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Our Cause - Please help!

Many of you have been helped by me one way or another. If you have dealt with me, you know that I started Genius because of the challenge. I have spent countless hours helping many people just for the sake of learning their situation and to get them going. In the end they did not need to even purchase anything from me. Many people have asked me if there is any way they can pay me for my time, and I have always turned them away and asked them to pay it forward. Remember what it was like to need help and then help someone else out.

If you are one of these people that still feels like you want to pay me for my services. How about this? I have a story to tell you that will break your heart but your help would help us to make a difference for a lot of people.

Here goes: I had 3 wonderful sons that I raised while running Skid Steer Solutions, Eterra Attachments and finally Skid Steer Genius. One of my sons had a mental illness that was very hard to treat. As an adult, he was eventually the focus of our local law enforcement. They jailed him, held him for a long period and would not allow him his medication. They broke his soul and drove him insane. He acted out and was handed 3 felonies on top of a silly one that was given to him in the first place. He was so broken by the experience, that he took a plea bargain for 1 felony and was released. This experience destroyed him and he finally died by suicide on July 7, 2016. We have been devastated.

After some of the pain had passed, I started looking into how this could have happened. What I discovered was a system that targets the mentally ill and the poor. They arrest them, lock them up with no phone call allowed until they pay for the service, charge them with bail to get out, charge them commissary charges and even charge them for being in jail. These are things that happen before they are actually found guilty of doing anything. I discovered that there are many people in jail that are waiting for their day in court. They are too poor to buy their way out so there they sit. Sometimes for months or more, when even if they are found guilty their charge may only give them 30 days. By the time they get out, they have lot their jobs, housing and sometimes relationships. It makes it hard for them to restart.

Once these people have had enough of being held in jail, they are given the opportunity to plea bargain their way out of jail. They can see people in cells all around them that have been sitting there for many months so a lot of them take the plea just to get out. This has created an incredible amount of felons in our community. They cannot find jobs, find housing or qualify for any kind of financial help just because they are now convicted felons. What was their real crime? They were too poor to be able to afford bail and a good lawyer. This is pure insanity and it is happening all over this country.

I looked at my life and thought to myself, what impact have I made on the world? What really matters when I pass away? Will I leave the world a better place? What can I do to make this country a better place for future generations.

I found my answer with a group of people that I had given free office space to and helped to finance. The Restorative Justice Coalition of Bellingham is a group dedicated to jail alternatives and services to people who have been victimized by our judicial system. Their goal is to keep them out of jail in the first place, but if they do go to jail, they help them get back on their feet with rehabilitative services, housing and job help. I am now a board member, a donor and a speaker on their behalf.
I thought to myself, what do I do best? I am an internet marketer. People know me and trust my judgement. Can I harness the power of the internet to help this group? I hope so.

If you are thankful for the services we have provided to you and you want to help out, I would really appreciate if you made a donation to this group. You would be part of something that can really make a difference. If everyone who visited this site paid $1, that would make a huge difference to our cause.

Please click on the Paypal button below to make a donation so that we can make a positive change in our community and across this country.




Dedicated to Connor Rae Leib - March 16, 1992 - July 7, 2016