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Genius - Single Switch Kit - SG-SW1-240 | Skid Steer Genius

  • $215.00

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Many people just need one switch added to their machines so they can operate a single solenoid.  Well here it is.  Just add power, run the cable extension out to your boom and connect to any single solenoid operated attachment.  Our switch kit is an industrial grade switch with gold contacts guaranteed for 1 million cycles.  This switch has been hermetically sealed inside a silicone boot to protect it from water, dirt and oil.

Included in this kit:

  • Switch kit with zip ties to hold it onto your stick (FV-309-704)
  • Cable Extension (20 Feet) to reach out to the end of your boom (SG-DTR-DTP-240) with zip ties to hold cable in place

Depending on your machine, you may need some other accessories to install this kit.  You will need to connect to the battery or an open fuse position inside your cab.  A key switch position is the best so that you do not leave your circuit hot while your machine is turned off.


General Installation Instructions:

Every customers need and machine is different so we can't be specific in out installation instructions.  I your kit, you have the main button harness.  You are meant to install this on your left stick using the supplied zip ties.  Run the feed harness down and out until you find a power source such as a cigarette light plug.  Connect this end to the power source.  You can use splice connections or adapter plugs.  Make sure you tape up your connections well so you do not cause a short and blow your fuse.

Next you will take the plug end of the harness and add the 25 foot extension harness.  You will route this harness carefully out the boom following the hydraulic lines to where your hydraulic couplers terminate on the boom.  Make sure all of the wires are tucked in so they do not get snagged and that they have zip ties installed so there is no way they can come loose.

The attachment should have a similar 2 pin connection installed so you can easily connect it to the switch extension when in use.  Test by pushing the button and listening for the clicking sound of the control solenoid or with a test light.


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