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We will buy your Bobcat Controllers for cash!

Posted by Robert Leib on

Every day we deal with customers who are so unhappy with their attachments because they have proprietary Canbus Controllers embedded in them so they cannot move them from machine to machine. Our harnesses are designed to bypass this issue forever, but then what?  Our customers are stuck with a plastic brick that they have no use for.

The typical conversation goes like this.  (Customer) I just bought a new Caterpillar and I cannot get my Bobcat branded dozer blade to work on the 14 pin harness of my Cat.  (Genius) We can supply you with a bypass harness and you will no longer be required to use their 7 pin harness and control.  (Customer) What do I do with that thing?  (Genius) Well, nothing if you never plan on buying a Bobcat again.

Our solution is to buy it back from you to help out the people who have damaged their controllers so they do not have to go back to Bobcat and pay their prices for a new one.  We will clean it and test it to be sure it will work and catalog it for future people in need.  Everybody wins!

For a limited time, send us your Bobcat controller and harnesses along with a copy of your sales receipt showing you bought the harness from us and not one of the new wannabes that are starting to show up.  We will send you a check for $75 cash that you can use to take your wife out to dinner or just blow it on yourself.

Everybody Wins!

Here are the rules:

  • You must include the input/output harness along with the controller.
  • You must ship the item prepaid to us.
  • You must include a description of the attachment that you removed it from.
  • The item must be in operating condition and the harnesses must not be damaged.
  • You must send a copy of a harness invoice from us.

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