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SG-CTHF-14 | Cat D-Series High Flow Plug & Case/New Holland

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Did you just spend $100K on a new Cat D-Series machine and try to run high flow only to find out that the dealer didn't throw in a high flow plug?  Here is the solution.  Buy our plug for half of the dealer prices and run your high flow hydraulics on XPS or XHP machines any time you like.


For Case/New Holland Enhanced High Flow you can use this plug but you must re-pin it. You must slide socket B into the connector.  Then you must move Socket N to Socket L.  There are so few of these out there that we have not decided to carry inventory of anther style of connector plug.

Works great for high flow mowers or any other device that does not require any electrical connections but needs to operate with high flow hydraulics.

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  • We have a 246D xps and want to run a cat pc306 Cold planner. Is this a plug and play plug or do we have to make a jumper to make it work.

    If the cold planer is rated for high flow, it will already have a jumper installed in the connector.  Look for a socket in the K position.

  • hi there, brand new 2022 259d3 owner. had high flow installed at factory - do i need this plug to obtain 30gpm (highest output)

    Correct.  Did they not supply one?

  • So I have a 2017 CAT299D with the high flow XPS. My local cat dealer doesn’t have a plug, nobody does. What part number/plug do you have that will work for my machine to run my Denis Cimaf 150D mulcher on high flow?


  • I have a 2022 cat 299D3 I’ve tried another connector from factor and it didn’t work the pins were the wrong ones. I need the pins for N and B does this plug work?

    We jump N,K & B which covers XHP and XPS.

  • Is this set for XE hydraulics as well, or need to be repinned?

    Yes.  We do both sets.

  • I need one of these. I added it to the cart but not sure how to check out.

    Just click through and it will complete.

  • I need to know what pins are jumped on this plug before I buy. I need B to K for this to work on my machine. Thank you.

    We do all three. So yes, it will work.

  • I have a 2018 Cat 259D high flow. I would like to run my new Artic Double Down Salt bucket on high flow but I will need an adaptor or pig tail to connect to the controller and the bucket. The one that comes with the bucket only is set up for standard flow. Artic says you guys are the ones to help me. Thanks

    Can you send me photos of the control block on the attachment?  We can send you a harness that you can open the connector and insert the jumper as it's in there but not installed.  We don't do it because we do not want the liability of someone using HF on a LF attachment.

  • I have a 2016 cat 259d skid steer but don’t have the the plug will this work on my machine and what else would I need to wire it in? Thank you

    This is a high flow jumper plug.  If your machine is not equipped with a plug, you need to contact a Cat dealer and buy the proper harness for your machine.

  • So do you just plug this in and you're ready to go or does it need to be wired to the machine or attachment?

    Plugs into the machine and tells it that you need to operate HF.  From there, the machine will switch on HF when needed.

  • Will this work for a Cat 906m compact wheel loader? Thank you.

    I would need the page out of your manual showing how it works.  I only work on skid steers and CTL's.

  • Will this work on a 299C

    No.  it says Cat D-Series in the heading.  Some people have bought this item with the understaning that they may need to move the pins since we cannot find anything published as to what they are supposed to be.

  • Will it work on 2021 259 D3


  • I have a 2016 CAT299D2 High Flow *CAT0299DHFD201492* will this work with my machine? Thank you!


  • We are looking for the same kind of plug for a Case TR340 that has a 14 pin connector. Do you know if this will work for it

    For the ultra high flow?  Do you know what pins need to be jumped?

  • I have a cat 299d xhp. I need the high flow jumper. Will i need a cord

    That is what this item is.

  • We have a cold planer for our high flow Cat skid loader that someone dmage the female (attachment side) plug. Will this replace that, and do you provide a wiring diagram?

    Here is the link to the connector.  Instructions are included.  There are videos in the video section.  We do not have the schematic for your attachment.

  • I have a Cat 299d high flow The serial is : FD2011480 Will this work with my machine

    Yes it will.

  • Is it pre wired for xhp or xps?


  • Highflow plug eight pin for a 262 ?

    If it is an A,B or C series 8 pin plug we currently do not offer a plug because they are so old that most people already have the plugs. If this is whay you need, you can order the plug and just make the jumper yourself.

    If it is a D series - Click this link.

  • I need a connector from 2015 299d2xhp to a older Bradco Dozier blade is this the right on

    This is a high flow connector allowing a D series machine to run high flow attachments.

  • The typical adapter from cat only runs high flow in one direction. Will your run high low in both?

    No.  Most manufacturers only allow High Flow in the forward direction because the return valving bypasses when the pump is running forward so there is little back pressure.  If they allowed you to reverse the flow, then they would have to allow the forward pressure line to become the return to tank line at the same time.  They just don't do it that way so you are stuck running HF in the forward direction.  Cat, Bobcat, Kubota and Takeuchi are a few that I know of that will only allow HF in the forward direction.

  • Is this product in stock and ready to ship after payment is received?

    We have hundreds.  How many do you need?

  • I have a 2023 Case TV450B and a New Holland C345, will this work on both machines?

    It's supposed to because they are both made by the same company. Try it and provide feedback so we know for sure.

  • Do you connect N,K, & B all together?


  • Will this work on a 2018 289d ?

    Yes it will work.  It works on all D series machines.

  • have a Kubota 97 skid steer, the cable that we use to run our land pride Kubota attachment has a 14 pin connector that plugs into our skid steer. we damaged the contactor on the cable. Pins are fine and we can repair this, we need a part number and price in the connecter


  • Will this plug also work for my 262c2 machine?

    No.  A C machine uses an 8 pin version.

  • I have a 287b caterpillar xps. I am ordering a high flow forestry mulcher. I do not have the accessory plug to get my machine to provide high flow. The attachment does not need an electrical connection. I think my plug is an eight pin. Do you have a jumper that will work with my machine? I think I have a switch inside the cab which also controls high flow, but I’m not sure which one it is.


    The information form Cat is sketchy so it may be possible that the jumper has to be moved.  Try it first and if it does not work, contact me as there are a few patterns depending on year.

  • Will this work on my Cat 27dC XPS?

    Yes.  Per the 

    For Cat D-Series high flow machines only.  Plug this into your 14 pin connector on your machine to allow the high flow circuits to be switched on in your cab.  Will work with XPS and XHP machines.