here is the base that we used.  We used two of them.

      Here is the customer.

    • Tienen repuestos de maquinaria caterpillar, necesito por favor la palanca universal derecha 4605343 de un minicargador 236D

      No we do not.

    • Hi I have a 2006 mustang mtl20 and want to run a bobcat laser grader 108 please advise what kit I need ! My mtl20 doesn’t have a existing pin to connect, So I need everything! Thanks

      Please click the link for the entire kit.


    • is there a phone number i can call for questions about a super controller

      Sorry there is not.  Everything happens in writing so I do no have to keep repeating myself.

    • Have a John Deere 323e looking to run a bobcat sgx60 stump grinder on it. What will I need to make it work correctly?

      It's all covered here.

    • I’m wanting to purchase the super controller for my svl75-2 but was wondering if the controller will be compatible with a 6 way dozer blade as well as a grader blade

      Yes.  This product is compatible with everything.

    • We have a svl75 We are looking at purchasing a bobcat mi 84 grader Attachment what would a super controller kit be worth please

      It makes it a lot easier to use a grader.  In the future if you wanted to run lasers you would have no choice.

    • Does this control allow the side shift function? We want control of our Bobcat 96 Grader on either of our machines. We have a Terex Pt110 and a Cat 262C. I would have called but can't seem to find a phone number. My number is 727-247-7737

      If you buy the side shift harness as well, you will have the side shift function.

    • Will this kit work on a 259D Cat Skid Steer OEM# 460 5343/

      Yes, but I would use the permanent kit unless you have a reason not to.

    • We have a bobcat 7 wire plug for a sweeper and we have a kubota skid steer do you have an adapter to make it work

      Sure.  Use this.

    • I have a sg-sc-102 kit which states it is a temporary installation kit- I am looking for the part number of this kit to install permanently. I have a 299 d3 that will be using several different bobcat attachments. Thanks

      They are side by side on this page.

      Here is the direct link for Permanent.

      Here is the direct link for temporary or rental.

    • what is the part number for the kit that is to be permanently installed rather than this temporary installation kit

      It is the paroduct page right next to this one.  Here is the direct link.

    • Hello There, I have a customer who wants to use their bobcat laser grader Grader 108 I am looking to get him into a Kubota svl95 high flow. Please advise with what I need to do, to get his laser / blade to work with Kubota. thank you

      Here is everything you need to know about running a laser Grader on a Kubota.!bobcat-graders-explained

    • Will this add -on kit work on a Yanmar T175 Skid Steer. I don't have the 14 Pin Cabling or Connector currently. Interested in the Super Controller 14 Pin 10 Controls Permanent Mount Kit. I am in Canada.

      Yes, this will work with your machine.  If you take photos and make a description of each step when you install it, we will send you $100 back.

    • I have a 6 way box blade from bobcat and and Caterpillar skid steer can you help me with a electrical adapter from the 7 pin bobcat outlet to the 9 pin Caterpillar. Any help would be appreciated

      I am pretty sure you have a Cat D series which has a 14 pin with 9 pins installed. If that is the case, you will need this harness to bypass the Bobcat computer installed in the attachment. SG-BPH-14-6-9DP. Check out video #117 on why you need this and how it works.

    • Hello, I am purchasing a Case Snowblower, your Super Controller 14,, looks like it will do the trick for a 2012 NH L225, low flow, correct me if needed,. How do I order the permanent install kit, Thank you

      A Case snowblower is basically a Paladin snowblower with this adapter installed - CLICK HERE .  If you already have the adapter installed, you can just use a control box - CLICK HERE .  A Super Controller is an expensive overkill and have an extremely long lead time due to chip shortages.

    • I have a New Cat 259 track loader and would like to use a Bob Cat cold planer out of a rental yard the cat has a male 14 pin plug and the bobcat attachment has a male 7 pin what adaptor would i need ?

      Sorry but there is no adapter.  You would need to swap a prewired cable in and out.  That means taking the access panel off and undoing their wiring and then putting it back in once you ar ready to return it.

    • I have a 333g john deere that i put a super control kit on to operate a bobcat 108 grader. My machine hydraulics over heat in about 20 minutes run time. My machine has low hours and i have took it to the dealership to make sure theres no issue with the machine. Have u guys heard anything about this or whats the fix?

      Did you swap the couplers?  Sounds like you are running the hydraulics in reverse.  I get a call every day for that issue.

    • Is each joystick a dual axis with an on/off button?