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SG-CB-4014A - Genius 7 Pin (4 Output) Controller For Bobcat® Loaders, Toolcat & Versahandler - 4 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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2021 - New Year, New Look.  We have modified our most popular lines for 2021 for the following reasons:

Customers were continually tearing them apart by driving away with them connected to the attachment.  This would permanently destroy them, so we split the cabling and now the Deutsch connector will tear off of the cable.  You can then re-strip the cable, add pins, reassemble and get back to work.

Customers complained that they were too short.  The new design allows for a longer cable.

New Chinese attachments have no filtering on the solenoids.  This would cause a massive spark to be introduced into the line when in operation that would wipe out our earlier controllers.  The new PCB's have a wider component spacing and additional filtering to combat this effect.  We feel that this new design is the best of both worlds.  Our designs are now a decade old and we think we have finally covered every aspect of what can happen in the field to make this the most reliable controller to date.

This is a true Genius Controller designed for solenoid controls only.  Our customers spoke and we listened.  You asked us to create a 14 pin output connector style controller so you could plug 14 pin attachments directly to your Bobcat® machines without using a box control and we listened. 

Here it is.  The new 4014 controller.  It is a 4000 series, 4 output controller with a 14 pin connector pinned the old fashioned way.  Using the old Bobcat 14 pin layout which works with Takeuchi, Gehl, Kubota, Mustang, Case and Cat attachments up to 4 controls.

Perfect for CID/Spartan/Prowler Swing Boom Cutter.

New for 2020 - BUNDLES!

Click Here for Snowblower Bundle

The snowblower bundle includes the 4014 controller and a female 14 pin Deutsch connector to be installed on your attachment harness.

Click Here for CID/Spartan/Prowler Swing Boom Bundle

This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 4 x 12 volt solenoids directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

Takes about 1 minute to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is for boom mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has up to 4 solenoids to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has power, communication, and a port status indicator LED to show you that it is working and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine.

Throw away the crappy controller that the manufacturers supply and switch over to true machine controls.

WARNING: CAT XHP High Flow Attachments into 14 pin plugs. There is a jumper installed in the attachment plug that loops pin K back to ground for high flow attachment sensing. This is only for CAT machines.  Bobcat uses pin K for power. This means that if you plug a Cat D series attachment into a Bobcat wired plug you will short the output and blow your fuse.

Read more about how this product functions here.  

Helpful Videos. CLICK HERE



This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • I have a brand new New Holland L321 14 pin skid steer and I want to run a Bobcat 7 pin Smoothcut model # 6716839 Serial # 231613984.

    Not sure what a smooth cut is.  Maybe a Planer?  If so, here is all of the information found in our FAQ's about Planers.


  • I have a 7 pin on a bobcat t770 and want to use a jenkins harley rake. Will this work to convert it . Thanks

    Yes.  This will work.

  • I bought a stump grinder that has a 14 prong plug. My S740 bobcat has a 7 prong plug. Is the 4014a adapter the one I need to make them work together?

    It depends on who's stump grinder, how many functions, how many hydraulic lines, what type of harness and electrical connections are installed.

  • Will this run my kubota ssg2524 stump grinder on my S64 bobcat?

    If you only have 4 controls (left/Right), (Up/Down) then yes it will work.  You may have to move a couple of circuits as I do nt know how they are pinning out their connector.

  • I have a brand new Bobcat T870 with 7 pin connector. I am wanting to run my cat HM315C mulcher head on it. It has a 14 pin connector on it. Will this work or what will i need to make it function?

    Yes, but we never know what pins are being used so you have to make sure the mulcher does not have a socket in the K position.  Then you need to find out which they are using to open and close the hood.  We use EFGH.  They might use CD, EF or AJ.

  • Hi, I have an approx. 20 year old Erskine 1812 snowblower with a 14 pin connector that I want to use on my bobcat s185 skid steer with a 7 pin connector. Will this adapter work and will I need anything else to complete the application. Thanks! Rick Mckay

    This is all that you need.

  • I have a Titan Stump grinder v2 with the Deutsch style 14 pin. Can I use this adapter on my bobcat ?

    Yes.  We do not know which pins they use though so you may need to move a couple of them.  We use E,F,G & H for controls.

  • Will this allow us to run a Cat PC306 Mill with water kit (14 pin) on a Bobcat S770 with 7 Pin machine?

    No it will not.  It requires a 6014 or 6000 controller which are currently out of stock.

  • This will make it so I can run my s650 BOBCAT with a Cat stump grinder that is 14 PIN ?

    This product allows the control of up to 4 solenoids.  This means up down and left right.  It will not operate the extend function if your stump grinder is equipped.

  • Will the SG-CD-4014A function with a Bobcat T870 7 pin connector to a CAT WS345B(14pin)

    Yes it will.  You may need to move sockets in the attachment side depending on how it was set up.  We use EFGH and they use CDEFJA.  If the controls line up on EF, then it will just work.  The attachment must not have a socket in K as it is a ground and will short out your machine.

  • I have a bobcat soil conditioner with a 7pin and just purchased a kubota skid steer which has a 14pin. Can I use this adapter to plug and play? Thanks Also do you ship to Canada? thanks

    No.  This is exactly the opposite of what you need.  Please read the following by clicking the link and then order the harness indicated.

  • Will this adapter connect a new Bobcat 7 Pin connector to a Bobcat Grader with an older 14 pin Bobcat connector?

    No it will not since it only has 4 controls and you need 6.  You need a 6014 which is currently sold out.  We should have them again in 6 weeks.

  • I have an woods alitec cold planer that has 14 point plug I need to run it on my S650 bobcat what adapter do we need

    How many controls do you need?

  • I have a customer that has a Deere planer and a Alitec wheel saw that just recently purchase a Bobcat S850 that has the 7 pin harness on it. Which Harness do you recommend for him. Thanks

    How many functions does he require for the saw?

  • We have a Bradco ATP96 6-way dozer blade, that we need working on a Bobcat T650 with 7 pin connector. Is the SG-CB-6000 the correct unit to accomplish that?

    The 6000's have been retired.  Depending on what connections you have, you can use the 1000, 2000, 4000, 4014 or 6014.  It's kind of your choice.

  • Hallo, Wir haben zwei neue Bobcat S770 und möchten hier den alten B8 Holzhäcksler von Bobcat anbauen. Leider passen die elektrischen Stecker nicht. Hier hatten wir an unseren alten 864 Bobcat einen deutschen Stecker verbaut. Könnten sie uns hier einen Adapter anbeiten.


    Hello, We have two new Bobcat S770 and would like to add the old Bobcat B8 wood chipper here. Unfortunately, the electrical plugs don't fit. Here we had installed a German plug on our old 864 Bobcat. Could you prepare an adapter for us here.


    The old chippers had no electrical. The new chippers run on the Bobcat 7 pin controls so I am not sure what adapters you need. Maybe some pictures would help.

  • I have a a Tool Cat (7 pin connector) with a snow blower and plow attachments. I have recently purchased two new (2019) JD skid Steers that I would like to be able to use the blower and plow attachments on. I purchased the correct connections to build an adapter, could you provide the required pin configuration or do I need to purchase a genius controller to adapt the equipment.

    The smart thing to do.  Convert the JD machines 14 pin connector to universal by moving the ground pin from A to B.  Here is a video.

    Now add our 14 pin harness to each attachment.  Here is the correct harness.  Just verify the connectors into the solenoids.

    That harness bypasses the Bobcat Computer.  If the Toolcat does not have a 14 pin connection and only the 7, you will need this CAN Conversion controller.

    Now you can go back and forth from Toolcat to John Deere with no hassles.

  • I am hooking your 4014 harness on a bobcat T870 running a caterpillar 18 inch flow Planer. Do you have a video on how to remove Positive K wire?

    That will not work.  You need 6 channels to operate a Cat planer.  If your loader has pilot controls, you can order our 6 channel controller (SG-CB-6000).  #135 shows you how to move pins in Deutsch connectors.

    Email me and I will send you the Cat Attachment Operational Guide.  You have to push muliple buttons at once to get all functions to work.

  • I just purchased a Bobcat Versahandler 923 and quick-tach to skid steer adapter. I want to interchange implements used on our 14 pin Deere CTL 332. All are less than 4 circuit. Is the SG-CB-4014 for sure what I need for the new V923?

    Yes, but on the John Deere, you should move the ground pin from A to B so it is universal.  Everything else lines up so once you make the move you will never look back.

  • will this adaptor work on a bobcat 7pin to a turbosaw 14pin? on old JD MACHINE while the saw is turning you can hit a button and turn the blade 90degrees and using a different buttton you can spray stumps. will this adaptor allow me to hook the saw up and operate as it should?

    Yes, but if it came off of a JD machine, then you need to move the ground socket in the attachment 14 pin from A to B.  Video #134/135 shows you how.

  • I have a 2016 T770 Bobcat and just bought an Arts Way 664 Bale Processor. Will the SG-CB 4014 work?

    Does it have a 14 pin and require a max of 4 controls?

  • Just picked up one of these harnesses. Have a danuser SM40 hammer, famale pins are in the A & B holes. No male pin in A on the adapter. Can I move a pin from a different location to make this attachment work?

    On the attachment side use, B for ground and e,f,g or h for controls.  Do not attempt to do anything to the controller or you will damage it and it is not covered under warranty.

    Here are some videos to help you.

  • I have a Land Pride snowblower with a 14 pin connector that I run on a Cat 259D and want to run it on a new 2018 Toolcat, will this work? It has solenoid operated functions.

    It's possible except we use different pins.  On the Cat, it is probably B, C,D,E,F but on our Bobcat controller, we use B,E,F,G,H.

  • Have a ssv75 kubota and need to run sb200 bobcat skid steer. Just wondering what harnesses we would need?

    This is the correct harness. Please click the link.

    Here are the details.

    Here is an install video.

  • I have a HLA snowing on a new Holland. Will this work to switch it to my Bobcat T595? How do you ship to Canada?

    If the snow wing has only 4 solenoids, this will work.  I am pretty sure they copied our product and have the same thing available.  We ship Priority Mail and Fed-ex.

  • We bought the sc-cb-4014 from you and the wires on the 7 pin connector got pulled out I need to know what position the wires go back into thanks

    Email me directly and I will get you a schematic.

  • I have a erskin snow blower that is 14 harness I want to hook it up to my 2014 S650 bobcat with a 7 pin harness will this make my blower operate

    Yes.  This will work.

  • We have a Toolcat 5600 (7 pin) and would like to be able to run a Erskine 2010 snowblower (14 pin) and a Paladin 22084MH-0022 broom (14 pin) on it. Will this do the trick?

    Yes.  Just make sure they have pins in B, EFGH.  Paladin sometimes uses B, CDEF.  Se video #100, 134 & 135 for details on moving sockets.  Do not touch our controller.  Make all movements in the attchment connector.

  • I have a T770 Bobcat with the 7 pin and a Bradco dozer blade with angle and tilt with the 14 pin . Is the SG-CB-4014 adapter all I need?

    Correct.  That is all you need.

  • Trying to use the 4014 adapter from a bobcat to a erskine asphalt cutter will not operate all the functions

    Check the pin out.  We use B-Ground,  E,F,G,H for control.  You probably have sockets in C & D.  They will have to be moved in the attachment plug.  Do not try to move anything in the 4014 or you will damage it.

  • What is your return policy!hc-returns

  • I have an Erskine made for Bobcat older snow blower. I recently upgraded to a 2017 Bobcat S570. Will this run my shoot?

    I gather it may be the older style that uses the electric motors to acutate.  If so, yes this will work perfectly.

  • I have a 2018 kubota 95-2 and would like to purchase a Bobcat grader. Need a 7 pin to a 14 adapter. Is there a phone number in which I could ask more questions. Thank you

    It's all been covered this this kit.

    This FAQ!bobcat-graders-explained

    and this video.

  • Good afternoon. Just want to verify the correct part I need before I order. I have a 2018 T595 Bobcat serial # B3NK17012 and a 2010 S630 Bobcat serial # A3NT11458 – both have a 7 pin Bobcat connector on the machine. I want to use an older, 2001 I think, 68” Bobcat angle broom serial # 231311549 that has the Bobcat 14 pin harness on it. To use this 14 pin broom on these 7 pin Bobcats, do I need Part # SG-CB-4008, or Part # SG-CB-4014. Thanks very much.

    You would want the 4014 because it is a 14 pin.  The 4008 is an 8 pin made for Cat A,B & C attachments.

  • I have a bobcat 6-way dozer blade. My harness has the 4 Delphi style plugs on one end and a 14 pin female connector on the other. My 2013 bobcat T-770 has a 7-pin plug on the arm. Is there a genius adapter that adapts these so that I don’t have to run the bobcat box?

    Yes there is.  Please click on this link.

  • I have an S300 Bobcat with 7-pin, and an SG30 Stumpgrinder with a 14-pin cable. Which part number adapter should I be using?

    Since you have the older machines that were made for 14 pins, you can just order a 14 pin kit from Bobcat.

  • I have s175 bobcat wanting to hook Cat BA 18 angle sweeper to it, the bobcat is a 7 prong and the Sweeper is 14. Will the SG-CB-4014 work for this?

    Yes.  This is the correct controller for this application.

  • So could I run a quick attach snowblower with 14 pin on toolcat 5600 with this?

    Yes.  That will work.

  • What type of tests are the SG-CB-4014 submitted to for testing vibration and shock?

    The test of time.  They have been hanging off of machines since 2011.

  • Will this work for a Cat Harley rake to a 595 Bobcat ?

    If it has a 14 pin connector, yes.

  • We are a Kubota dealer trying to hook up a Kubota (LandPride) stump grinder to a Bobcat T650 with Pilot controls and a 7-Pin output. Would this adapter work or would I need the SG-CB-6000-24K?

    If you have only 4 controls, then use the 4014.  If you have 6 controls, then use the 6000.

  • Do you sell the cb-4014 any where in Australia

    Our products are only available online through our site and are shipped from the USA.  I have an Aussie coming to see me next month to discuss distribution in Australia.

  • Hi, I know the SG-CB-4014 is designed to run 14 pin attachments on a Bobcat 7 pin power unit...curious if it would work on a 14 pin power unit to a 7 pin Bobcat attachment?

    No.  We are working on that design now.

  • Will the 4014 convert my Erskine snowblower to my 7 pin bobcat toolcat?

    Correct.  It takes the Bobcat CAN signal and turns it into switched 12 volts.

  • Hi, I am purchasing a Bobcat T770 (7 pin connector) and wish to run my Caterpillar angle blade (model 424-0451). Will this adapter work for this application? Thank you.

    You may or may not need additional items depending on what is on the blade. This is such a common application that we designed this kit. Check it out. SG-CB-1000-CTD

  • Hello. We currently own a Bobcat S750 which has a 7 pin hook up. We would like to buy the CAT PC305B Milling attachment which has a 14 pin hook up. Will this adapter be compatible?? thx.

    If you have a Bobcat with pilot controls, you can use the the SG-CB-6000-24 kit.

  • Good afternoon, A good friend of mine, Mark Knorr, bought this controller for his T650 with standard controls. I tried to use it with me T650 (pilot controls) on a soil preparation tool and I could only actuate rotation, but not angle. Put the controller and attachment on his machine and everything worked fine. Do I need a different controller for pilot controls?

    There should be no reason for it not to work. Try pushing the left and right up/down toggles and watch the LED change state on the back. If it does, then it is working and you have another issue with the attachment.