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SG-JD14-BC14 - Machine Side John Deere 14 Pin to Attachment Side Bobcat 14 Pin | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Bobcat attachments run them on their John Deere Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your John Deere Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  John Deere 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 7 pins installed.  Up/Down, Left/Right and right stick Up/Down are all that is available.  We do not provide the extra power port on pin K.  

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  • If you could call me that would be great 607-745-3813

    What is your question?  I use forms so others learn from questions since most of the questions are repetitive.

  • I just ordered a harness and received it from you 14 pin connector for John Deere 329-d I’m hooking it up to a Bradco milling head Depends on the output side of the harness are too big to fit into the connector of my milling head

    Please forward a photo of what you are looking at?

  • I have a customer who has a john deere 325G (14PIN) and he has some bobcat attachments that are 7 pin. Do you have any adapters that will work with it?

    Yes, but every attachment is different so I designed this table to help you shoose.


  • Have 2017 333G and I’m wanting to use Kubota/Landpride snowblower. Will this adapter enable me to use the 14pin connector on snowblower and gave everything work properly?

    Yes. This is correct.

  • I need to order SG-JD14-BC14 - Machine Side John Deere 14 Pin to Attachment Side Bobcat 14 Pin | Skid Steer Genius, but need to add the Extra power port to Pin K, Wonder how to go about getting it ordered that way

    Sorry, but we never made them that way.  I know that the 2020's started adding a Pin K so I guess I will need to design one this winter as that is when I design new products.  For now, you would need to repurpose another pin.  I really need to think about this as well because Pin K causes havoc if you plug into the wrong attachment.

  • Have a Deere 331G 14 pin with Bobcat 14 pin attachments. Do I still need an adapter?

    The issue is that JD uses all of the same controls except ground so nothing works.  I always tell people to move the ground pin on the machine and make your machine universal.  What they did to their customers is incredibly stupid and causes so many problems just so they can get you to buy Paladin attachments labelled John Deere.


  • I have a new John Deere 333G hiflow unit, I own Bobcat planner, what do I need adapter to run my planner

    Please click the link.  It's all explained in our FAQ section.


  • I have purchased a John Deere 333G compact track loader 2021 model and trying to run my Bobcat 96" dozer blade year 2020 serial # 224403608 any idea of a adapter harness?

    Yes.  Please read this FAQ response.

  • What adapter is needed for a John Deere 333g to operate a bobcat forestry mulcher and high-flow stump grinder

    If the mulcher does not have a hood, you can use this kit to remove the brake and then operate it with no electrical.

    The install instructions are the same as the mixer.

    The stump grinder uses this harness.

    The instructions can be found here.

  • I have a John Deere machine 319d and a 326e and I would like to use my bobcat attachment which is a soil conditioner and the unit will spin but not articulate left or right and you please let me know the correct part number for your harness adapter

    We cover this in depth on this FAQ.  Please click the link.

  • We had a Bobcat harness 7208989 or Bobcat 81225 not sure which number works. Is your SG-JD14-BC-14 the same part ? Trying to use Bobcat broom on JD skid loader My crew didn’t unhook the existing harness so you can image what happened.

    No.  You need a harness.

    Here is some background.

  • I have a John Deere 317g ctl and want to hook it up to a jcb snowblower do you have a wiring adapter to make this happen?

    You should be able to just plug it directly into your machine. Send me some pictures so I can see what you're looking at in case it's not standard.

  • I have a Deere 323E and a Bobcat 1812 snow blower and Bobcat sweeper. I currently have a bad adapter harness with power to the K-pin. Is this the adapter I need?

    Are the Bobcat attachments 7 pin operated?  If yes, then this is NOT what you need.  You need the following harness.  You do not need pin K to operate these attachments.  I suggest you move the ground pin in your machine from A to B to make your machine universal.  JD screws people by moving the ground pin.  Nobody does this so if you move it back, you are good to go for most attachments.

  • I own a 2014 John Deere 323E and want to attach a 2014 BobCat SB200 snowblower. the track steer is hyflow and has a 14 pin ,seven active male end, the snowblower a seven pin. Do you have an adapter setup.

    The explanation can be found here.  Please click the link.!hc-bobcat-snow-blowers-explained

  • Would this work for running a 2014 90" Bobcat dozer blade on a 2013 JD 333E??

    You will require this harness.

    You will need to open up the 14 pin and insert the ground jumper into A so that the ground is activated.

    Check out our FAQ and Video sections for more details.

  • I have a 333g trying to run an 84" bobcat grader with the lasers from bobcat. I have the t harness already . Os this harness going to work serial number 648002750.

    You will need a controller because you do not have inline power or laser control.

  • Have a 323D Deere CTL, Trying to Match up to a New Holland (Bradco/Paladin) SG26 Stump Grinder. The stump grinder will hook up fine to a late model NH CTL, which I believe is 14 PIN as well but not to Deere 14 Pin. Will this adapter work?

    Deere is the same but the ground is in A instead of B.  You can buy an adapter or just move the ground in the machine connector from A to B.

  • Have a 323D Deere CTL, Bought a New Holland (Bradco/Paladin) SG26 Stump Grinder and I believe this is the adapter I need to make it work?

    Yes, or move the A pin to the B position in the connector of your machine.  John Deere does this on purpose so you think your attachments won't work.

  • Will this work for my svl95-2s to a john deer worksite pro cp18c grinder

    This says John Deere Machine to Bobcat/Kubota Attachment.  Your question states Kubota Machine to Johne Deere attachment so no, this will NOT work.  Please click on this lnk for the correct adapter.

  • 2017 john deere 333g to bobcat stump grinder? I certainly need an adapter of sorts, but which one would suit my needs?

    Here you go.  For JD, you will have to move the ground pin from A to B in our harness or your machine.  If you move it in your machine, it will become universal for most attachments.

  • I have a 2019 332g John Deere skid loader. We have a cid swing boom mower and was originally on a bobcat s185 is this the correct pigtail to use it is there a direct hook up one for the cid mower

    Yes. This is correct.

  • I think I need a SG-JD14-BC14. I am going from a John deere loader to new holland on the attachment side. I do need the Hot K pin for my wood processor. I believe the hot wire on the John deere side is in that little separate 3 pin connector right next to the 14 pin connector. Can you do it?, How much? Thanks for your help.

    Can't do it.  JD does not provide a hot wire.  You will need to run a wire from inside the cab to the back of the connector on the machine into pin K.  On our harness you only need 5 wires for control so you can move one of the wires into Pin K.

  • Do you guys have a phone number?

    We respond to all questions in writing through our web site so we have time to research your needs and give you a solid answer that you can depend on.  In the past when we took phone calls, customers would not take notes and would cntinually order the wrong thing.  Or, they would forget the entire conversation and then call back a week later and ask the same questions again.  This was a waste of our time because if we send you something in writing, you have something to refer to now and in the future.  This free time allows us to continue to design and provide products that otherwise would not exist.

  • With this adapter (SG-JD14-BC14) work or my bobcat stump grinder? I own a 2018 John deere 333g?

    If it is a modern stump grinder, no.  Only the old Bobcat stump grinders used a 14 pin.  The modern stump grinders use a CAN controlled, 7 pin Trident connector which connects to a computer in the attachment.  There is no good way to run this directly from a John Deere.  You need a bypass harness.  Here is a link.

  • What do I need to do to get all the function on my 96" bobcat HD grader to work on my 2012 John deere 333d?

    We have a kit for that.

  • my set up doesnt match the pics for deere 332g to cat blade.both have 14 pins and holes but my machine has 8 pins,my cat implement 5 wired receptacles. do i move pins around or get you to build the correct one for me?

    If your Cat implement has 5 pins, then it is an A,B,C series.  What you purchased is a D series adapter. 


  • looking for a pigtail adaptor going from John Deere 333G 14 pin to a Bobcat 40Hyd. Planer S/N 991400496 Year 2006

    Does the Bobcat Planer have a 14 pin or a 7 pin connector?


  • Good morning, I have a customer who was a 333G John Deere Skid Steer, and is wanting to use a Bobcat Forestry Cutter (with gate) (s/n - ATV101335). Will p/n - SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT work ? Thank you in advance,

    This will work except you will need to move Pin H to K and plug it into the brake solenoid.  Pin K is a keyed power so wheneve you start your machine, the brake will be released. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL

  • I have a 2021 jd 333g skid steer with 14 pin and want to use a bobcat sg60 stump grinder and it also has a 14 pin connector. What adapter do I need to make all functions work?

    The smartest thing to do is to move the ground in your machine and make it universal.


    If you don't want to do that, then you can purchase an adapter.


  • I have a bobcat Harley rake i need to connect to jd 333g will this work ?


  • I have a new 325g and need to hook up my stump grinder that was on a Kubota SLV-2. Will this adapter work?

    Yes, but if you provide the model number we can clarify 100%.

  • I am trying to run a Level Best box blade made by ATI. We normally run Takeuchi skiddy, but now have one Deere 333G in our fleet. I ordered SG-JD14-BC14, but I have no power to the attachment. Do I have the wrong adapter?

    Correct.  John Deere did not provide a K pin until 2020 so there is no power avaialbe on your boom.  This is a big mess to deal with but there is a way around it.  You would need to run a single +12 wire out the boom and into the back of your connector and into the K pin.  Our harness would need to be reconfigured to add the K pin as well.  What year is your machine?

  • I have a Bobcat 96" dozer blade w/7pin attachment and would like to connect to a new John Deere 333G with 14 Pin can you please send me the correct part number to order and any other instructions. Thank You!!




  • I have a John deere CP18X miller attachment that i want to connect to a 2008 CAT 262C

    The only way I can see that working is with an Injector since you ony have 4 controls.  On the attachment, you will need to move the ground pin from A to B to make it universal.


  • 2020 jd 331g to bobcat harley rake


  • I both John Deere 331g with 14-pin and have a bobcat 7-pin grader. Do you have an adapter?

    There is no such thing as an adapter for that attachment.  We build solutions.


  • 333g to run bobcat grader. Not running laser. ?

    What model of grader?

    Does the 333G have all of the control buttons installed?

  • I have a 2019 333g and need to run a bobcat grader 108" .? Thanks

    You cannot run a grader on that machine.  You need at least 8 controls.  You have a maximum of 6.  Do you need to run a laser?