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14 Pin Bobcat Planer/Wheel Saw & SG-60 Harness | SG-BPH-14-7-9DP - | Skid Steer Genius

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14 Pin to Bobcat Planer, Wheel Saw & SG-60 Stump Grinders Only.

Connect from your Case, Gehl, Kubota*, JCB/Volvo, Mustang, Takeuchi, New Holland, John Deere, Yanmar, Cat after 2014) to your Bobcat® Planer Only.
NEW for 2016:  Bobcat is now using 2 styles of connectors on their attachments.  You have to check the solenoids and refer to the photos to identify which style you require.  Make sure you choose either the Delphi or Deutsch style. 

This is a custom harness that we designed to defeat the Bobcat method of planer operation and allow you to run it on any machine equipped with a 14 pin connector.  Other manufacturers use a priority valve system that bleeds oil off to run the secondary functions.  Bobcat does not do it this way.  They require an additional function to bleed to the secondary function.  Because of this, we were scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do.  Well, we got it and now so do you. 

We started as attachment manufacturers and felt that the 7 pin option was only designed to block users from running their attachments on anything but Bobcat® brands.  There are so many hostile customers out there that we felt that we could help, so here is the deal. We built one of these to see if it would work. Our customer was more than happy to help out with feedback of how he used the harness. We posted this to our database so we could help the next guy. He posted the results to an online forum and then our phones starting ringing off the hook. So we now operate Skid Steer Genius as an example of how to actually help people and not hinder them.

To keep the kit easily adaptable to the most attachments possible and all of the different machine types, we have made this available as a kit. The 2 pin connectors are installed, but the 14 pin is not. We ship this kit with a diagram and installation instructions so that you can pin it for your specific application. All of the pins are professionally crimped.

NOTE:  This adapter works with all 14 pin installations but in some cases needs to be re-pinned (John Deere).  The other issue is controls in your cab.  Your machine must have 6 control buttons pinned out to your 14 pin to be able to have all functions of the planer.  If not, you will have to forego sideshift.  We supply wiring only, but if your machine is not capable, there is nothing we can do about it. 

NOTE:  For 2019 this item ships with Delphi connectors.  If you have Deutsch, you must add adapters as needed.  This could be up to seven but you must check.  Why are we doing it this way?  Because most units have Delphi.  Only a few have Deutsch and the ones that do often have a mixture of connectors so no matter what we did, we never could ship the correct harness.  This method puts the onus on you to make sure that you have all of the same connectors and which ones you have.  If you order incorrectly, we no longer have to exchange harnesses which is very costly.  All we do is ship you how ever many adapters that you need.

How Does it Work?
Bobcat® branded attachments that have a 7 pin harness installed have a computer installed on the attachments. We run our harnesses directly to the solenoids on the attachments from your skid steer loader. Bobcat® installs a computer right in the middle of the action. In most cases it is total overkill and not needed. They have only a few attachments that have a lot of functions that need more than the usual 8 or 14 pin outputs on every other brand in the market. In our opinion, it has more to to with marketing. They are under the mistaken thought that you will only ever buy Bobcat branded attachments. Instead, it just costs you a lot of money changing them back to the way that every other manufacturer does it.

Our harness bypasses their computer and plugs directly into the solenoids and brings the attachment back to modern reality. The other end plugs into your 14 pin harness on your machine. The only issue we have seen is if your machine is not wired for enough outputs to run that particular attachment. Example. Kubota SVL75 & SVL90 loaders only have two outputs. This will work OK on items like brooms, but not much more. Not sure why they did not think ahead an allow for more outputs, but that is just the reality. As of June 2014 Kubota added an add on button controller to allow more controls.  Check out the Genius Super Controllers for an easier installation at 1/2 of the cost.

Bobcat® Cold Planers, Wheel Saw and Stump Grinder (SG-60):  These attachments have 7 solenoids.  6 are for control and one diverts the flow from the drum to the controls.  Most skid steer loaders have 6 switches for control so they do not have enough to operate the Cold Planer.  The only machines that we know of are the Kubota SVL's with the enhanced controller. This controller has a 7th locking function that allows you to operate the cold planer properly.  Different years use this solenoid differently.  Start out with the green wire plugged into this solenoid first and if the wheel stops spinning when you try to operate the controls, try removing the wire.

Now the disclaimer. The "Bobcat®" trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat® Company. 
This is not a Bobcat® product. We are not affiliated with Bobcat. We have not copied anything from Bobcat. We are not in any way trying to make you think you are buying a product from Bobcat® nor are we trying to make you think you buying a product endorsed by them. We expect them to tell you the same thing. After over 20 years of designing, manufacturing and selling some pretty incredible skid steer products, we know what we are doing. We stand behind this product 100% and guarantee it will not affect the operation of your machine or your attachment.
It simply bypasses the common language CanBus computer on the attachment and plugs directly into the control solenoids. It does not interact with the machine in any way. We believe this to be a much more reliable way of operating an attachment.  Fewer components always means less down time.

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