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Wireless Attachment Control Trigger - 6 Channel | Skid Steer Genius

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Wireless Attachment Control Trigger - AKA - WACT!!

Now Available!  Our first customers are using these on Telehandlers where they have no controls on their booms.  Now they do.

After years of tinkering, we have a Genius of a control solution for you.  This is a wireless controller with six control channels that allows you to operate attachments remotely.  What this means is that if your machine never came with auxiliary controls, you can now add them painlessly and inexpensively. 

How does it work?

Using the latest in wireless technology we provide you with an easily mountable box that can be mounted right next to your control solenoids on your attachment.  Plug in as many cables as needed up to six and then decide if you want to run completely wireless. If yes, then attach the optional battery box to the attachment.

Now decide on your controls.  You can use the supplied phone app or the magnet mountable switch pack.  The switch pack can be added to an existing overhead area or tie wrapped onto the side of your control handles.

We think we have thought of everything with this controller based upon decades of experience in attachment controls.


  • Circuit Current Limit - Max 10 amps with a total of 50 amps.  Most solenoids require 2 amps.  If you need to draw higher current, contact us because it is possible.
  • Operation Frequency - 2.4 ghz with frequency hopping.
  • Real Time Battery Monitoring.
  • Wireless App available as well as supplied 6 pack button control.
  • Button pack mounts to flat or round surface.
  • Note:  When using battery packs, your run time will vary depending on your loads, length of time for operation and ambient temperature.  We have done our best to insure the pack will operate for at least an 8 hour shift.  In your specific operation, if you are getting less than 8 hours, you are best to buy additional battery packs.

CLICK HERE to watch the introduction video.

Click Here to Add a Ram Mount Phone Holder





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Ask a Question
  • Would this work on a bobcat 753

    It goes on the attachment.  Not the machine.  It does not matter what machine you have.

  • We are looking to make adaptation for a Bobcat Laser Box Blade 1. We need three remote control functions Up, Down, provide ground to trimble laser sensor for "automatic" function, Up and down would prefer momentary, The "ground out" function to activate laser sensor control is toggled. Can the Phone app be set to various momentary/toggle for the individual channels? 2. I like the lighted ends of each channel output for easy troubleshooting. We do not have Deutsch connector tools, Can SSG provide Deutsch connectors with 6" leads so we may make connections to our equipment?

    This product offers 6 channels.  Each one is programmable using the phone app to either be momntary or switched.  We make adapters that are about a 6" long for most connections used in this market.

    I think this is what you need.

  • Have 03 2064 Mustang skid steer would like wireless remote control for it Do you have one and how much is it

    We have lots of them.  Click the link to see the price.

  • I have a Bobcat SG60 stump grinder that I need to use with Cat 289D and kubota SVL 75-2 Your new wireless 6 trigger control , would that be a good solution for multiple use machines to run this machine? watching your video demonstration, this looks like it could be easily installed for multiple machines

    This will work for this configuration.  The beauty is that it will be workable on multiple machines.  The buttons ship as locking but can be modified either by trimming the existing ones or by purchasing replacement momentary buttons.

  • Can this be installed in parallel with the factory controls on Bobcat SG60 so that both cab controls and wireless work simultaneously.

    Yes.  You would need a T harness feeding to each circuit.

  • Can you help connect a 257B cat ATL to a landhonor grader attachment?

    Won't work so don't waste your time.  The best I can do is have you add this to your machine.


    Then add this to your grader.  You do have to weigh the cost of everything since none of these attachments last very long.


    Maybe read this too as everyone is getting ripped off and they come to me to figure it out.

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame on RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.  


    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Top Cat, Mower King, TMG, American Manufacturing

    NOTE:  These companies do not exist so don't waste your time trying to contact them because you are on your own.  All materials are China sourced so you will need to fabricate your own repairs, but hey they are cheap to buy.


    For all Chinese Attachments:

    Verify the voltage of the solenoids as many of them ship with 24 volt solenoids.  You must replace the solenoid coils with 12 volt rated ones for the attachments to work.  Here is a link to replacement coils.

    Click Here to Order a Replacement 12 Volt Coil



  • Will the 6 channel wireless control work with the halverson 120?

    Yes.  If you want to change the switches to momentary you can modify them, buy switch kits or use your phone in momentary mode.

  • Is there a phone number to call a sales person for this product for more information. Thanks

    No there is not.  We do everything in writing so we do not have to keep going back and answering the sames questions over and over.

  • Can I get this with an adapter to go to a new Cat 14 pin?

    No.  Sorry.  It is what it is.  These are made in volumes and stored in a fulfillment warehouse.  There is no way we will chop them up for one application.

  • Is it possible to run the automatic laser function for 84' grader with this wireless control? or do I need to buy a different product?

    Sorry, but there are not enough functions.  You need 6 for the grader and then power and switched power for the laser.

  • If you have proper battery power to the wireless receiver the power status led should be lit correct?

    Yes.  Are you having a problem?  You can push the trigger buttons on the front to verify control.

  • Hello. I have an electric controlled bobcat blade which i am trying to use on a Cat skidsteer. I was wondering if your WACT 6 way controller woud work and also if there will be anything needed besides WACT

    What do you mean by an electric controlled Bobcat blade?  Grader?  What size?  Dozer?  Box Blade?  V-Blade?  Cat Skid Steer....What model and Year?

  • Which controller would you recommend for a 2020 cat 246d3 skid loader?

    What attachments are you trying to operate?

  • I have an older Hitch Doc Dual Dozer with trimble laser control , it has left cylinder up/down (momentary), right cylinder up/down (momentary, auto/ manual (toggle) and a flow control adjustment dial potentiometer on a 10 pin trimble cable, could the potentiometer be adjusted with a momentary switch? and do you offer a 10 pin cable for quick hook up if i sent you the wire diagram from Hitch Doc

    I can look and see if you have something available.

  • Does it include a harness to 14 pin for attachment and 14 pin for power? Like what has been done in the video. I’m looking to run a firewood processor from outside the cab.

    No.  This was designed to plug directly into the solenoids.  What you see here is what you get.

  • Hi, Will it fit a Takeuchi TL130 to drive a Bobcat SG60 Stump Grinder?

    Yes, because it will not care about the machine.

  • I have a kubota SVL95 and I don’t have an aux connection I am trying to run a cat 8 pin stump grinder So Does this plug in to the solenoids on the attachment? And if I get the battery pack do I still need an aux cable on skid steer?

    If you bought this, you would not need anything else as there is no connection to the machine.


  • Deutsch or Delphi plugs. Trying to order and it doesn’t ask what I need. Going to run a bobcat grader 84”

    Correct.  This is a brand new controller and we are seeing what the demand is for each.  If you ask for Delphi's, we will send them along at no charge.  I also see they still have not published our App in the App stores so once you receive the controller, email us and we will send you links to the latest apps.  For now we have our developers app that works fine.  Our app is just a little simpler to use.

  • We purchased this and it works well. Do you have a adapter from 4 pin to all the deutch connectors? This is on a snow blade and we want the extension to get it above the attachment some.

    Please send me photos directly of what you mean by 4 pin.  Also send me photos of how you installed the WACT.

  • We have a Jenkins wing blade here, main blade l/r, right blade l/r, left blade l/r. It runs on constant hyd and we'd like to plug this into the 14 pin connector to run the wings. It's on a telehandler so battery pack would be nice. Can you quote us what we need to run this set up?

    It's funny.  I designed this for rental attachments on skid steer loaders but all of my customers so far have been buying these for Telehandlers.  Here is the link to what you need.  The pricing is there.  Just add as many batteries as you want.  One is only needed in most cases.  Also add a phone holder if you need one.  You do not need a phone to run this because it comes with a FOB as well.  Again, it's your choice.  I would love photos of this installed on your Telehandler when you are done.

    Here is the phone holder.

  • I want to use the wireless attachment control with the 2004 Mini Might Patrol MM60 Skid Steer Loader Hydraulic Grader Attachment is this possible?

    It depends on how many solenoid controls you are hoping to operate.  The WACT-6 is for use on 6 controls only.

  • Can this be used to run a machine say like a mini skid steer remote? Or does it only work threw the 14pin connector?

    You can plug it into anything.  Not proportional controls though.

  • I need to move 5 cylinders without reversing pump.

    That would require 10 controls.  Only the Super Controllers offer that many and two of them have a 6 second delay to actuate.

  • How many cylinders can I run with this controller?

    Depends on your control block.  It gives you 6 functions.  That can be 6 separate cylinders where you reverse the pump for the opposite direction.  Or, 3 x 2 way open center controls where the solenoids control the direction.

  • Will u please call me have a question, I'm a paraplegic and need to make my mini skidsteer remote control ,will this kit work with a mini skidsteer, my cell 217-520-0403

    No it will not and we cannot help you with something like this due to liability reasons. You can thank the guy who successfuly sued us last year that we no longer do anything outside our specific insurance terms. You will need to buy a machine that is already wirelessly enabled. Sorry

  • I'm a paraplegic in a wheelchair, I'm looking at mini track skidsteers,dingo,vermeer 100,mt 85 bobcat, toro 1000 wolverine 25, would one of your packages get me going where I can run a mini skidsteer from my wheelchair ♿️

    Sorry but no. That would not work. You will need to find something that is remote capable. We dont have near enough controls. I do not know of any companies making mini's remote capable at this time. Only full size.

  • i have a Kubota SVL 90-2. i would like to purchase the wireless controller, Mag mountable switch pack, and power connection. will i need the duitch connector/converters? trying to make sure that i buy all that i need. thanks

    We don't know what your attachment requires so we cannot comment. It ships with Deutsch 2P installed.

  • I like to order the wireless controller but the wire on the plug is not long enough for my tree spade bobcat

    We have extensions but need an idea of how long you need.

  • I need help getting a remote controller made for my blade. It’s gray blade and it has wires not connected to anything I need a remote I have a 2022 Cat 259D3

    Can you send us the brand and photos of all of the existing connections?

  • will your wireless control work on a swing boom mower? I have a Kubota svl90 skidsteer.

    Yes, but for your machine I would add the 14 pin and the toggle add on.  It will be easier to operate.

    Here are the links.

    Add this to your machine. CLICK HERE

    Add this to your machine, remove the plastic part of the Deutch connector and feed the two wires into the back of the 14 pin.  The pins are the same so all you need to do is push them into E & F on the 14 pin.  CLICK HERE

  • I run a GS60 stump grinder on a 06 Bobcat Toolcat with a 7 pin connecter. the controller box just went out. Would this be the correct kit along with your 7 pin to 12v SG-108-Genius - 7 pin controller cable? i would need the Delphi connectors.

    Do you want to run wireless or wired to the machine?  You can do either but which are you looking for?

  • I'm looking to have my 2023 John Deere 318G run off remote control. Can you help?

    Sorry but no.  The liability insurance would devastate our company.

  • Hey, Have a Kubota SVL75-2 and a 84inch bobcat grader. I’m wondering if you can tell if there’s a kit we can buy to make it work after watching some of your videos it’s seems like the patch harness to bobcat controller in grader will work and then maybe the switch box for inside of cab. But just wanted to make sure. Also wondering would you ship harness and controller to Australia as weee having dramas finding anyone here that is willing to help. Thanks sam

    We make kits but currenlty parts are an issue.

  • Hi, I have a bobcat t590. I would like to be able to control both front attachment and also the skid steer itself remotely. Can I RC drive the machine as well as RC an attachment with your system? If this is not possible, I would still be interested in an attachment RC and discussing any other ideas.

    You would need to buy the Bobcat solution.  We won't go down that road due to liability issues.

  • Hello, We would like to order the momentary switches for the 6 channel control, but could not find part # on website. Thanks

    I believe we are in the process of creating a kit and adding it.  Respond back to me and I will have Craig send you the link.