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Bobcat® 7 Pin Can and Power Removal Tool Set

Bobcat® 7 Pin Can and Power Removal Tool Set

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7 Pin Socket or Pin Removal Tools for Bobcat Connectors:

If you have damaged your connector either on your attachment or Bobcat loader and need to remove the sockets or pins, then this is the tool for you.  Does not work with 14 pin connectors.  Will work only with the 7 Pin Trident style CAN connectors found on the more modern machines.  These are a short term solution that will last for a few removals only.  Do not expect these tools to last forever.  The permanent tools are $65 each and we can order them if you want them. 

Here is what your connectors should look like. These tools will fit either the male or female.


How do they work?

On the face of the connector, carefully slide the tool over the pin or socket and give it a 1/4 turn until you feel it engage.  Carefully tug on the wire from behind the connector until it comes out of the connector.  If it is still stuck, then pull the tool out slightly and turn again as you push it back in.  This is because it does not always grab all of the barbs in the connector.  It does not take any muscle to do this, only technique.  Using muscle will only cause you to damage the connector or the tool.  Be careful.  Take your time.


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  • BOBCAT® 7 PIN CAN AND POWER REMOVAL TOOL SET can you please order me the permanent tools?

    They are nearly impossible to find.  They show up on Ebay sometimes and I have been able to get a few on there.