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SG-KIT-DT-14-F - 14 Pin Female Kit - Deutsch - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

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Fits Bobcat, John Deere, Takeuchi, New Holland as well as others.  Includes 14 sockets & tool.  You will need to solder or crimp wires to pins.  These are the original OEM connectors used on all of the machines and not a poor quality knock-off.  With decades of experience, you can count on us to supply you with everything needed in this kit.  Others sell you just a part and you have to find and order the accessories just to make this connector work.  We do it all for less.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Female Deutsch Body
  • 1 Barrel Top Cap and Seal/Strain Relief
  • 14 Female Sockets
  • Installation Tool
  • Detailed Instructions Tailored for Skid Steer Use

Kit does not include crimping tool or soldering tool to connect pins to wire.
About these connectors:
Many years ago we had to buy these from the dealers for $120 each or with full harnesses for $350+.  My background is in electronics and I have seen many connectors like this in the past.  I knew they were not worth what they were charging.  The problem was sourcing them.  They are a German made connector and the part numbers used in the USA came up always taking us back to the dealers.  

I traced them back in Germany and finally found an importer that would allow us to buy them if we bought enough.  We took the risk because we used them on our attachments and we knew our customers would want them.  Well, we were right.  This is one of our top selling items based upon quantities sold.

We bring these in and kit them with everything you need to add to your harness.  We are sure you will see just how much effort we put into this item just to save you money.  These are the original German connectors used by all of the major manufacturers.
We also offer real live support 24/7 so if you have an issue and need advice, we are there.

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  • Can you ship to me in Canada.

    We ship to Canada daily.  We use postal.  It's a little slower, but less expensive and you are rarely charged taxes.

  • Trying to control two solenoids on a cat 257D purchased SG-KIT-DT-14-F - 14 Pin Female Kit I'm planning on using pins E and F for the two positive outputs. Which pins do I need for the negative to the two solenoids when there is only one pin B being (-)ground, do I just need to tie the two neg of the solenoid to the one pin B

    You group the grounds together and pin them to Pin B.  There should have been an instruction sheet in your kit.

  • Hi will this kit fit my 2018 TR270 with factory installed male end?

    Yes.  You are correct.  Thanks

  • I have a CAT 242D skid steer with 14 pin electrical connector. I would like to connect my CID angle broom to the 2 left buttons on the left joystick so that when the broom is rotating I can change the angle of it. I got some crappy switch to hook to the battery with it. It has a 2 pin harness with connectors on it. One is a similar to a trailer light connector, flat with 2 opposing pin / socket . I could cut this off but would have no power (12 volt). The connector goes to a motor on the broom to control the direction of the hydraulic cylinder. Can you help with this?

    The fastest and cheapest way to do this is to chop off their trailer connector and use this connector. It is the industry standard. Our advice to customers is to avoid companies that do not follow industry standards as there are probably other things that they do to cut corners.

  • Is there one pin on the work tool connector of a cat 259D the ground?

    Yes. A & E are grounds. Copy and paste this link for more details.!caterpillar-8-pin-explained