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SG-BC14-CT8 - Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Caterpillar attachments run them on their Bobcat Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Bobcat Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 8 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

Please read this and understand. This adapter is for older Bobcat machines or newer machines who have added a 14 pin kit.  100% of newer machines do not have 14 pin.  They use CAN signal 7 pin connections.  This product will not work.  You will need to buy one of our 7 pin kits found here.  CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE OUR 7 PIN CONTROLLERS

Note:  Also works with Kubota, New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB/Volvo, Takeuchi & Yanmar loaders.

For attachments, you must verify that it is an 8 pin style connector.  It does not matter if there are less sockets.  Count the positions, not the installed sockets.  If it is a CAT attachment, they made them with 8 and 14 pin styles so you must verify or you will order the wrong thing and it won't work.

Note:  Bobcat 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex only outputs 4 ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 5 pins installed.  Up/Down & Left/Right are all that is available.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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  • I have Simex T300 wheel saw attachment and BOBCAT S550 skidsteer have you got any adapter? Kind regards Joseph

    What kind of electrical connection is on the attachment?  Pictures please?

  • I need that same item but the other way around, which is machine side CAT to attachment side BOBCAT... its a CAT 262D 14 PIN and the attachment its Rexroth BOBCAT 7 PIN. I will appreciate your help!

    That is currently not possible.  It is on my list, but it's about a year out and will be expensive.  You need to use a harness.



  • I have a Takeuchi TL240, Just wondering if you have a harness to suit a 6 way dozer blade with the delphine connectors

    This item should do the trick.

    Click Here

  • Do you have the 14 male and the 8 is female Or the attachment is bobcat and the machine machine is cat277

    This is confusing.  What series of Cat do you have?  A,B,C (8 pin)?  or D(14 pin)

    Bobcat Attachment?  14 pin or 7 pin?

  • I have a caterpillar 259 b3 I believe it has a14 pin connector on machine In trying to attack my stump grinder which I believe 8 pin do u have any thing for that

    All CAT A, B or C series are 8 pin.  Only D series are 14 pin.  It is all explained here.

  • I have a kobota svl 95-2s 14 pin and want to run a cat sr321 snowblower 8 pin adapter thank you

    Please watch this video and verify which controls you have.

  • I have a Erskine snowblower with a 8 pin connector to control the shoot and I just purchased your joystick control box. Will this adapter work for my application?

    Well, we use 4 out of 6 wires because the 8 pin only allows it.  You are best to chop off the 8 pin and replace it with a 14 pin female.  Then it will be perfect.

  • Have a CAT PC205 cold plane/mill and want to use on TAKEUCHI TL8 skid steer loader. Solved hydraulic flow & pressure for side shift by adding external closed center manual valve w/relief just for operating sideshift. Does the SG-BC14-CT8 give me electronic controls for rest of functions? Any relevant experience shared will be appreciated.

    Yes.   That will give you the electric controls for 4 functions but my understanding was that you needed those extra functions to run simutaneously to operate the functions in unison.  Not sure if what you have done will allow everything to work.

  • Hi, I have a CAT 267B and I'm currently using a Harley rake MX7 on it. I plan on upgrading to a CAT 289 D series machine. Am I looking at the correct connector (SG-BC14-CT8) to use my old Harley MX7 on a CAT D Series machine? Thx, Mike

    Yes.  This is the correct adapter.

  • I have a 2019 jcb with 14 pin and want to hook up a bobcat angle broom with 8 pins What do I need?

    You will need this item.

  • Hi I have a 2013 cat skid steer I have a V plow that has 14 pin Connector i am looking for a adapter? Machine side is 8 pin

    How about this?

  • I have a 2008 T300 bobcat loader with 14 pin connector I want to use a CAT six way dozer blade with 8 pin connector Will this adaptor work? Thank you

    Yes.  This is the correct adapter.

  • Will this work on a Kubota svl95-2 to cat snowblower sr321

    If the blower is an 8 pin Cat and the Kubota was ordered with enough controls.  Look in the end of the 14 pin on the Kubota.  If you only see 4 pins, this will not work and you should just use our control box (JCB-100) or wireless controller (WACT-6).

  • I have a bobcat dozer blade with a 7 pin connector I need to connect to Kubota 14 pin connector , can you help please

    This is an in depth faq anout this as well as video #117. Here is what you need.

  • i have a gehl 14 pin connector and want to hook to 7 pin bobcat attachments

    Please read this FAQ.!why-is-there-no-adaptor-to-plug-my-7-pin-bobcat-attachments-into-my-catkubotanhjohn-deere-etc-machines

  • Hello, customer has a older Cat skid loader and rotary broom with the 8 pin connector. Recently purchased a new Kubota track machine with the 14 pin connector. Will this allow him to use the broom on the new Kubota? Thanks.

    Yes.  This will work.

  • I want to run 8 pin cat attachments on a gehl that has 14 pin, will this adapter work? SG-BC14-CT8

    It will work as long as the cat attachments are 3 line only.  If you see 5 lines, you will lose one set of functions since old Cat used a set of hydraulic controls for the extra functions and not electrical.

  • Hello I need a SG-BC 14-CT8 does it fit to CASE TR 340 to cold planner SIMEX PL5520? And did you ship to MALTA. Tks

    The machine side will work on the Case machine and I have no idea if it will work on the Simex.  It all depends on the original connector on the planer.  If it is really 8 pin, I cannot see it working unless it has the extra set of control hoses unless alos it does not have side shift control.  Yes, we ship to Malta.

  • Customer has a Cat 6 way dozer blade with 6 pin. We need an adapter for a Case TV370 14 pin. Which do I need?

    Here is a kit that we designed for this issue.

  • Customer has T770 Bobcat and wants to run PC306B Cat planer on it. He has 14 pin harness on T770 alread. He just needs correct adapter to run planer on both Bobcat & Cat.Thanks

    There is no adapter needed for this if he plans on operating it only on the Bobcat and not going back to a CAT. First watch video #100 in our video gallery so you understand how to move pins. In the attachment 14 pin connector, open the back of the connector. Move Pin A to G and J to H. Check to see that there is no Pin K installed. For CAT this is a ground pin and Bobcat it is a +12 volt pin. You need to push this pin back into the connector if it is present or you will short out your ACS circuit and blow the fuse. Assemble the connector and get to work.

  • Our customer has recently purchased a new CAT 242D Skid Steer (9 pin) and would like to use a broom attachment from our Bobcat skid steer with 7 pins (male). Please advise what adapter harness do we need to get the CAT 242D skid steer to run the broom. Thank you.

    He will need to purchase a harness. Please order SG-BPH-14-4-9DP. Verify the connectors whether they are Deutsch or Delphi and make sure you have adapters.