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SG-GCW-100 - WiFi Back-up Camera System | Skid Steer Genius

  • $295.00

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The Genius WiFi Back-up Camera System for Skid Steer Loaders and is iPhone only compatible (No Android).  Or, anywhere that you need a camera and cannot get wiring.

This is by far the simplest and highest quality Skid Steer WiFI Back-up camera on the market today.  To operate you just attach it to the back of your machine using the integrated magnets.  Turn on the battery pack and go.  Now you can add a camera anywhere, anytime.

What's Included:

    • WiFi Camera with base magnet joined into the battery pack
    • 720p camera with adjustable visor
    • 5200 ah battery pack with charger and wiring for camera
    • Ram Mount system to cradle your phone
    • Downloadable app for iPhone and Android devices - Go to your app store and search SWD Camera.  There is another app that you may like better.
    • Android - Safetycam - Search your App Store
    • Apple - Safetyeye - Search your App Store



  • 100 foot range with direct line of site
  • Shorter distance if not direct line of site or in areas with high electro-active interference
  • Resolution: 720p Horizontal x 480p Vertical
  • Transmission Speed: 25 FPS
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b/ IEEE802.11g/ IEEE802.11n
  • Current Draw: 12V-140ma   24V-80ma
  • Image Sensor: 1/3 CMOS
  • Thermostatically controlled heating system good to -50°f however battery is best operated above -20°f.  Wince the battery is normally mounted above engine compartment, temperature will be different in every condition.
  • Smart Infra-red night vision build into camera comes on only at night to save battery
  • Viewing Angle: Diagonal - 115° x Vertical angle 60° x Horizontal angle 85°
  • Camera time per charge - 18 hours of continuous use.
  • Camera recharge time - 4 hours
  • Battery - 5200 mhA @ 12 Volts
  • Charge Current Max 2A electronically limited
  • Standard charge based on discharge and temperature is 4 - 9 hours
  • Battery Life - 500+ of complete Cycles @ 80%
  • IP69K Outdoor rated
  • Entire base is a rubberized magnet so scratching is minimal and no rust marks left on surfaces

Don't forget you can mount this on any steel device so you can monitor anything in real time.  The uses are endless.

For iPhone only. For first time use, you will need to load the app from the App Store or by and download SWD camera (iPhone only).  The app will load automatically.  From there, turn on the camera by pushing the red button.  Go to your WiFi settings and connect to the camera.  The images will instantly load and the camera will be working.  From then on, as soon as you connect to the WiFi channel the camera will start operating.  Android operating system is no longer supported.

A note from the owner Rob:  I designed the first back-up camera system for my Bobcat skid steer loader over 15 years ago.  I thought it was such a good idea that I pieced together the highest quality parts that I could find at the time and build a system that for it's day was the only camera system available for skid steer loaders.  Now, 15 years later, I work with some of the best manufacturers in the world to design machine specific camera systems.  These are no longer car systems pieced together to build a skid loader system.  These are heavy industrial grade systems that are factory tested to take a beating. 

If you look at the marketplace, I see my competition so eager to have a camera system using the cheapest systems they can find just so they have something to offer.  They know nothing about where these cameras are from or what they are designed for.  I do.  Face it folks, they all come from China.  I know that for a fact.  However I work with camera companies that use components from companies such as Sony and Samsung until recently when both of these companies announced they will no longer make components for this market because it is too small. 

Currently we use components from fine South Korean manufacturers that spec out better than Sony or Samsung.  Ask the other guys about any of their components and they will either make it up or have no clue.  I do.  I spec everything.  My factory pressure tests every camera under water before they pack and ship them.  Their cables and connectors are second to none.  They have a room full of engineers that I can contact with issues or questions as well as new design ideas.  That is why you see the latest and greatest always on my sites years before the others even figure out what's going on. 

Now, we are all human and sometimes things still happen so we back up all of our products with a 100% replacement guarantee.  You have a problem and we replace it immediately.  Ask yourself if it's really worth saving a few dollars and investing the time to install a system only to have it fall apart on the first bump. 

My manufacturer actually sells their base auto models to a lot of my competition because they want the cheapest while I want the best.

That's the Skid Steer Genius difference.

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Ask a Question
  • i purchased this product, when it arrived I charged the battery far the 8 hours recommended, down loaded the app the problem is that the camera will not turn on when the button is pushed on the battery pack, i can't tell if the problem is with the battery are the camera any help will be appreciated. there is a blue light that is on while charging there is no red light when the button is depressed?

    Were you texting me yesterday?  I am going to set one up to try today and send you a video.

  • Does it require wifi?

    No.  It connects to your phone with Bluetooth.  You set it up with a direct wifi connection to your phone.

  • Can not find the "MH Cam" as an app in the google play store. Idownloaded the SWD Camera app and it opens but it dosent work at all, how do I make this work, and yes i watched the video.

    Send me your email and I will send you the new app.

  • While using the camera and app, are you still able to use other phone functions at the same time? Example, phone call, music stream. Google Pixel 3Xl on Android 10.


  • I’m trying use this on a compact telehandler for boom end as well as reverse camera are there any plans to make more than one camera work in conjunction with one tablet/phone?

    Sorry, but no.  We need to establish that this camera will even work long term before we add any additional features.

  • ORDER #8211. I have received the back-up camera. The link for the software doesn't work. Please provide a valid link

    Did you watch the set-up video found here?

  • I just bought your wifi camera and when I went to the App Store, the SWD Camera has terrible ratings and one of the reviews says it won't work with my model of phone, I phone XS max. Should I just send the camera back before I open the package?

    Sorry but just as soon as we started selling these cameras, they changed the app. Here is the newest information.    Download “SWD Camera” from the Apple App Store Download “MH Cam” from Android App Store
    Sorry for any inconvenience.   

  • Hello. Can the phone app handle two cameras simultaneously?

    Sorry, but at this time it cannot.  You could have two cammers active but would need to connect to each one through wifi before you could see one or another.