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Skid Steer Attachment Control Box 4 | SG-JCB-100

  • $295.00

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This ingenious little joystick control box allows you to operate up to 4 functions on practically any attachment easily and inexpensively.  If your machine has no controls supplied and you just have a couple of attachments that you want to operate from time to time, then this is your choice.

Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter, attach the box to any metal surface and plug the cable into your 14 pin equipped attachment, and get to work.

If your attachment is not 14 pin compatible, then you will need to convert the attachment either by changing the connector or using one of our Genius adapters.

The JCB-100 control box is ideal for operating 14 pin or 8 pin attachments (with adapter) like skid steer Snow Blowers, Harley Rakes, Brooms and even Post Drivers, Dozers and Box Graders.


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  • I have a Bobcat 463 (without any attachment controls, just the normal aux hydraulic lines). It sounds like this kit would be the way to run a Bobcat brand SB150-48 snowblower, without buying the expensive Bobcat attachment controls. Am I understanding things correctly? Thanks

    This is the least expensive way that we could come up with for customers in your situation to run attachments with up to 4 controls so yes, this is your best bet.

  • I bought a quick attach brand snow blower for my 260 john deere would this work to run my shoot and spout. The blower has the 14 pin wire hook up.

    Yes.  It will work fine.  The only issue is there are 6 combinations of pins.  This box has 4.  There is a chance that you will have to move 2 of the pins in the attachment.  We provide a tool to do this and Video #100 shows you how to do it.

  • I have a four function cold Plane Millings machine attachment Cat pc306b will this controller at work

    No.  The Cat unit uses 6 controls to operate the functions.  What kind of machine do you have and are there any electrical controls installed?