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SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT - 8 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 4 Output | Skid Steer Genius

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8 Pin, 4 Output Bypass Harness For Bobcat/Erskine/Quickattach Branded Attachments

The price shown is with Delphi connectors.  Please select Deutsch connections if required from the drop down box.  If you do not, we will ship you Delphi.  This harness no longer comes with both nor do you need adapters.

Allows you to connect from your ASV/Terex/(Cat up to 2014) to your Bobcat/Erskine/Quick Attach branded attachments.  Works with others, but check with us prior to ordering.

NEW for 2019:  Bobcat is now using 2 styles of connectors on their attachments.  Please look carefully at the photos and select accordingly.  Returns are expensive so please take the time up front to do it right.


It features a Dozer Blade install but the rules are the same for most attachments.

This is the harness that people have been blogging about all over the internet. We custom built these harnesses for a few people because we felt sorry for them as they have unknowingly bought Bobcat branded attachments that were 7 Pin compatible only. They were unaware that these attachments will not just plug into their new Cat 8 pin equipped, ASV and Terex machines. These attachments were designed specifically so you cannot do this.

As an attachment manufacturer, this makes no sense to us, but whatever. We never can understand how large corporations operate. There are so many hostile customers out there that we felt that we could help, so here is the deal. We built one of these to see if it would work. Our customer was more than happy to help out with feedback of how he used the harness. We posted this to our database so we could help the next guy. He posted the results to an online forum and then our phones starting ringing off the hook. To keep the kit easily adaptable to the most attachments possible and all of the different machine types, we have made this available as a kit. The 2 pin Delphi connectors are installed as well as the 8 pin.

We have now shipped thousands of these and have added to the database daily. Keep checking back weekly as we will continue to update the results on this page so you can see exactly how to install this harness on your attachment.

How does it work?
Bobcat branded attachments that have a 7 pin harness installed have a computer installed on the attachments. We run our harnesses directly to the solenoids on the attachments. Bobcat installs a computer right in the middle of the action. In most cases it is total overkill and not needed. They have only a few attachments that have a lot of functions that need more than the usual 8 or 14 pin outputs on every other brand in the market. In our opinion, it has more to to with marketing. They are under the mistaken thought that you will only ever buy Bobcat branded attachments. Instead, it just costs you a lot of money changing them back to the way that every other manufacturer does it.

Our harness bypasses their computer and plugs directly into the solenoids and brings the attachment back to reality. The other end plugs into your 8 pin harness on your machine. The only issue we have seen is if your machine is not wired for enough outputs to run that particular attachment. Example. Cat A/B/C series loaders only have four electrical outputs but you may be trying to operate a Bobcat cold planer that requires 6 controlled outputs. This will work ok on items like brooms, but not much more. Not sure why they did not think ahead an allow for more outputs, but that is just the reality.

This harness allows for control of 4 solenoids. On Bobcat attachments, this does not necessarily mean 4 functions. They often use two solenoids for each function so we rely on you to check this out prior to ordering or check our published results to see if we have already done it. If you have enough outputs, check out our 6 output harness if you need to control more functions. Believe it or not, we actually sold one of these to a Bobcat machine and attachment owner who was continually having his attachment shut down due to so many connections coming out of his 7 pin. By removing the 7 pin controller and all of the wiring attributed to it, the harness was able to cut his down time to zero. He was very happy.

Use on Cat or ASV or Terex machines using a 8 pin Deutsch output.

Now the disclaimer. The "Bobcat®" trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company. 

This is not a Bobcat product. We are not affiliated with Bobcat. We have not copied anything from Bobcat. We are not in any way trying to make you think you are buying a product from Bobcat nor are we trying to make you think you buying a product endorsed by them. We expect them to tell you the same thing. After over 20 years of designing, manufacturing and selling some pretty incredible skid steer products, we know what we are doing. We stand behind this product 100% and guarantee it will not affect the operation of your machine or your attachment.
It simply bypasses the common language CanBus computer on the attachment and plugs directly into the control solenoids. It does not interact with the machine in any way. We believe this to be a much more reliable way of operating an attachment.  Fewer components always means less down time.

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  • Hello Robert! I am proud owner of your harnesses! I am connecting a Bobcat Mulcher to a Cat 8 pin machine. I have ONE solenoid with two Delphi connectors on my Mulcher. I have ONE Deutsch plug connected to something on the block where all the hoses are attached to. The hoses are labeled „A“ and „B“ only on the hydraulic block, of which „A“ does have a male plug on the end (towards my machine) From what I understand...the green and orange pairs are used for the solenoid (Delphi connector) - but which one to where? Or does it even matter? Which I assume it doesn‘t. the white pair would go to the single connection with the Deutsch plug? And that should be it?!

    The stack of two solenoids are for opening and closing the hood. If you don't have the hood you do not need to connect anything to them. The single solenoid is for the brake. You have to power it for the wheel to spin up usually. If this is the case you will be using the white wire to plug into it. On your dash you have a switch that will have to be turned on to power the solenoid and release the brake. When you are done you flip the switch the other way and the brake is applied. It is not always this way so the best way to tell is to plug the hoses in and run the hydraulics with no electrical and see if the drum will spin up. You have to verify direction. I have never seen a block that does not have a P and T stamped on it next to where the hoses connect. Clean it very carefully and look for these stamps. Your female connector should be connected to the hose on the P side and the male on the T side of the hydraulic control block. If I had to guess, the A is the pressure and since it is a Bobcat attachment it will come to you plumbed backwards. This is all done on purpose to make it difficult for people to swap attachments and machines around. All you do is swap the couplers on the end of the hoses. Nothing more. If you are spending more than 5 minutes on this, you are doing something wrong. It is important to swap these couplers because you can roll your controls to operate in reverse and they will work but most machines will not output High Flow so yes your attachment will operate but it will be slow and lack power and you will always wonder why.

  • just bought this harness to use on a 2017 asv rt75. trying to hook up an imported swing mower.has 4 delphi plugs i assume 2 for swing 2 for head this going o work as delivered? is there a ring out for the colors? or just plug in individual solemoids see what function works and label?

    Yes, it always works if your machine is equipped with 4 control buttons.  The mower must be running for the swing functions to work.  The Chinese imports come about 50% of the time with 24 volt solenoids which will never work.  I had a link on the site to buy the 12 volt versions but I think they sold out so you are on your own to track them down.  Also watch them as they are widow makers.  They use low grade bolts to hold the blade bar on so it or the blades end up flying off and there are no parts as the company doesn't really exist.

  • I have a Caterpillar 246C Skid-steer with High Flow / Two Speed and am looking at purchasing a bobcat Bob-Tach Backhoe from a local neighbor has he purchased a mini excavator and has no use for this attachment. This Bob-Tach has 4 solenoid's and I notice that my machine has 2 aux switches that I can use for more my bucket. What I was wondering if I need to add additional switches to my skid steer for the side to side movement or can I use some of the other switches for it. If it is going to be a pain to add switches then I will pass on the purchase. Again I so no issues on the harness but can my skid steer be able to accommodate the 3 solonoids. Thank you

    It will be a pain.  I have a solution coming soon that will add extra functions to your machine but not to make the backhoe work well.  I would run.  I actually have one of those backhoes for sale locally.  How much is he asking?

    Here is a link to a simple backoe for less money.  I designed this long before Bobcat ever had a mini backhoe.


  • Have new deere 333 skidsteer with 8 pin and 3 pin plugs want to connect to cat trencher and planer with 14 pin plug

    The trencher will just connect and run.

    The planer if old will just connect and use this adapter.  CLICK HERE

  • I am wanting to hook up a bobcat V-Blade 96 serial number 084100147 (7pin) onto an ASV with an 8 pin connector. Do you make a harness to do this?

    That is the correct harness if the V-Blade only has 4 functions.

  • Does this harness come with 2 output plugs or 4? I'm running a bobcat sweeper and all I need is 2. I didn't know if it matter

    It comes with 4.

  • I have a ASV RC100, I bought a sg60 stump grinder. I am wondering if this will work?

    I am working on a harness that will add more controls to your machine, but nothing is ready.  For now, you can use this harness but you will be missing the extend control.  The attachment requires 6 controls.  Your machine provides 4.


  • Hi, I have a caterpillar SR21 snow blower with cat plug, I would like to use it on my bobcat and would like to get a connector for use. If any questions please call me at (780) 722-4953

    Cat uses 2 types of plugs.  8 pin or 14 pin.  Which do you have?

    Bobcat uses 2 types of controls.  Which do you have?  7 pin or 14 pin?

    You can also email me photos if you are confused.

  • Can I get overnight express?

    Yes, but it is not guaranteed in the winter due to storms.  We are pumping out from major flooding right now so roads are just opening.

  • I have a CAT 289c with Deutsch 8 pin male and a Bobtach backhoe w/ side swing that has a 6-way female trailer plug (older trailers is where I recognize this plug from). I tried swapping plug ends to match the CAT and then found your information to bypass Bobcat's system. It looks like I need the 8 pin to 2 pin harness, but unsure if the attachment has the Delphi or Deutsch connectors and don't have the unit with me to see the connectors. Do you have a good idea which connectors the older bobcat backhoe attachments used at the solenoid? Serial# 074600429.

    That backhoe needs 4 controls for standard operation and 6 controls if you have the hydraulic thumb.  Most of those Cat machines had 2 controls on the top of the stick, one on the front and another on the dash.  That makes it nearly impossible to operate the backhoe on your machine.  The only easy way to do this is to use this controller.


    You will also need to update the attachment harness.


  • Hi, I have a Landhonor Swing Boom brush cutter, the solenoid coils have Deutsch female connectors, your Deutsch connector should mate up ? And how long is the cable from plug to plugs? Thanks I’m putting it on 2009 ASV PT60 with Deutsch Male twist lock.

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.

    Land Honor/Wolverine Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.

    Uses 4 solenoids – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward.

    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi


    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.


    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.


  • The attachment has bare wires, will the adapter come with both male and female connector ends? Kindly

    No it does not come with the connectors on the solenoids.  You  would need to buy them separately.

  • hello, I have a komatsu ck35 skid steer with a 8 pin plug.only 5 of the 8 pins are being used.on the joy stick there are 3 buttons.I would like to operate a 2018 bobcat soil conditioner with power angle and up and down. there are 2 solenoids that are 2 way and one soleniod that is one way. the skid steer has a deutsch plug.Thanks.

    Your machine has a maximum of 4 controls.  You can use the SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT harness on the attachment but the single solenoid that controls the drum reverse cannot be used.  You can just run your hydraulics in reverse.  Not ideal, but it works.

  • I have a Cat262C 8 pin skidsteer. Need to attach to a "LandHonor" Power Box much like a Harley rake. What we need to connect to is a 4 wire solenoid(s) for the angle control. Any help is appreciated. Kindly John bremer

    It looks like two Deutsch connectors so order this with the Deutsch option.

  • 2021 ASV 120F running a bobcat cold planer with delphi connections, is this the correct harness?

    No.  Your machine does not have enough controls.  We have a remedy coming in about a month.  There is an add on button pack that will add 4 controls to your machine and an adapter harness that will add this inline.  You will still need a bypass harness for the attachment as well.  This means three items for a total of about $800.  For now you could use this.

  • I just bought a new Suihe 52" Hydraulic Concrete mixer for my 2013 Terex PT 75 skidsteer and of course there was no wiring harness included to connect to the 8 Pin on the Terex. There are four wires that need to be connected, two wires to each solenoid(there are two solenoids) that are on the Directional Valve. Is the SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT - 8 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 4 OUTPUT the correct harness?

    This would be the harness for you.

  • I have a 2020 ASV 120F track skid steer. I want to run a Bobcat 6 way blade SN 231912611, unknown year. According to your parts harness directions, I need SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT-8 pin female to Delphi 2 pin harness. Will this work on my 2020 New ASV 120F skid steer? I don't want to purchase a harness that won't work and have to send it back. Thanks!

    Yes.  It will work.  I own the exact machine.

  • Hi Robert, I have a 2015 Cat 299D and a Grouser 6 way dozer blade to attach to it. What do I need to get for this?

    If it's an original Grouser there should be a 2 pin Deutsch to connect to this.

  • I have a bobcat snow blower. need this to fit my cat 259B

    It will require a bypass harness.

  • I have a cat 287c high flow xps and am looking at buying an older bobcat Harley rake with power angle with this harness work?

    If you mean a Bobcat Soil Conditioner, it will kind of work.  Your machine only offers 4 momentary buttons.  The rake needs 4 momentary and one locking for reverse.  Another guy in the same position told me that he just runs his hydraulics in reverse for that one function and it works so I am passing this onto you as well.  I never recommend running valves in reverse but I do not have a good solution yet to add the additional switch function.  Here is some background.

  • I purchased the harness detailed below and all of the wires pulled from their terminals in circular 8 position connector. Upon closer inspection I determined you're using 16GA wire on size 12 terminals that our rated for 12-14GA. Just wanted to make you aware of this design error. I'm disappointed to have paid ~$200 for a simple harness that was designed/constructed incorrectly.

    Please send photos as we have shipped thousands of these over 20 years and this is the first complaint.

  • Hello, You recently recommended this harness to me: . . . for my ASV track loader. I need further information to be sure it will run the two DC motor actuators on the JD Snowblower. Each actuator is used as a bidirectional device to change direction of a mechanical element-- one rotates blower turret CCW or CW, the other moves tube deflector up and down. BOTH require changing polarity on the DC motors to effect rotation reversal. So, do you have a harness(or is THIS it?) that has what seems like 4 relays to change the polarity and grounds? thanks

    I have created a relay control box.  It is not on the web site yet, but I have one I can sell you.  It also requires a harness for the attachment.  Contact me directly if you are interested.

  • I have a CAT 279C(8 Pin), trying to run a 7 pin Bobcat blower(SBX 240), is this the harness i need or what one do i need to purchase?

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.  Always verify the end connections at the solenoids because they are different.  The most common on Bobcat is Delphi but new equipment mostly uses Deutsch.

  • Is this the harness I need for a 2012 Cat 287D and Erskine 2418XL snow blower? It appears to be the correct on but I just want to be certain.

    No it is not.  Cat A, B & C series use an 8 pin.  Cat D Series uses a 14 pin.

  • Hello, Simply trying to be sure this is the correct item I need. I have run the machine 4 yrs and never required LOW or HIGH FLOW feeds, My new snow blower requires Low Flow feed and electrical feeds also. I need the attachment side of the electrical connector for my ASV brand SR80 track loader. The machine mounted side is on the lift arm. I need the electrical feeds to turn the snorkel Right / Left (reverses power polarity of feed) and to move the snorkel deflector plate up and down(same polarity reversing function). I can send an image of the machine mtd. connector if you like. Would you happen to have the four matching female receptacles that the cable ends require? The snow blower has "other" connectors.

    You are not telling me what machine or who's blower?  I cannot help without at least basic information.

  • I have a bobcat 2015 T650 just bought a Kubota 84 inch snowblower I need electric adapter kit do you have anything?

    A KUBOTA should have a 14 pin connector so this should be the correct adapter.

  • I have a cat289C high flow machine and am trying to get a harness to operate a Bradco RS-18 rock saw The Cat has an8 pin connector and the saw has a 6 pin connector. Can you help with this?

    Can you send me a photo of the 6 pin connector?  Unless it looks like this.

  • i have cat 289c skidsteer with 8 pin electric connection i want to connect bobcat dozer blade with 7 pin

    This is the correct harness.

  • Can this be set up to work on the trigger on the left joystick? I believe this would be button 7 the trigger in front. I need 9' of cable.

    It's a 9 footer and uses all of the available buttons on your machine.

  • How do I get a hold of anybody to know whether or not my order has shipped?

    Fill out the form on the site and I will forward to the fulfillment company or log into your account where you will find a minute by minute synopsis of where your product is and when it shipped.

  • Need to run from 8 pin cat to land pride Harley rake will this work

    So if you have a Cat A, B or C series, then the connector is correct but I have no idea what connections you have on the rake.  Can you send a photo?

  • Will this fit a 2019-2020 cat 259d skid steer and will hook to a John Deere Harley rake?

    If it's an actual JD unit, then it shoudl have a 3 pin and this is the harness.

    If it is missing, then it would have the FFC connector and look like this.

  • Do you make a harness like the SG-BPH-8-4-9DP - 8 PIN FEMALE with 2 instead of 4 Deutch output connectors

    It would cost as much for us to manufacture and stock an extra SKU so we do not make this with only two plugs. 

  • Will it go from 14 pin Kubota to 7 pin Bobcat 6way dozer blade

    Do not buy this harness.  It is incorrect.  If your Kubota is a 2018 or newer with SSV controls, then this harness is wrong.  You need a 14 pin harness.  Please click the link.

    Here is a dozer FAQ.!bobcat-dozers-explained

    Here is the dozer FAQ.

  • I have a six way blade for my Caterpillar 277B. The wiring harness has the end that attaches to the Skidsteerer missing. Can I buy a new female 8 pin end to attach to the harness or can you tell me what parts I must buy to fix this problem.

    I am think that this is what you are asking for?

  • Would like to order this product (sg-bph-8-4-9dp-8 pin-female ) for our cat 299C 8 pin . Also would like selection of connectors ,male.female , as some of our attachments cords have been broken , cut or lost. thank you

    OK.  Select the item you want, drop it in the cart, add your credit card and click order.  Our fulfillment warehouse will ship it to you.

  • Will this harness work on a 2017 242D cat and hook up with the rotation and deflector on a meteor snowblower?

    Nope.  A CAT D series uses a 14 pin, however you need to verify if your snow blower uses an electric motor and actuator or a hydraulic control system for actuation.

    This is the correct harness if you use hydraulics.

    But, you still need to verify the connectors.

  • I have a 2009 Cat 257B multi terrain loader and want to connect a Bobcat 6-way dozer blade attachment. Is this fairly simple? Do you have the adapter? Is this a “stock” item?

    Everything you need to know can be found in our FAQ section.  Here is the direct link.!bobcat-dozers-explained

    Here is a connection video found in our video section.

  • I have a 2008 Caterpillar 277C MTL and want to attach and run a BobCat 811 backhoe. What mods would be required?

    This is not an approved use and I cannot get involved in anything that can kill the operator.  Sorry, but you are on your own.  There is no mechaincal mount so you will have to build one.  If you choose to go without, that is all on you as many people have been crushed using this style of backhoe with no frame mount.

  • hook to tv 370 skid steer

    Sorry, but you have given me absolutely no detail so I cannot help you.

  • I have a topcat articulating cutter. It has 4 connectors out on the solenoid block. They appear to be deutsch as they are grey in color. I will be operating it with a 2022 JCB 3TS 8T track teleskid. With this work? SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT - 8 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 4 Output | Skid Steer Genius

    Yes.  Just be careful because they fall apart quite easily and the blades go flying.  Personally I would never operate one as I prefer to live life un-injured. 


  • How long is the cord

    9 Feet long.

  • will this work with a sb200 bobcat snow blower

    It will if you have an old Cat ABC series, a Terex of ASV.  Otherwise it is best to read this FAQ.


  • I have a landowner power rake that has two spots for deustch connectors for the angel cylinders and I need it to hook up to my 7 pin bobcat skid steer



  • Good morning, I have a ASV RT 60 and I think this will work with my Halverson 120 wood processer, I have a generic cab controller that zip tied to the controller. I'm looking to clean up my controller and eliminate come cab/controller clutter, will this work for my setup? Thanks for your time, great videos. V/r, Robert

    No this will not work.  Your machine offers four controls and no power.  Halverson requires 5 controls plus power.  We created this product for your situation.  CLICK HERE

  • I have a cat H series with an 8 pin, will this still work?

    Yes. They just only sometimes have 2 controls.

  • How long is the harness ?

    9 Feet

  • Need to go from 7 pin Bobcat machine to run a 14 pin Deere MH60 mulcher. Do have something that will work?


    The attachment ground pin will need to be moved from A to B for this to work.


  • I am looking for the replacement wire harness for a John Deere CD24D cold planer. Could you let me know price and availability. Thank you.

    IT'S possible that this will work but you will need to verify.


  • I have a 299D 2018 cat high flow hydraulics and 8 pin connector. I have purchased a 2012 Bobcat V plow that appears to have 2 solenoids to make the blade angle left, right, V, and also the wedge pattern. Which harness do I require to make this attachment work? Thank You Boyd Jamison

    A Cat 299D does NOT have an 8 pin connector.  It uses a 14 pin connector with 8 pins installed.




  • Hi this looks like it will work to connect the bobcat sb200 snowblower to my 2021 ASV RT65 (once the canbus is deleted as per the video), however from the pic on the SG-BPH-8-4-9DP/DT product page looks like different pins are used than what my owners manual states. My owners manual states the following pins are activated by the 4 button on the joystick (B, C, G, and D). My manual also states that A/E are ground and H/F are seat switch. Is there a different product I should order? Thanks

    You are correct.  For ASV, you need to move the H pin to the G pin position.  A tool is supplied with the kit and a video can be found in our video section.


  • I purchased a SG-BPH-8-4-9DP for a Bobcat SB200 blower to an ASV RT65 skid steer. When I connected the harness and ran the attachment, the auger, blower hat, and angle tip all ran but did not run separately. Do I need to move a pin in the connection end? Thank you

    Yes.  H needs to move to G for ASV.  H is powered for the seat switch in ASV which will trigger and hold a solenoid open with no control.


    Well, it will with a couple of Caveats.

    1:  You ned to move one pin because ASV uses one pin differently than Cat.

    2:  If you have the thumb attachment, you do not have enough controls to operate it.

  • Hi I have an 2018 bobcat sb 200 will this harness bypass the brain on the snow blower to allow it to work with an 2022 asv vt70

    Yes, this will work.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

  • I have a 2013 Catapillar 247 B3 eight pin trying to hook up a Bobcat 68 angle broom seven pin wheel this harnessed work?



  • I have a 2007 Cat 297 C. It is a 2 speed high flow machine. It has an 8 pin electric connector. I bought a 2016 50” FRC50 bobcat Mulcher with 7 pins. It is a two speed machine with no flap door, but has an electric brake. When I connected hydraulics, it turned but slow as if brake was on. Only tested for a few seconds. So it needs electric power. What kind of a connector do you sell and what else would I need to do to make this work?