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SG-CB-2000X-100 - Genius - 7 Pin Controller For Bobcat® Loaders - 2 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 2 x 12 volt solenoids directly from the left and right paddle controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat® and Versahandler® machines. 

What is amazing about this is that we have taken our engineering to another level.  This controller features a unique latching circuit so that you do not have to hold your thumb down for 8 hours for continuous operation. 

It works like this:  Plug in our controller and your switching paddles will be transformed.  On your left paddle, touch the bottom part of the paddle and it works in a momentary fashion.  Touch the top and it latches.  Touch either the top or bottom and it releases.  The same goes for the right paddle.  Amazing, right?  This was all done because of feedback from customers like you.  Now you can run accessories like sprayers, lighting and accumulators without holding your thumb down for hour after hour while trying to run your machine.  Genius, pure Genius!!!

Toolcat and Versahandler owners:  Plug it in the same way as on a skidsteer and use the console switchs (Olders Models) or the handle control switches to operate your attachments.  It's that easy.

Takes about 1 minutes to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is a plug mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has one or two solenoids to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has an indicator LED to show you that you have power and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine as well as when the paddles are operating correctly.

What is included:

  • CanBus Controller with 2 outputs via a 4 pin Deutsch DT06 receptacle.  Up for latching or down momentarily control from your left stick for port A. Up for latching or down momentarily control from your right stick for port B.
  • 1 x 4 Pin DT06 Deutsch connector with an 18" pigtail to connect to your attachment solenoids from the controller.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Incredible factory support that is not available anywhere but from Genius.

Read more about how this product functions here.

This is not just a plug in adapter.  There is a microprocessor with software loaded along with a IC driver circuit that enables this to work.  That is why it costs more than just a plain old connector.



This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • SG-CB-2000X-100 Is this part available.

    Yes.  We pull items from the site if they are not in stock.

  • Do you make a 7 pin extension cord so I can mount the converter on the attachment. I keep damaging my converter with the hydraulic hoses when it’s not in use. Y converter works fine but the case is cracked and the cord is pulled out of the case.

    We make a specific box that is meant to install in the attachment.  These little adapters are meant to be used for an applicationa and then removed.  You should not leave it attached when not needed.

  • hello.. this looks like what we need to run our 2016 Paladin sweepster model#22084MH-0022 Angle broom attachment on 2016 T650 bobcat skid steer? two 12 volt sol. for the angle function.

    Yes.  Just verify the connections or use the supplied pig tail and splice it in.

  • Hello there so I bought a bmx 250 from skid steer solutions last year not sure if you supply them with 7 pin adapter to 2 port but mine is not working been waiting 2 weeks for a response from them only third time using attachment

    When you plug it in, what do you see?  Any LED's?

  • have a 2012 t-180 that has all the remote functions available on my controls, but I do not have a remote pin to plug into, do yawl sell the wiring harness or dod I need to purchase from Bobcat? Can you save me money?

    Sorry but that's a Bobcat thing.  There are too many styles and they are tracked in their serial number database which I have no access to.

  • I bought one of these 7 Pin controller about a year ago. Does this controller have any warranty at all? The controller only works 1 way now. My order number was 8147 i believe.

    Please send the name it was ordered under.

  • HI, I live in Australia and want a SG-CB-2000X-100. Do you have a distributer in Australia.

    Sorry, we do not.  It's all sold online through our US based web site.

  • Hi I have a cement mixer with 2 solenoids. Similar to the wolverine but with a solenoid on each side of the valve. One solenoid when powered puts the flow to chute operation and the other solenoid when powered puts flow to power the mixer. Is this the item I need to operate the cement mixer from inside. Thanks,

    Yes, this will operate 2 solenoids.  Does the auger not turn with no electrical?  Usually Suihe has 2 solenoids, but they operate in parallel because there is one for each line (Pressure/Return).

  • I have the SG-CB-2000X-100 7 pin. use on bobcat haven't had any problems last year but come to use this year and works on time moving snow and now quit. It is stored outside but I put control wires in plastic bag and is in shade except for mornings. I notice the "call it box" has some cracks and I get no light. checked my fuses they are fine. I assume the controller is bad. Any other way to check out? Use on V-plow attachment. I'm happy have been happy with it so far. Just need to know if need to order another. thanks Dan

    If it cracked, then it was left outside in the freezing cold and then fired up under full load.  We always recommend that you leave it inside the cab when not in use.  We don't cover these as a warranty but we do a deep discount on a replacement.  Email me back and I will have someone take care of it for you.

  • looking at the 2 channel 7 pin bobcat controller I see where bottom button on left and right is monetary and top is continuous. is there any options available to have the left side momentary and the right constant or visa versa. Also see where there is talk of a bad run of the 7 pin to 14 pin controller. how o I confirm my unit I purchases was not in that batch?

    We can customize anything, but there is a cost to open up the files, do the work and produce the product.  There is a 100 unit minimum plus hours and it takes 8 - 10 weeks.  The bad run was over a year ago.

  • What is the maximum amp draw for either of the controlled circuits? I want to use it to run the spreader motor on a salter

    9 amps continuous.  Not really meant to drive a motor.  They have been known to blow because of the field collapse voltage.  The 4000 box has bigger drivers and heat sinks ad was designed to run motors.

  • SG-CB-2000X-100 - Genius - 7 Pin Controller on a 2009 t300 g series with horst snow wing I bought last fall for local dealer. I have continuity through the cable to the solenoid, one wing works so i have power from the loader. checked 7 pin controller one side has power no power on the other side. wonder if his is fixable or do I need to replace or is it warranty. Now it's turning off the auxiliary hydraulics randomly. I have a bobcat dozer blade 7 pin that is working fine. Thanks Dan

    Any chance that your machine is equipped with a 14 pin connector as well?  If the Bobcat controller is installed in the machine as well, the Bus will see a conflict and shut off the hydraulics, beep and send an ACD code.

  • I have a Bobcat T190 that has a 7 pin Plug on it. I purchased a Virnig Power Rake that has a 14 pin plug on it on it. What is the easiest, cheapest way to convert it over.

    An SG-CB-4014 is what is used.

  • what is the lead time on this adapter?

    Order by noon and it ships the same day.

  • good morning, customer has used this adapter for only one season and has pulled apart, think do to being too short, is there a longer version of the same adapter?

    No.  If we made them longer they get caught and really torn apart.  We make a box version with a long cable that can be mounted in the attachment.  They can still tear the cable apart but it is replaceable.  Here is is here.

  • I have a 2012 bobcat s 650 with a 7 pin and bought a Artsway 864 bale processor. Is the SG-CB-2000X-100 the right adapter for this unit. It is a 2 solenoid because the apron chain runs in forward and reverse. Let me know

    Yes.  This is a 2 solenoid product meant to select up to two solenoids.