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SG-GCM-10 - Skid Steer Back-up Camera System | Skid Steer Genius

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New Release for Spring 2019 - The latest and greatest in back-up camera technology from the leaders in skid steer electronic technology.

This is by far the highest quality Skid Steer Back-up camera on the market today with the most up to date features found anywhere.  Our systems are easy to install and are industrial quality so that your camera won't stop working when you need it most in rugged day to day operations.

We know that every user has different needs so we are now breaking the cameras out and offering three very unique systems.

NOTE:  This page is only for order the monitor alone or the monitor with one camera.  Order additional cameras from their respective pages.

What's Included in the Base Kit (Monitor):

  • 7" Waterproof, metal housing completely sealed to IP68 specifications
  • Factory pressure tested under water before accepted as operational
  • Inductance type keys sense your finger tips just like your smart phone so there are no seals to go bad that would eventually let water into the housing
  • Dual brackets included - U-mount bracket for overhead applications and fan style bracket which allows for corner mounting
  • Connection harness for up to two cameras

Specifications (Monitor):

  • Resolution: 1080p Horizontal x 600p Vertical resolution
  • Dual channel output can be configured by the user to display both channels simultaneously
  • Distance measurement adjustment allows you to set the distance bars to display exactly how far you are from an object

Cameras - 3 Types to make your life so much easier.

1: Extreme Duty High Definition Camera.  This is a brand new industry first camera that you will soon see being copied because it is so good. 

  • 1080p resolution using the latest in CMOS technology
  • Heated and good to -50° f without freezing over. 
  • Viewing Angle: 170° fish eye view which is so important on a skid steer. 
  • Lighter and has fewer components so it is less likely to shake itself apart
  • It has only 2 ultra bright and white balanced LED's for night vision.  This thing lights up the area like you won't believe.  It does with 2 LED's what others use 12 LED's for. 
  • Ships with two base 90 lb rated neodymium magnets so it never falls off but if hit, it will slide out of the way and reduce the risk of damage to the camera
  • It is so cool and modern looking.  You see the other cameras that our competition offers.  Old and tired.

2: Industrial Light Camera.  This is such a unique idea.  Some people work so much at night that light is extremely import so we worked with our manufacturer and came up with this very unique lighted camera

  • 1080p resolution using the latest in CMOS technology
  • Thermostatically controlled heating system good to -50° f
  • Super bright CREE LED array
  • LED Array is switchable with supplied cab switch kit so your lights are on only when you need them
  • Viewing Angle: Diagonal - 170°
  • IP69K Outdoor rated
  • Entire base is a rubberized magnet so scratching is minimal and no rust marks left on surfaces
  • Also ships with bolt kit so it can be permanently installed in one location.
  • If you work a lot in dark areas, this camera is a must.

3: Shutter Camera.  Here is another unique camera idea for extremely harsh areas and climates.  The shutter camera remains closed when power is off but as soon as you switch on the monitor, the camera shutter opens and you have full camera operation. 

  • 1080p resolution using the latest in CMOS technology
  • Thermostatically controlled heating system good to -50° f
  • Internal Infra Red bright LED array
  • Shutter opens when monitor is powered on and closes automatically when power is shut off
  • Viewing Angle: Diagonal - 120° due to the housing limitations and the shutter
  • IP69K Outdoor rated
  • Ships with two base 90 lb rated neodymium magnets so it never falls off but if hit, it will slide out of the way and reduce the risk of damage to the camera
  • If you work a lot in extreme conditions, this camera is a must.

A note from the owner Rob:  I designed the first back-up camera system for my Bobcat skid steer loader over 15 years ago.  I thought it was such a good idea that I pieced together the highest quality parts that I could find at the time and build a system that for it's day was the only camera system available for skid steer loaders.  Now, 15 years later, I work with some of the best manufacturers in the world to design machine specific camera systems.  These are no longer car systems pieced together to build a skid loader system.  These are heavy industrial grade systems that are factory tested to take a beating. 

If you look at the marketplace, I see my competition so eager to have a camera system using the cheapest systems they can find just so they have something to offer.  They know nothing about where these cameras are from or what they are designed for.  I do.  Face it folks, they all come from China.  I know that for a fact.  However I work with camera companies that use components from companies such as Sony and Samsung until recently when both of these companies announced they will no longer make components for this market because it is too small. 

Currently we use components from fine South Korean manufacturers that spec out better than Sony or Samsung.  Ask the other guys about any of their components and they will either make it up or have no clue.  I do.  I spec everything.  My factory pressure tests every camera under water before they pack and ship them.  Their cables and connectors are second to none.  They have a room full of engineers that I can contact with issues or questions as well as new design ideas.  That is why you see the latest and greatest always on my sites years before the others even figure out what's going on. 

Now, we are all human and sometimes things still happen so we back up all of our products with a 100% replacement guarantee.  You have a problem and we replace it immediately.  Ask yourself if it's really worth saving a few dollars and investing the time to install a system only to have it fall apart on the first bump. 

My manufacturer actually sells their base auto models to a lot of my competition because they want the cheapest while I want the best.

That's the Skid Steer Genius difference.

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  • Hello can you explain how the wiring works? I am looking at installing this into a John Deere 326E skidsteer.

    I sent you a video link directly to your email.  Thanks

  • Do you have installation instructions for the monitor/ Is the wire harness plug and play? Is it set up to turn on when machine is on?

    Yes.  Please email me at and I can return it to you.

  • With these kits do I order camera and monitor separate or does each have both in the box???? Are cables long enough to go into the cab? Are there instructions on how to install and hook up the kit?

    We have always sold the kits to include a monitor and camera. Since we are introducing 3 new cameras, we decided to give customers a choice so all you do is select the camera that you want to go with the monitor. You can add a second camera also if needed as the monitor is capable of displaying 2 cameras at once.