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Genius - Cavity Plug Kit - Run a Bobcat Cement Mixer or Mulcher w/o Hood on Any Machine - SG-CP-100

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Here is a simple, yet effective way to confuse customers. Add a 7 pin CAN controller and hydraulic control block to an attachment that does not need one.  That's what the masters at Bobcat® did.  The Mulcher attachment made by Fecon and sold to Bobcat® has added parts to it that makes it not work on anything but a Bobcat®.  If you don't have a hood, you have been dealing with wiring that should not even exist. The cement mixer has no function to operate but it has the same high tech approach to not operating on a Non-Bobcat® machine.  We fixed this issue and are passing the information on to you.

We now ship this as a 3 piece kit since some use a cartridge while others use one of two different sized plugs.  This is the easiest way to make this work and the cheapest. Try the cartridge first.  If that does not work, use the basic plugs and it will work.  Guaranteed!!

My Opinion:

The theory is that you will be less likely to sell your Bobcat and buy a better machine from another manufacturer if you have a bunch of money tied up in attachments that won't work on your new machine.  Not what I call a free country.  My goal is to stop this from happening so this is how simple I made this process.

Over by where the main hoses come into the block is a single solenoid.  Unscrew the top coil and then unscrew the entire cartridge from the block.  Verify that it looks like the end of this plug.  if not, email us a picture of what you have so we develop another solution. 

After you verify the cartridge, discard it.  In it's place, screw our cavity plug to cap off the chamber and allow the flow to bypass.  This will allow you to operate the attachment without the electronic harness being installed.  This is especially helpful for John Deere Machines which do not have a Pin K switched power pin.  You can also remove the electronic harness.  If the cartridge does not work, use the plug.  As a favor to us for all of the research that we do, please send us these controllers.  We use them for testing to discover even more things to benefit operators like you.  We will even make it better for you by sending you a check for $75.   Shown below is the control block found on the Fecon mulching head.  The cartridge is removed and the cavity plug is shown next to it.

Cartridge shwon with cavity plug on top.

 Bobcat Fecon Mulcher Shown with solenoid cartridge removed.

Now you can operate your Bobcat Mulcher on a Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, Case, Gehl, Mustang, Volvo or any other skid steer or compact track loader.  A lot of people buy this kit simply because they are constantly tearing off their cables and it was costing them a fortune from Bobcat to keep replacing them.  Again, this does bypass the brake similar to if you bought this attachment directly from Fecon.

Mulcher:  This process only works if your Mulcher does NOT have a hood.  If you have a hood you will need this harness so you can open and close the hood. 

Cement Mixer.  RACs system will not work.  This will only allow the mixer to work.  No remote start.  Sorry.  Take it up with the manufacturer.

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  • What about the other solenoids on mulcher head? Does this kit address them as well or could they just be unplugged.

    If you have no hood, they are useless.  They add them at the factory because the hood is a dealer installed option.


  • I have a Bobcat concrete pump and a New Holland Skid Steer without electrical connectors. Is there some way I can supply 12v power to the Attachment and run it as a Standalone Unit?

    Nope.  I need to get my hands on one to strip it down and rewire it.  It will never work with the remote controls though.  It will be outside and inside opeartional only and there will be no turning back.

  • I have a Bobcat Mulcher model # FRST CTTR FRC60 2SPD, with serial # ATV100667. I'm wanting to buy a 2022 Deere 333G, but the Bobcat mulcher has a seven pin plug and the Deere has a 14 pin receptacle. I found your part # SG-CP-100 to bypass the brake, but what do I need to do about the electrical connection? Is there a harness for the Bobcat that will adapt to the Deere machine? I read in the comments that it's mechanically overiding the system, so am I tounderstand that there is no need for an electrical connection? If so, then at that point it's all a matter of engaging the hydraulics and running the mulcher?

    You are correct.  Bobcat added electrical that is not required nor supplied if you buy it directly from Fecon.


  • I bought this for a bobcat mulcher and installed it and it just clicks on sends pressure down house but will not spin header what am I doing wrong

    Then you use the other plug.

    It's all covered here.


  • Have a bobcat Frstcttrfrc60, serial number Anr500436 this kit will work

    If you have a mixer, then yes, this will work.

  • I have this on a bobcat frc60 forestry cutter and the drum will spin slowly but will not get up to the high speed. It does have a hood. Can we contact you tomorrow 5-18-21 when we are at the machine and get your help in trouble shooting the problem? My email is and my phone is 907-590-7000 thanks Stosh

    1:  Did you swap the couplers so your high flow is operating in the correct direction when you trigger your high flow?
    2:  Is this installed on a Cat D series?   If so you need to install the HF jumper or your machine will not switch on the high flow circuit.
    3:  This kit is not for machines with the hood installed.  You have used it so it's not returnable.  Here is the kit if you have a hood.
    4:  Another reason for it spinning slowly is that you installed the wrong plug.  Install the other plug and it should work.

  • I ordered the cavity plugs for the Bobcat mulcher. It's a 60" mulcher with a hood that I had plugged off. The mulcher is on a 2018 T870 Bobcat. The Bobcat dealership has told me to replace the harness on the mulcher and I did this, but it did not work. They tried a new 7 Pin harness on the machine, which also did not work. Now their saying that it must be the controller. That's when I ordered the cavity plugs. I have tried both sizes, switched the positive line around on the main block, and this didn't change anything. Still doesn't work. The dealership replaced the hydraulic drive motor on my T870 and the mulcher was running fine at that time, so they wanted me to bring it in so that they could run a filter through the lines. The mulcher's hydraulic pump only has 10 hours of use on it. After receiving the mulcher back from the Bobcat dealership, the mulcher has not worked a single time. They have tried almost everything except the controller on it. The machine is making up to 3500 psi on the mulcher gauge, but the mulcher will not spin. You can actually free wheel spin the mulcher drum with your foot. The mulcher is not under warranty at this time, so I'm not sure what my options are. I would rather not have the dealership touch anything else that I own that is Bobcat branded. Any information you might have would be much appreciated and very helpful. Thank you

    These products are so simple to troubleshoot, it absolutely astounds me that a dealership has it physically in their possesion and they have no idea what to do.  The plug is just a simple device that bypasses the brake to release it and puts it back to the way that Fecon originally made it.  This whole brake thing is just a Bobcat way to stop the machine from running on a Non-Bobcat machine.   Over the past year, I seem to be running about 95% in favor of the small cartridge.  There is a single solenoid sitting all on it's own.  Unscrew the nut.  Slide the solenoid off.  Then you will see another nut up close to the block.  Remove that and the entire brake cartridge will slide out.  Insert the smallest plug and tighten to 17 in. lbs. 

    With no electrical attached, turn on the hydraulics and the drum will spin up.  Does it spin?  Yes?  Then enjoy.

    No?  Are the hoses tightening when you apply power?  Is there any movement at all?  Is there spinning but no power?  This device simply uses your flow and pressure to create motion.  Not enough speed?  The flow is too low.  Not any power?  There is no pressure.  If you see nothing and you know for sure you have flow and pressure by installing in line gauges, then you look at the drum.  Can you free wheel it?  How much drag?  If there is no drag, I would check the check valve.  Oil takes the path of least return pressure so if the valve is locked open, it just bypasses the motor.  If you tested it, then the motor.  It either locks or free wheels.  Locking means stuck, damaged or destroyed piston assemblies.  Free wheel usually means a bad seal but you would see it with oil everywhere.  

    Try these tips and get back to me.

  • My mulcher head has two solenoid’s, how do I know which one to replace?

    It's the small solenoid sitting all by itself next to where the main hoses enter the block. Remove the 7/8" nut on top.  Slide off the solenoid.  Use the 7/8" wrench to remove the lower nut which allows the entire cartridge to slide out.  Replace it with the small plug first.  Fire up the machine.  Does the drum spin?  Yes?  Nothing else required.  If no, try the longer plug.  Viola, you are running now with no computer.

  • Hello, If I install this on my Bobcat Mulcher - which I run with a Bobcat T770. Will I be able to remove the electrical wire all together? Will this also bypass the door latch requirment allowing me to use an aftermarket door?

    Yes.  This deletes the brake so you can use it anywhere without wiring.  Make sure you don't have the hood as it will inactivate it as well.  95% of people don;t have the door.  This kit just puts it back to the way that Fecon would ship you a mulcher directly.

  • Why are there 3plugs

    Because we do not have access to the Bobcat Database so we cannot look up serial numbers to find out when your attachment was made.  After going back and forth sending out the wrong plugs, we decided to kit them so they cover every possible control block used on these attachments.  It's a lot easier for our customers.

  • Will I still have to have the forestry door kit? I assuming not, but I am being told the mulcher will not operate on a bobcat machine without having the door kit and 3/4 lean installed. I plan to have bullet proof glass added without the purchase of the bobcat forestry kit.

    You are mechanically over riding the system.  Since there is no electrical connection, it won't care what you do.

  • Will this work on the bobcat 9 cu ft cement mixer? Just want to be sure. Thanks

    Yes.  But if you are unsure you can emai me some connection photos to check.

  • Hello, I recently bought a new 70 inch mulcher from bobcat with the new T86. I previously had a 60 with my T870 and had one of your plugs in it and man the difference is amazing definitely a shout out to the outstanding work. My question is will this kid work on the newest mulcher 70 inch with the super flow? I really would like to do away with the brake that thing will leave you stranded on a job every time!

    If you can send me some pictures of the control block, I can see what I can do. When these ship as Fecon, the brake does not exist. Another Bobcat tricky trick.
    We just have to figure out ways to make them original.

  • we have your harness(shipped to John Gertson), removed brake solenoid and installed a std plug, dowe need a special hydraulic plug? Deere 333D on Bobcat Forestry cutter FRC^) 2spd. Mulcher head spins not sure if it is operating at high speed

    If it spins, then the plug worked.  The speed relates to how the cutter was ordered by the original owner.  Genrally these are high flow so you need 35GPM for it to work correctly.  Is you JD a high flow?

  • pulled my wiring harness off a few months ago and used the plug with the flat bottom, the drum worked great on my 2019 T770,just traded in machine for a new 2023 T770 and there seems to be no difference between high flow and low flow has no speed/power at all, just took machine in for service told them high flow is not working correctly but as I read through this could it be that i need to change out to one of the other plugs?

    Are we taling about the cement mixer?  If so, the machine makes no difference.  The attachment has a block installed that regulates the flow.  You should never push the high flow button on a low flow attachment.  In most cases, you will blow the motor seals.  In this case, you are protected.  If the mixer worked before, you need to look at this machine and figure out why their is no flow.  It's usually the main control spool valve, but it can be as simple as a plugged hydraulic filter.

  • I have a bobcat t770 with a bobcat mulcher, can I remove the electrical harness and still run this mulcher. Right now my cutter runs for a while , then it will not turn. I had a hood, I but I have taken it off and pluged the ports on the hydraulic block.

    YES.  Many people have bought this kit because they are fed up with the electronics.

  • Just bought a 2018 bobcat 2 speed mulcher that was working on a bobcat 770. i have a 2022 bobcat t76. it did not work so i bought the cavity plugs from your company and installed them, now it has the pressure but want turn the drum. is there something i'm missing ?

    Yes.  You installed the wrong plug.  Install the other plug that fits and it will work.

  • is this in stock and when can it ship?

    If it's listed, it's in stock.  We pull products if they are out of stock.  Order by noon Pacific and it ships that day.

  • Paid for part haven't got them

    Yes.  We moved from Washington to Las Vegas to a much bigger and better shipping facility and the old company did a crappy job of shipping our products.  We are now seriously behind and are manually shipping a lot of items ourselves.  Sorry for the incomvenience but we should be back up and running fully within a week.