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Genius - Bi-Directional Motor Controller | Skid Steer Genius

Genius - Bi-Directional Motor Controller | Skid Steer Genius

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Genius Bi-Directional Motor Controller - BDMC

This product was designed specifically to electric motors and electric actuators to operate in forward and reverse using your existing skid steer control buttons. There are two models that use a standard 14 pin input control from your loader.  You will need 4 buttons that are active for this to work.  Push one button and there will be +12 - on the output.  Push another and you will see the opposite polarity appear. on the same output.  This will make your motor or actuator run in forward or reverse.  This is a truly unique product that you will only find at the industry innovator Skid Steer Genius.  

Before we took on this project, people had to create a box with relays or toggle switches that were cumbersome and unreliable.  With the introduction of the our BDMC you can use your existing controls in your cab and have a truly OEM experience with your attachment.

NOTE:  This product is only to be used with electric motors and actuators.  Do not attempt to connect this to a solenoid.  Some of them do not have reverse polarity protection so you will instantly fry the solenoid.

What's included.

  • A 9 foot cable with a 14 pin connection.
  • The control box contains circuitry to run up to 2 motors in either forward polarity or reverse.
  • The output is a pair of 2 pin Deutsch connectors.  We include the mates to these connectors so you can transform your existing wiring to be plug and play.

Why did we develop this product? Customers like you asked for it.  We have the experience and the know how with skid steer loaders to make things like this work easily for you.

These are currently being used to control older FFC Snow Blowers & Buffalo Turbine Blower.

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Ask a Question
  • Will this work to control my CID 6-Way Dozer attachment on my CAT 242D3 skid steer, utilizing the factory joysticks and standard flow (D3 snd Dozer are both strictly standard flow) hydraulic system?

    No, this will not.  I need a photo of the CID connector to know what to recommend.

  • Will this connector work with a Bobcat Toolcat?

    No it will not.  You need this.

  • Will this connector work with the Buffalo Turbine model number BT-HYSS3? Serial number is 32113.

    Correct.  Currently out of stock.  i build them as needed since the market is still changing on what people want.

  • Hi I have a Bobcat S64 SJC 9-SSL & SJC controls and we want to intergate a Buffalo turbine BT-HYSS3 so the you can use the bobcat controls to control the blower. is this something you do and what do we require?