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SG-PP-14 | 14 Pin Plug and Play Adapter for Kubota, Cat D, John Deere & More

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Use this plug and play adapter if you have only one solenoid to operate that has an existing 2 pin Deutsch receptacle and you need to connect to your 14 pin connector on your machine.  This ingenious jumper features a special 2 pin plug that has an embedded LED in the plug so that it gives you an indication immediately that everything is connected perfectly.

It comes pinned out for the most popular machines around including Kubota, Gehl, Cat D-Series, old Bobcat (14 Pin), Takeuchi, New Holland.  For John Deere, there is an internal jumper that you would simply remove the shrink tubing and install it into the A slot.  For High Flow Cat D-Series, you can use this same jumper and install it in either slot N or K so you can tun on your high flow.


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  • Will this work on grouser sn 200400424 dozer blade.I have 2020 Kabota Slv75 I’m connecting to.

    If the blade is NOT labelled Bobcat, then yes this will work.

  • Just picked up a Wolverine Cement Mixer. Noticed the Valve is mounted lower than your video posted in June 2020 It just has 2 short wires exiting. If going to a 14 pin on machine is this what i need SG-PP-14 and SG-DTR-DIN-108 Does the 2 wires tell you it is a one channel.....

    That is because we bought a sample from the Chinese manufacturer directly and had all kinds of problems.  Based on our feedback, they modified them and started dumping them directly into the RB Auction scene.  I wrote this up a couple of years ago.

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame on RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.  

    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Top Cat, Mower King, TMG, American Manufacturing

    NOTE:  These companies do not exist so don;t waste your time trying to contact them because you are on your own.  All materials are China sourced so you will need to fabricate your own repairs, but hey they are cheap to buy.


    For all Chinese Attachments:

    Verify the voltage of the solenoids as many of them ship with 24 volt solenoids.  You must replace the solenoid coils with 12 volt rated ones for the attachments to work.  Here is a link to replacement coils.

    Click Here to Order a Replacement 12 Volt Coil


    Wolverine Cement Mixer - This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured Star Industries Scoop and Mix.

    It uses one solenoid for control of the chute.  It does not come with the hose and it is metric so you will need to make a new chute if you want a hose or find a metric hose somewhere.  The primary pump action will cause the paddles to operate.  By pushing a control button, the solenoid will fire and allow the oil to travel through the chute hoses to the cylinder.  This will only happen if you push the button and operate the hydraulics at the same time.

    Here are the kits.

    Click Here for the 14 Pin Control Kit

    Click Here for the 8 Pin Control Kit

    Click Here for the Generic Switch Control Kit

    Click Here for the Bobcat 7 Pin Control Kit



  • I have a Kubota SVL97-2 with a 14 pin plug installed. I purchased a dozer blade that has 2 wires on it. Will this plug work for attaching to the 2 wires on the dozer attachment

    Can I see the connector?

  • Have a wolverine cement mixer. two wires - red and blue coming out of the solenoid on the mixer. What do I need to do to make your SG-PP-14 and SG-DTR-DIN-108 work with my 753 Bobcat with 14 pin?

    Just plug it in.  Run the hydraulics for mixing and then hit the button on the left stick while running the hydraulics to open and close the chute.


  • Is this connector already pinned correctly for Kubota or does it have to be assembled?

    Yes.  It is pre-pinned.

  • looking to run a John Deere sweeper on my Kubota slv75 with only one solenoid for the angel . looks to be only two wire to the sweeper . what one will convert? Thanks

    What kind of connection is on the sweeper?

  • Hi would you provide a cat connector with pin arrangement that would allow me to hard wire the 14 pin to my dozer blade? That would remove one connection. Thank you

    This is the most common harness that we use.  Will this work for you?

  • i have a wolverine attachment with two solenoids running on a CAT 299d3 xps. Which harness do I need?

    I have not dealt with Wolverine offering 2 solenoids.  They are not a real company.  Just a mail drop with a direct to auction channel from China so there is no information available.  i will need you to send me lots of pictures of the attachment connections so I can figure something out.  Thanks

  • i just bought a suihe concrete attachment . is very similar to the wolverine but mines has 2 solenoids; so i have 4 wires . do you have some for that one?

    What machine are you running it on?  Can you send a photo of the solenoids and hoses?