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SG-CT8-FFC - Cat, Terex, ASV 8 Pin to FFC Inline Plug

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with FFC attachments to run them on their Cat, ASV or Terex Skid Steer Loaders?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 8 pin Delphi Metripak connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

Note:  Cat, ASV or Terex 8 Pin outputs 4 switched ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 5 pins installed.  Up/Down & Left/Right are all that is available.  Adapter is meant to be used for Snowblowers, Harley Rakes, Dozers, V-Plows, Tilt Tach Controls, etc.

You will need a different adapter for Cold Planers because they require 6 outputs.  Cold Planers will not electrically work on Cat 8 pin because Cat uses two extra hydraulic functions where others use electrical. 

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  • I have a CNH Harley rake built by Paladin it has a rectangular plug with 3 pins I need to use it on a Cat 297D3 Is this the correct adapter SG-CT8-FFC

    Cat D uses a 14 pin Deutsch.


  • I have a CAT 299D2 , trying to get high flow to/from my new Kubota snowblower. Cat machine has 9 pins, snowblower plug has 5 ?? Blower runs ok but no power to blow snow....the cat is a high flow and the kubota blower is too

    OK.  So first you need to understand how your machine works.


    Next we have to get a jumper installed in a harness that we did not supply.

    Here is the cheapest way.  Buy this pin kit, add a wire and splice it into your ground wire in the connector socket B.


    Another way is to replace the harness with one of ours.  Inside the connector we supply a socket already spliced into the ground pin.  Just remove the protective coating and insert into the correct location and viola, High Flow.


  • ASVRT75HD. Wanting to run a BRADCO mulcher. With the door. Is this the one I need? How long is it? Appears pretty short and then I would need an extension.

    If you have the stock harness, this is a replica of what Bradco would sell you.  I just do not know when it comes to used attachments.  Pictures would help.

  • Do you have this connector without the FFC connector? I want to wire my own end on. Application ASV RT65 to a Valby grapple.


  • I have a ASVRT75HDMAX and I need to hook up a BRADCO forestry head with the door. Machine is 8 pin.

    OK.  Does this adapter look like it will fit on the attachment?

  • I have a Kubota 75-2 high flow I need to hook up to bobcat harley rake what electrical adapter do i need

    Firstly verify that the Bobcat Landscape Rake can handle the flow.  If not, do not use high flow on this attachment.  Second, please read the following and select the correct harness for your needs.

  • What adapter do I Need to plug a landpride sr27 skid rake, landscape rake into a 2019 A770 bobcat? Thanks!

    What kind of connection is on the rake?

  • Will a CAT PR184 Harley Rake plug into Bobcat T595? If not do you have an adapter?

    You can splice the pigtail of this into your existing harness.

  • 2019 cat 262 D3 has the 14pin plug. We have an FFC snowblower. Do you make a 14pin to a FFC in-line plug?

    Yes. It should be right next to this item on the same page.

  • i have a case 85 xt with 2 hydraulic aux ports and it has a 8 pin connector that looks like fcc plug on at loader arm ports i recently purchase a cat g16b stump grinder it has a round 14 pin connector i need to adapt to my skid steer ,my skid steer has locking foot pedal to run an attactment plus the electrical plug on the loader arm where the hydraulic poerts are,i have only ever used a grapple bucket and post hole auger on this machine

    Case should have a 14 pin connector similar to your attachment.  This tells me that someone has Gerry Rigged it.  Send me a photo please so I can see what has happened.

  • I’ve got a 2018 ASV RT75 and I recently bought this adapter to fit to my Paladin Snowblower. My ASV has 8 pins and the Adapter has 5 pins. Nothing functions when connected. What am I doing wrong?

    Make your hydraulics are locked on in the forward direction. Everything should work then.

  • using this adapter only allows me to run auger and swing the chute. I cannot move the deflector.

    FFC is part of the Paladin group.  Each group sets up their harnesses diferently.  There is a pigtail on the end of the harness and that is what you bought from us.  The other side is a generic harness that may or may not have been ordered for a specific brand.  There are two ways to correct this.  On the attachment, does it have 5 pins or 7 pins installed?  5 Pins - You will need to move two of the pins to line up with the other two.  7 Pins - There will be two extra wires at the end of the harness near the solenoids taped up.  Use them instead of the two that are not working.  This problem originates becase Cat/Terex/ASV decided to use the 8 pin connector and for the 5/6 functions, they used hydraulic control lines.  They have since done away with this method but there are a lot of older machines that I have to deal with to fix the operation with modern attachments.

  • Will this work on a 2019 t650 bobcat with a Harley rake

    Not even close.  Per the heading this is for a Cat, Terex, ASV machine to FFC line plug.  If you have a modern Harley Rake made by Paladin, then you would use this. and this

  • Will this work for a cat 259d with a Harley rake

    Not for a D series.  This item is for an A, B, or C series with an 8 pin.  A D sereis has a 14 pin.  Try this if it is a modern Harley with the 8 pin adapter.

  • Do you have a "like" adapter for a snowblower to a John Deere

    Please explain a LIKE adapter??

  • Asv sr-70 Erskine 2010x snowblower will this adapter allow me to control the shoot and shoot flap?

    You are asking about an Erskine but this adapter is for FFC.  Erskine uses 14 pin, 8 pin and trailer connectors.  Can you send a photo so we can see what you have?

  • Looking for a connection between my 2021 ASV 120 Forester to my Erskine 2410 snowblower. The blower worked on my CATT 299D XHP but can not get it to work on my ASV. The male pins on my ASV are larger than the female receiving ends on my Erskine snowblower electrical connection

    You can change the harness out to this. CLICK HERE


    You can chop off the 14 pin connector on the attachment harness and install this. CLICK HERE

  • I have a CAT 239D Compact Track Loader with High Flow. I recently bought a Paladin FFC 60" Snowblower with a 4 pin in-line plug. The magnetic mount controller that came with the blower is shot, hoping I can just plug the FFC into my CAT with this plug? I need up down and left right for the chute. The auger is powered by the aux hydraulic .

    If you have a D series Cat, this is the wrong plug.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CORRECT PLUG

  • Will this fit my ASV RT120? And also my attachment has 8 wires I need to hook up

    Please explain the attachment that you are trying to operate.  Your machine has a maximum of 4 controls plus ground.  We have a new product coming that will add controls to your machine.