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SG-DTR2A-SP4-9 - 2 x 2 Pin Deutsch to 2 x Spade Lugs | Skid Steer Genius

  • $215.00

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This adapter allows you to plug one end with 2 x 2 pin Deutsch receptacles into a our SG-2000A CAN Controller on your Bobcat machine side and plug directly into up to two solenoids using spade style lugs.  Just plug one end into your controller on your loader and plug the other into the solenoids on your attachment equipped with spade style connectors.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

Works great on older Harley Rakes.

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  • I need this harness and have one similar on a current harley rake older model... I need to know what do I hook the deutsch connector to on the machine side. Do you carry the harness for the other side with a switch to control harley rake angle ? or do I have to fabricate something. My current rake has a magnet mounted double throw switch to angle left and right.

    How about this?