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SG-RC-2BC - Genius - 2 Output Remote Control - Deutsch | Skid Steer Genius

SG-RC-2BC - Genius - 2 Output Remote Control - Deutsch | Skid Steer Genius

  • $195.00

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Genius Remote Control:

What happens if you have an older machine that was never ordered with any kind of electrical control?  You buy an awesome new attachment and try to run the extra controls but you have no way of connecting the machine to the attachment.  What do you do?  They expect you to add the controls, switches, joysticks, harnesses and so on.  By the time you are done, it can cost yo up to $2000 and still there is no one that knows how to connect the two just because the attachment is a different brand than the loader.

What if you have a tractor and want to add an angle broom?  You have to run some kind of control box wiring down the boom and attach it somewhere.  It really sucks.

What if you have a rental yard and people with different machines keep coming in and renting your broom, but you have ot spend hours setting them up?

Add our Genius 2 Port remote control system to your machine.  All you need to run is a power wire out to the receiver, plug our receiver into your solenoids and you are set to go.

We will be offering a battery pack that you can add so you will not have to do any wiring.  This is a rental yards dream!


What does the kit include?

  • 2 Port output receiver to drive up to 2 solenoids.
  • Micro Transmitter
  • Macro Transmitter
  • Power wiring
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Incredible factory support.  We can make anything work with everything.

The output plugs are 2 Pin Deutsch plugs.  We have adaptors available for most everything out there so contact us if you need a different output configuration.

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  • I have a hydraulic transfer grain auger that I would like to be able to hook up to a t190 bobcat and be able to turn on and off from outside the cab.

    So you want to be able to switch on the machine hydaulics?  That is massively expensive.  I thoink I would just buy an open center diverter valve and added it to the hoses outside of the machine and do it mechanically.

  • Do you have these that will connect to a bobcat snowblower? I have an 1979 clark/bobcat 825 and would like to pick up a snow blower for it. unfortunately all snow blowers seem to need two additional switches/canbus to control the chute direction and discharge angles...

    I am afraid that your machine may not have enough flow to run a snow blower.  Those older machines were built as loaders so the aux port had really low flow and pressure.  You should check first.