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SG-BC14-HD14 - Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side CID | Skid Steer Genius

SG-BC14-HD14 - Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side CID | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with CID Swing Boom Cutter run them on their Bobcat Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Bobcat Loader and plug the other into your CID attachment equipped with an 6 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

NOTE:  If purchasing with a SG-CB-4014 Bobcat controller, you will need to move Pin C & D to G & H in this 14 pin connector.

Note:  Also works with Kubota, New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB/Volvo, Takeuchi & Yanmar loaders.

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  • i have a stump grinder that was run on a older Bocat T190 and i would like to use it on my new T595 do you have an adapter for that

    So I am guessing that the T190 has a 14 pin and the T595 has a 7 pin.  If that is the case, CLICK HERE

  • I have a cat 246 d. Just bought a top cat tree shear with the hydraulic grapple arms. Need to connect the cat to the 7 pin attachment. What adaptor/harness do I need?

    I will need photos of everything to figure out which USA attachment they have copied.  Then I will need to see the solenoids to see how they set them up.  Make sure they say 12 volt on them as a lot of the Chinese auction attachments come in as 24 volt.

  • I have a Kubota SSV75 high flow we just bought and looking to run our Bobcat brand cold planer. The Kubota has the 14 pin male and the planer has the 7 pin male. Is this the correct one?

    No this is not.  You need a harness.


  • we have a Kubota svl 95 and want to run the cid swing boom. what adapter do I need? The Kubota is a 14 pin but only has 9 pins being used.

    Did you look in the plastic manual pouch?  There is usually a 14 pin in a plastic bag inside.


  • Hello I have a level best dual grading box with laser receivers, I bought a new Bobcat T66 that has the 7 Pin and need to get it to the 14 pin, Looks like i need the SG-CB4014A only? or do i need the the SG-BC14-HD14 as well? Thanks Brad

    Can you send me a photo of the face of the Level best 14 pin connection and the schematic please?

  • Will this fit this Harley 14 pin connection? I have bobcat S650 7 pin ob loader machine....

    This is for a Bobcat 14 pin.  Not a 7 pin.  You will need this.

  • I have as650 bobcat and would like to put cid angle broom on it what electrical plug would I need

    I do not know which connector they installed on the broom so here are our controllers to choose from.  Here are the three most popular.

    You will have to decide based on the CID connection.

  • Will that plug fit a JOHN deer 333e we have a 14 pin to a cid utopia fit a fast track cement mixer

    Yes, but you need to move the ground pin.  JD uses all of the same pin locations as Bobcat and everyone else except the ground.  I always suggest that the owner should move it in the machine so it becomes universally compatible.  It takes 5 minutes.  You move pin A to B.  If you choose not to do this, then pretty much every attachment will need to be moved B to A.  Video #100 shows you how to do this.

  • I have a 6 pin need to adapt to Kubota 14 pin

    No such thing as a 6 pin in this industry unless someone cobbled something together.  Send me a photo of what you have please.

  • I have a Erskine model 2000 snow blower and what to go on a Cat skid steer 257D 2014 year.what do I need to make his work

    What connections are on each?  The machine?  The attachment?