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SG-CTHF-14 | Cat D-Series High Flow Plug

  • $99.95

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Did you just spend $100K on a new Cat D-Series machine and try to run high flow only to find out that the dealer didn't throw in a high flow plug?  Here is the solution.  Buy our plug for half of the dealer prices and run your high flow hydraulics on XPS or XHP machines any time you like.


Works great for high flow mowers or any other device that does not require any electrical connections but needs to operate with high flow hydraulics.

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  • I have a cat 299d xhp. I need the high flow jumper. Will i need a cord

    That is what this item is.

  • We have a cold planer for our high flow Cat skid loader that someone dmage the female (attachment side) plug. Will this replace that, and do you provide a wiring diagram?

    Here is the link to the connector.  Instructions are included.  There are videos in the video section.  We do not have the schematic for your attachment.

  • I have a Cat 299d high flow The serial is : FD2011480 Will this work with my machine

    Yes it will.

  • Is it pre wired for xhp or xps?


  • Highflow plug eight pin for a 262 ?

    If it is an A,B or C series 8 pin plug we currently do not offer a plug because they are so old that most people already have the plugs. If this is whay you need, you can order the plug and just make the jumper yourself.

    If it is a D series - Click this link.

  • I need a connector from 2015 299d2xhp to a older Bradco Dozier blade is this the right on

    This is a high flow connector allowing a D series machine to run high flow attachments.

  • The typical adapter from cat only runs high flow in one direction. Will your run high low in both?

    No.  Most manufacturers only allow High Flow in the forward direction because the return valving bypasses when the pump is running forward so there is little back pressure.  If they allowed you to reverse the flow, then they would have to allow the forward pressure line to become the return to tank line at the same time.  They just don't do it that way so you are stuck running HF in the forward direction.  Cat, Bobcat, Kubota and Takeuchi are a few that I know of that will only allow HF in the forward direction.

  • Is this product in stock and ready to ship after payment is received?

    We have hundreds.  How many do you need?