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SG-CB-6014 - 10 Pack - Genius 7 Pin (6 Output) Controller For Bobcat® Loaders, Toolcat & Versahandler - 4 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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QTY = 10 - Dealer/OEM Pack:  Buy 10 units at a time and save.

2022 - New Year, New Look.  We have modified our most popular lines for 2021 for the following reasons:

Customers were continually tearing them apart by driving away with them connected to the attachment.  This would permanently destroy them, so we split the cabling and now the Deutsch connector will tear off of the cable.  You can then re-strip the cable, add pins, reassemble and get back to work.

Customers complained that they were too short.  The new design allows for a longer cable.

New Chinese attachments have no filtering on the solenoids.  This would cause a massive spark to be introduced into the line when in operation that would wipe out our earlier controllers.  The new PCB's have a wider component spacing and additional filtering to combat this effect.  We feel that this new design is the best of both worlds.  Our designs are now a decade old and we think we have finally covered every aspect of what can happen in the field to make this the most reliable controller to date.

This is a true Genius Controller designed for solenoid controls only.  Our customers spoke and we listened.  You asked us to create a 14 pin output connector style controller so you could plug 14 pin attachments directly to your Bobcat® machines without using a box control and we listened. 

Here it is.  The new SG-CB-6014 controller.  It is a 6000 series, 6 output controller with a 14 pin connector pinned the old fashioned way.  Using the old Bobcat 14 pin layout which works with Takeuchi, Gehl, Kubota, Mustang, Case and Cat attachments up to 6 controls.

Perfect for CID/Spartan/Prowler Swing Boom Cutter.

This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 6 x 12 volt solenoids directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

Takes about 1 minute to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is for boom mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has up to 6 solenoids to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has power, communication, and a port status indicator LED to show you that it is working and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine.

Throw away the crappy controller that the manufacturers supply and switch over to true machine controls.

WARNING: CAT XHP High Flow Attachments into 14 pin plugs. There is a jumper installed in the attachment plug that loops pin K back to ground for high flow attachment sensing. This is only for CAT machines.  Bobcat uses pin K for power. This means that if you plug a Cat D series attachment into a Bobcat wired plug you will short the output and blow your fuse.

Read more about how this product functions here.  


Helpful Videos. CLICK HERE



This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • When will you have these available? I need ten of them right away.

    Buildign 1500 now.  Finally got some chips, built them and found they were fake so we had to start over.  We are accepting orders finally so they will start shipping.

  • I'm needing 20 of your SG-CB-6014 - 10 PACK - GENIUS 7 PIN (6 OUTPUT) CONTROLLER FOR BOBCAT® LOADERS, TOOLCAT & VERSAHANDLER - 4 PORT | SKID STEER GENIUS. We do you expect them to be back in stock?

    Due to a worldwide shortage of IC's, we are in a crisis mode.  We have waited for 2 years for parts and still nothing in sight so we are redesigning the product to utilize relays until we can get drivers.  


    Here is what we need.  If anyone can help us source these, we would be forever grateful and will give you a unit for free.


    VND5050AJTR-E - I will take 25000 of them.


    So to answer your question, we really have no answer until we can get this part.  We have thousands of boards built but we need this critical part.