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SG-MD-100 - Bi-Directional Motor Controller

  • $395.00

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This controller plugs into your harness and changes your four single switched 12 volt circuits into 2x reversing polarity 12 volt circuits enabling you to run an electric motor or actuator forward or reverse.  This is great for older attachments that use electric 12 volt motors and linear actuators for control of their auxiliary functions.

The Base price shown is without an input harness for those of you that have other uses in mind.  For everyone else, you will need an input harness to take the signals from your machine and move them down to the box which will be located on your attachment.

Buffalo Turbine Blower Operation.  Add one of these to your attachment by plugging it in directly to the motor. Add either a BPH-14 harness if you have a 14 pin or a BPH-8 harness if you have an 8 pin connector.

Instructions for use:

There are 4 inputs and two outputs.  This is because you will take two button push inputs and have the box convert these singular polarity inputs into a singular +- or -+ reversing polarity output.  The two inputs for circuit 1 are the Green and Orange and the White & Red.  This means that if you only have one output circuit to operate like a Buffalo Turbine, you would only use either the Green/Orange or the White/Red pairs.

You will then use one of the outputs wired to your electric motor.  Polarity does not matter since you will be reversing it anyways.

Using the supplied connector, add it to your motor input and then plug one of the outputs for the MD controller into the receptacle.  If the first connection does not work, plug in the second plug.  You should now be able to push one control button for one direction and a second button for the reverse direction.  

If you are using one of our BPH harnesses, you can look on the supplied guide to pick which input wires you would like to use.  This gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing which buttons to use.

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  • If I order the SG-MD-100 - BI-DIRECTIONAL MOTOR CONTROLLER could you send me a schematic so that I can make my own 14 pin connector? Thank You Shane Gurney

    Rply to this so I have your email address.