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Surge Suppressor - Use with Genius Canbus Controllers only. Deutsch Style

Surge Suppressor - Use with Genius Canbus Controllers only. Deutsch Style

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Deutsch Style Surge Suppressor:  PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PAGE.

Please read below so you understand why you need to install this device.

Deutsch Style plugs inline into your existing wiring.  You will have verify polarity.  Product is polarity dependent.  Red must be wired to +12 Volt Signal and Black wire must be wired to Ground.  Please check your attachment before plugging in.

Certain after market solenoid controls use a coil that does not have self contained surge suppression.  The first time you activate our Genius controller, you will let go of your button and the coil's magnetic field will collapse and will send a high voltage surge back into controller that is large enough to weld the outputs shut causing the controller to stay on all of the time.  It is indicated by a constant amber LED instead of the flashing RED LED that you would normally see.

Why does this happen?  The coils being as large as they are is complete overkill for the operation.  To keep costs down the manufacturers do not include surge suppression in the coil.  For them it would only cost a few dollars.  For us to do after the fact and be able to handle all of the different styles and ages of coils, that is another situation.  It is costly and a lot of work on our end to be able to furnish these. 

Genius suppressors are only required if your coils look like this.

Large silver coil with a metal or plastic cap on top.

There may be a few types of connectors, but the main solenoid is about as large as your fist and will have some kind of cap.  We have been unable to identify a manufacturer or part number from the ones that we have examined.  We can only go by the general appearance.

If your solenoids look like this, you are fine and do not need a suppressor.

It is your responsibility to insure that you purchase a suppressor for each solenoid that requires one.  Failure to do so will cause an immediate failure in the controller that is NOT covered under warranty.


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  • I have the same issue as the guy with the 259d with the topcat tree shear. I didn’t see if you guys figured it out yet. I have a 2016 279d with a 2021 top cat tree shear. 7 pin harness with 4 connectors for solenoids on the shear. What do I need to make this work?

    Cat D series is a 14 pin Deutsch connector.  Topcat usually just has a couple of solenoids.  Send me pictures of those solenoids and I can tell you what to buy.

  • I Own a CAT 259D3 recently bought a TopCat Tree Shear ECSSRB I can not find any sort of manual to help the wiring for the electrical switch. The Cable harness has a 7 pin female connector on one end and 4 square plastic wired connectors that attach to sednoid and secured with a Philips screw. Wire Combos 1. Black, Green, Black 2. Black, Red, Black 3. Black, Black, Black 4. Black, White, Yellow (Black is jumped) Cable is 6 wire Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow. What do I need to connect to my 14 pin machine? New harness or adapter to plug 7 pin into 14 pin? Or Remove 7 pin adapter rewire into 14 pin head what wires go into what whole and how do I do that?

    That makes no sense that there are so many wires.  These are Chinese copies of USA products being dumped at RB Auctions so you get what you get.  There will be no support or parts whatsoever even though the tag shows a USA location.  It's not real.  Most of these products only last a few hours before they fall apart so be very careful using it as it is not what it appears to be.  Here is the checklist that I send out for these attachments as I deal with these questions every day, all day.

    1:  Check the solenoids to be sure they are 12 volt.  Many are not so no matter what I do, nothing will work.
    2:  Check the solenoid connections and send me photos of what you see.
    3: Check the end of the harness, if anything and send me photos if what you see so i can figure out what they have done.

    They are using about a dozen different names but they are all the same poor quality products that self destroy themselves.  I have been building a pretty good database of what they have done so far but this one makes no sense so please document everything and get it over so I can fix your issues.