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SG-CT14-CT8 - Cat D-Series 14 Pin to Cat 8 Pin (C-Series and older)

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with older Caterpillar attachments run them on their Cat D-Series Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat D series or newer loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 8 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  Cat 14 Pin - 8 Pin outputs only 4 switched ports if ordered.  This is because the older machines only provided 4 switched outputs. 

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  • We have a 2021 259d3 and the attachments we have fir our s205 with the 8 pin. Do you have a harness that would connect our attachments to the 259d3? Thanks


  • Can you send me the 8 pin wire diagram for cat dozer blade? I sent a question earlier about the pin out. I purchased your 14 pin connector and you sent the pin out for it. I now need to know what the pins were on the 8 pin connector I’m converting.

    I do not have all of the attachment connections for Cat.  I only have the actual machine pin-outs.  A & E are grounds. B,C,D & H are controls.

  • Hello, I purchased this connector for my 2020 259D3 with 14 pin to my Cat 8 pin Dozer blade. I have angle left and right but I do not have slope. Can you assist with this?

    You have to push one of the control buttons while using the roller on the right stick for it to work.

  • I’ve got a CAT dozer blade with 8 pin connector. My machine is a D series with 14 pin male. I ordered the 14 pin female from you for the dozer blade. Can you send me the diagram to go pin by pin from the 8 to the 14 keeping it CAT specific.

    If you are saying that you only bought a 14 pin connector for the attachment, then you would use B for ground and E for control.

  • Hi. I have. 2004 cat 247 with an 8 pin and I’m wanting to run a cat brand Harley rake with a 14 pin connection on the machine side. Is this the right adapter for this?

    No.  You have it backwards.  Machine side first so you need an SG-CT8-CT14

  • Will this work from kabota to Asv

    No.  It says Cat.

    Use this.

  • Can you give me a diagram of pin out on this please I have one and have a few wires backwards from customer, any help would be appreciated

    We use the 4 primary wires which are B - Ground and then C,D,E,F.  If the machine was not ordered correctly, you will be missing C&D.  That is a problem since you then have to switch to using A & J which are Aux 7 and 8 which are a complete hassle to use.  Let me know what you see on the right stick so I know that is your issue.

  • I have a Takeuchi TL8 and I'm looking at buying a bobcat grader that was run on a Cat 247, I believe 8 pin. Will your 14 to 8 adapter work?

    There is no way they ran it like that.  A small grader with no lasers requires 6 controls.  An 8 pin only gives you a maximum 4 controls.  Please be more specific as to what it was and what you want to run such as lasers or sonic as well as the exact blade size.  Thanks

  • I have a 2013 Tl12 Takeuchi with a 14 pin connector..... my 6’ blower is an 8 pin that I run on my ASV RC you make that adapter and which one would I use?

    This is as close as it gets.  It's a gamble because we grab the 4 primary connections since the output is only 4 connections.  However you have 5 connections so it''s possible that you may miss one connection.

  • I have a 2020 Cat 289D3 skid steer loader that im trying to mate up with a Bradco ATP96 dozer blade, Cat has 14 pin connector and dozer has 8 pin connector will this adapter work ?

    If it is the round HD Deutsch series connector, it will work.

  • Hi, I am looking for an adapter: Machine side is new Cat D series, Attachment side is a Gehl 14 pin. Will this adapter work? Also, I am looking for the reverse adapter: Machine side is Gehl 14 pin, and the attachment is a 14 pin new Cat D series. Please let me know what you have that will work John 814-771-9128 814-265-1080

    Here are both of the adapters that you are enquiring about.

  • Will this work to adapt 289d skidsteer to sg18 stump grinder set up for 287c

    As long as the attachment has 3 hydraulic lines and not 5.  Here are more details as to why.!hc-8-pin-5-hydraulic-line-cat-cold-planer-wnat-to-run-on-a-14-pin-kubota-case-new-holland-john-deere-machine

  • I have a 17 299d2 and bought a bradco 84 dozer blade and cant figure out getting blade to move right to left?

    That blade has the primary function using only your hydraulic roller. Moving it up and down will make the bladed move left and right. To get the alternate functions to work, you must hold a button on your joystick down while you move the roller because the button control only triggers the solenoid and allows the oil to shift from the primary function to the secondary function. It does not operate the hydraulics. By using your roller, the hydraulics are turned on forward and reverse. This is a common error that people make.


    Kubota Machine?  No - You need BC14 - ???  I need the stump grinder connection 8 or 14 Pin?  If 8 pin are there 5 hydraulic hoses?

  • will this work from kubota svl97-2 14 pin to cat pc9 cold planer 8 pin

    Those old cold palners used 5 lines.


  • I have a Cat 299 D3 XE and a Quick Attach snow Blower. Do you have a jumper for that?

    Not sure if you have a high flow snow blower and you want to run in high flow on the Cat so that's the first question I will ask.  We have a replacement harness that you can use that has the high flow jumper inside the connector.  You will need to insert it into the correct socket so that it activates your high flow circuit.  



  • I have a cat 257b 2004 model with a 8 pin connector I want to put on a bob cat grader attachment that has a 7 pin connector and only 3 functions what must I do to make this work?

    We are just releasing a new product that will do this for you.  You need a few things.

    1:  We have to bypass the grader controller.  We need you to tell us what size of grader this is to know which kit to use.

    2:  We need to add controls to your machine.  Use these products.