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SG-CT8-JD03 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side John Deere 3 Pin

  • $190.00

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with John Deere 3 Pin controlled attachments run them on their Cat/Terex/ASV Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat/Terex/ASV Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with a 3 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  John Deere 3 Pin outputs only 2 switched ports.  This connector is different from the standard 14 pin connectors that most machines used.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex output 4 ports.  Not all of the Cat controls can be used with this adapter.  You will notice that this adapter has only 3 pins installed.  Left & Right are all that is available along with 1 ground.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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