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SG-CT8-JD03 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side John Deere 3 Pin

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with John Deere 3 Pin controlled attachments run them on their Cat/Terex/ASV Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat/Terex/ASV Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with a 3 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  John Deere 3 Pin outputs only 2 switched ports.  This connector is different from the standard 14 pin connectors that most machines used.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex output 4 ports.  Not all of the Cat controls can be used with this adapter.  You will notice that this adapter has only 3 pins installed.  Left & Right are all that is available along with 1 ground.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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  • Do you have a 14pin Cat machine side to a JD 3pin?

    This is what we use.


    If your machine is missing the two buttons on the right stick next to the roller, you will need to move the sockets in the 14 pin connector from C to E and D to F.  There is a video on how to do it HERE

  • Can you verify the length of this harness? Thanks

    12 inches.  It's an adapter.  Not a harness.  Harnesses are usually 9 feet long unless stated otherwise.

  • Do you have the male version of this to attach to a 333G?

    Sorry we do not.

  • will this work on a d series cat to a John Deere power rake do not have plug on other side someone cut it off will have to splice it in or get plug from John Deere

    Why not just install a plug on the attachment?

  • Have a CAT 262 high flow that needs to be able to run a John Deere CP30E 30" cold planer. will this be what i need to bridge the gap?

    This will definately not work.  Your machine only outputs 4 controls where you need 6.  Some of thse old machines only output 2.  The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to add an Injector which will add an adapter to make the output plug a 14 pin and give you 4 additional controls.  John Deere cold planers are Paladin cold planers.  The difference is the wiring.  JD made a mess out of it so you will need to move some pins around to make it work perfectly.  We don't make a specific JD converter because we encourage owners to just move the ground pin from A to B on their machines and the machine becomes universal.


  • Have a jd broom with the three pin plug will this work on a cat 259d and a 299d3? It will be able to move side to side with this correct? Thanks

    CAT D Series use 14 pin so you need this.  CLICK HERE

  • will you have anymore of these anytime soon?

    They are in stock.  Please try again.