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SG-KB-01 Kubota SVL75/90/95 Machine Side Control Harness | 2 Button Control Only

SG-KB-01 Kubota SVL75/90/95 Machine Side Control Harness | 2 Button Control Only

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Kubota Machine Side Harness SVL75/90/95 Only - 2 Controls, 1 x 12V Keyed and 1 x Ground Only.  This is now a universal kit with both brackets due to so many people not reading the information provided and ordering the wrong kit.

This kit includes:

  1. SG-KB-01 - Connection harness kit
  2. Dual Mounting Brackets for all Kubota models SVL75/90/95

This is the harness that started it all for us and Kubota.  Shortly after the SVL machines were introduced, customers started calling us looking for the mate for this to run their Bobcat Snow Blowers.  We quickly realized that Kubota had only installed 2 buttons in their sticks so they could only run two functions.  This was a disaster so we quickly started designing our Super Controllers to allow operators the chance to run up to 10 controls. 

Since then many customers have called us and stated that they only care about two controls so all they want is the plain old 2 output harness that Kubota supplies.  Their complaint was that they are charging $500 for a harness that looks similar to something we charge a lot less for.  We went to work and here it is.  We have created a kit that is similar to theirs only nicer and cheaper and now included both brackets.

We use our top quality outdoor rated cable along with original Deutsch connectors to build a winner of a harness.  We also use proper industry standard strain relief dust caps instead of the Kubota rubber dust caps.  This helps to save your day in case something falls on the connector.  We do this for less than half of the price of the Kubota harness.  This kit is almost 100% completely the same as the OEM kit except for a couple of parts that are easier to install using tie wraps.  Other than that, it installs exactly the same as the Kubota kit.  Have a look at their manual for instructions.

This kit will ship with both the Japanese style connector to plug in directly under your machine and run out to your boom.

Please watch this video so you understand the different Kubota controls.

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  • Can I run a bobcat soil conditioner with this wiring harness?

    No.  I am just releasing a product that will work.  I am working on it today and will keep you in the loop.

  • Good morning this is Carl with Demolition LOgistics You have helped us in past on some dim saw harnesses We have a 2020 Kabota 95svl and we need to replace the harness/connector on the machine itself. This plug looks correct ct but i wanted to verify if this is the one. Thanks

    If you need just the connector, CLICK HERE.

    If you need to replace the harness, you will need to contact the dealer as the harness shown is for 2017 and prior.

  • I am wanting to run a 6 way blade on my 2016 Kubota svl 95-2s. I will need a total of 2 functions. How many total functions will this allow? What button switches the functions?

    This allows your machine equipped with two functions to run those functions.

    Please watch the following video to learn about your controls.


  • Have a 2017 svl75-2. Looking to add wiring harness to run Wolverine concrete mixer and grapple bucket. Will this work? Is this direct replacement for Kubota harness, dealer says Kubota OEM harness is $672.

    Correct.  We made a direct copy of their harness because we bought one and it was a rip off.

  • I have a 2016 SVL75-2 that did not come with the connector on the boom but the switches are there on the joystick. Will this work for me or do I need to contact the dealer? I have just two buttons on the left stick and am only going to need two functions anyways.

    Yes, this is correct.

  • I have a 2018 Kubota 95 SVL Skidsteer. I think your Kubota SG-KB-01 Kubota Machine Side Control Harness 2 Button control only is the correct harness for my machine. Can you tell me where it physically plugs into my machine?

    Kneel on your seat and reach to the back with your left hand.  The instructions also show this position.

    2018 is a transitional year.  Watch this video to figure out what you have.


  • I have a 2017 SVL95-2S. Will this work on my machine to operate part of a 6 way dozer blade I ordered?

    Who blade do you have?  Most manufacturers use only one solenoid so you should be fine.  Only Bobcat uses 4 solenoids so this would not work.

  • Have 2019 SVL 95-2 currently has the stock control harness /plug but is damaged … will this replace the stock control harness/plug ? It’s $607 from kubota

    Our harness is meant for the older 2 output machines.  If you have a 19, then it is the expanded control harness that you need.  And yes, they are stupid expensive but they need to come from the dealer.

  • I have a new Kubota SVL75-2. I need a 14 pin connector for my EZ pole setter which just uses 1 pin to control it. Is this the harness I need to add a 14 pin connector? Do you have instructions to hook it into the skid steer?

    If your machine came with nothing on the book to connect to, this will not work on new machines.  You will need to contact Kubota for the newest harness.

    Here are some details.

  • Where does this route & plug in? Does it zip tie to the auxiliary lines or?..

    The Kubota instructions are included for install.  Yes, it will follow the hydraulic lines.

  • Will this work on my slv75-2? We run a Harley rake and need electric to run angle just making sure this is what I need before I order the wrong thing

    If your machine has three buttons only on the left stick and was made priot to 2019, then this is the correct harness.  Please watch this video for clarification.

  • double checking before I order. This works on a SVL65-2 correct?

    No.  You need the new control harness from Kubota.

  • Bought a snowplow with a 2 foot wing on each side that fold forward to carry more snow. In the straight position the whole plow angles right or left so that is my one function. I need to control 2 more electric selenoid valves. Kubota SVL 75. Is this the one that I need? I was shocked when I went to plug it in and there was NO electric plug. Didn’t know that in the year 2020 I would have to ask for that.

    It's another way they milk more cash out of you post sale and it is so annoying because if you wait too many years, the kits become extinct so you are hooped.  You will need to order it from the dealer or get the part number and let me check as we bought a bunch to copy but could not get the Japanese parts so we gave up.

  • Will this work on my 2021 standard flow kubota svl75-2 to run the hood on my fae mulching head?

    No.  Everything changed in 2018.  You will need to contact your dealer.

  • Will this wiring harness work on a svl90 Kubota.


  • I have a svl95 Kubota and am needing to hook up to a topcat rockhound attachment. Do you have that ?

    Do you need the machine harness or attachment harness?

    You should read the following before you proceed.


  • We just purchased a new Kubota svl75-2. Looking for a harness to run a soil conditioner and angle broom. Can you tell me which harness would be the correct one or if you have one at this time?

    What brand and model are the attachments?

  • Will it work on a 2015 kobota SVL75-2

    Yes, but note that it gives you only 2 controls.

  • Where does the 14 pin connector plug the instructions say on right side under the seat I can't find anywhere to plug into on a 2017 svl 95-2s the part I bought is model SG-KB-01

    Open the back engine compartment.  Look to the left. Up near the radiator is a recepticale where you can plug in the harness.  If you still cannot find it, email me back and I will send you a photo.

  • I have a Blue Diamond 6 way dozer blade MODEL 123075. Do you have the Machine side 14 pin harness for a 2021 Kubota SVL75-2 skid steer?

    Sorry.  We do not.  You will need to contact your Kubota dealer.

  • I have a 2017 svl75-2. The connector labeled “attachment” behind the seat only has 2 small pins and does not look like it would fit the connector shown in the image of the SG-KB-01. Connector in the image looks like it fits a four blade connection. Is there an adapter I need to make this fit my machine?

    There are two connectors.  The one under the seat is for an add on switch pack that Kubota later came out with.  The connector for this kit is in another location.  The location is shown in the manual that ships with the kit.  Trust me.  We have been doing this for decades.

  • Will this fit a svl 97

    NO.  You have to contact Kubota for their harness.

  • I got a 2017 Kubato SVL-92-2 how to you get to the female electrical plug on machine

    The instructions are included with the kit.

  • I have purchased a SG-KB-01 wiring harness for my Kubota SVL-952S at the Kubota dealer. I need a wiring harness to connect to this and go to a Bobcat Model 96 Dozer Sn 224403728 dozer blade. It has the blue connectors. Not sure which part number I need to order.

    That would be this one.


  • Do you have the 14 pin harness for a 2021 SVL65-2 Need to run a Frontier SB2164 snow blower

    We do not do machine harnesses except for the pre 2018 machines.  You will need to contact your dealer.

  • I have a 2018 svl75-2 , want to use a land pride 6 way dozer blade, is this the harness I need or is there something better, thanks

    Does the left stick have three buttons including the horn or more?

  • I have a 2021 Kubota SVL 75-2 standard flow. I need a pin connector for my skid steer because it don’t have one to operate a Blue Diamond 6 Way Dozer Blade model 123075. The blade got a 7 pin for bobcat. Will need adapter or etc to change it. What do I need for both?

    For your Kubota, you must contact the dealer and add the control kit specific to your machine.  For the attachment, I have never heard of them installing a 7 pin.  We sell them adapters so I would need to see some photos of what you have there.

  • I have a svl65-2 will this fit it?

    What year is it?  What type of hand controls?  If unsure just snap a photo and send to me.

  • SK-KB-01 Really need one of these harnesses. When might they be back in stock? Thank you

    We are moving shipping companied from Washington to Nevada.  The new software is messing things up.  We have dozens in stock.  We just fixed it so you can try again.

  • Hello, I have a 2021 Kubota SVL 75-2, will this kit fit my machine? If not, is there an adapter that you sell to allow it to fit? Also, does the kit come with a bracket for the plug or would I need to purchase that separately?

    This kit is for machines made prior to 2018.  You need to contact a dealer to get the new kits.

  • I need a 14 pin connector for my SVL 95 and I wanted to make sure I ordered the right one

    This is the add on controller for the pre 2018 machines that only had 3 buttons on the left stick.  It will add 2 switched controls to your machine.  If you want more controls, you can add the following items.