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SG-CT8-CT14 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side Cat 14 Pin D Series

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Cat D-Series attachments run them on their Cat/Terex/ASV Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat/Terex/ASV Loader e/w an 8 pin and plug the other into your Cat D-Series attachment equipped with a 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  Cat D Series 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex only outputs 4 ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 6 pins installed.  Up/Down & Left/Right are all that is available along with 2 grounds.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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  • I have an FAE mulcher that is now working on my 2017 Cat 262D and need to hook it up to my 2012 Cat 289 C - it sure looks like the SG-CT8-CT14 will work - my service rep said the current 14 harness has the aux switch wired to pins C and D - if this is correct I will order it - second question - can I pay extra shipping to get it here faster with UPS?

    Yes.  We use C&D.  Expidited shipping is available at the check-out.

  • Hello, Our client purchased a used Erskine 2000X snowblower that has a 14 pin connector, the machine (246C) has the standard 8 pin connector. Not sure which of your adapters will work? Thank you! Larry Moritz PSSR - Western States Cat

    SG-CT8-CT14 is the correct item.

  • Would the adapter SG-CT8-CT14 work from a Cat 289D series (14 Pin) unit to a 8 pin Bob Cat Angle Blade that only has 2 pins in use?

    This is completely wrong.  Your machine will have a 14 pin connector on it.  Your attachment will have a 7 pin or 14 pin installed unless it's been Gerry Rigged.  Send me a photo please.

  • Does this adapter harness allow pass through of the high flow jumper wires?

    Sorry, but we will not get involved with High Flow wiring as we will be blamed for issues with the high flow operation of attachments.

  • Can and will you ship to Canada? Generally how long does it take to ship the product?

    Everyday we ship to Canada.  It just costs more.  We use a 5 day service but CRA gets in the middle of it can can delay it up to a month.  COVID is their current excuse.

  • Can you please send diagram for colored wires to letters on the SG-CT8-CT14 ASV to CAT adapter. CAT side has pulled out. Thank you.

    Please resond back to this so I have your email address and can send it directly.

  • need a adapter to go from cat to a bobcat broom. forward , reverse, left, and right. which one do i need?

    Depending on the Cat, there are two types of harnesses.  For Cat A,B,C series with an 8 pin connector, choose this harness.

    For Cat D series with a 14 pin connector, choose this harness.

    Here is the reason why you cannot just buy an adapter.!why-is-there-no-adaptor-to-plug-my-7-pin-bobcat-attachments-into-my-catkubotanhjohn-deere-etc-machines


  • Jenkins 84" 6 way skidloader dozer blade. Has the 14 pin connector to control the tilting and angle will this work on asv 8 pin SG-CT8-CT14

    Yes. This will work.

  • Any idea if the the Cat " Smart Attachments" have 8 or 14 pin interface? If my machine has an 8 pin do you have an adaptor to use said attachments?

    Smart Attachments use a 14 pin with 12 volt switched circuits combined with CAN technology.  At this time there is no way to operate these on anything but a CAT D3 series machine.

    If you have an older Cat with an 8 pin there is no way to operate that attachment.

  • Need help finding out what I need to go from an ASV RT75 Skidsteer to a CAT PC306 planer

    Does the planer have 5 hydraulic hoses and an 8 pin connection or 3 hoses and a 14 pin connection?  Your machine does not have enough controls to operate this planer so we will have to add connections to your machine.

  • I have an ASV RT-120F with an 8 pin configuration. Bought a LandPride AP-DZ3096 with a 14 pin configuration. Is the SG-CT8-CT14 the correct adapter?

    Yes.  That is correct.

  • i have 2020 ASV RT120F with 8 pin and wanting to run Cat Harley Rake with 14 pin. Would adapter #SG-CT8-CT14 be the correct one to use?


  • Have asv rc 100 with 8 pin need to convert to 14 pin for takeuchi attachment, is this the correct adapter? SG-CT8-CT14 - MACHINE SIDE CAT, TEREX & ASV 8 PIN TO ATTACHMENT SIDE CAT 14 PIN D SERIES

    Yes, except for the 4th function, you need to move H to G.

  • I recently ordered an adapter from you. However either I accidentally ordered the the 14pin to 8 pin in the wrong configuration or it was sent wrong. First I'm wondering if I can send this back to you and get a refund,credit or exchange. It is a 14 pin machine side to 8 pin attachment side. Next I'm wondering if I got the adapter above which is 8 pin machine side if it will work for my needs to 14 pin attachments. My machine is a 252B3 (2012)

    Cat B series had a maximum of 4 controls.  The adapter takes those 4 controls and pins them out for a 14 pin machine.  They do not add the extra controls.  We are working on a solution to add 4 more controls.  It's called the injector and should be for sale within a month.