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SG-JD14-CT14 - Machine Side John Deere 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat D Series 14 Pin | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Caterpillar attachments run them on their John Deere Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your John Deere Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  John Deere 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 7 pins installed.  Up/Down, Left/Right and right stick Up/Down are all that is available.  We do not provide the extra power port on pin K.  If you need this, please let us know and we can build it.

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  • I have a John Deere 332d skid steer and want to run a cat snow blower. Both are 14 pin plugs, just making sure that this is the right cable. I can provide the blower model if needed.

    Yes, this will work.

  • I have a cat soil conditioner that I am running on a 325G Skid Steer. I cannot get it to turn left or right.

    Cat uses pin B for ground.  JD uses pin A.  I always tell people to move the pin in the machine so it becomes universal and you won't have this issue again.  There is a video in our video section that shows you what to do.

  • My customer has a 333G John Deere and needs to run a CAT wheel saw Model SW360B-100. Is this the correct adapter for this?

    Yes.  As long as it is not a SMART attachment with an on-board computer.

  • I have a 2015 John Deere skid steer (high flow) hooking up to a 2021 Cat PC306 Cold Planner (does not say smart on it, both 14 pin) Is SG-JD14-CT14 the correct adapter or do I need a different adapter made for the high flow?

    This is the correct adapter.

  • Hello I have a 2014 john deere 333e.i would like to run the cat pc306,does this adapter run all the functions for the pc306 on the deere 333e.Thank you very much for your time.

    Yes, as long as it is not a SMART ATTACHMENT that uses a CAN controller.  Do the cables go from the 14 pin to the solenoids? O, into a black box?

  • Have a 333g john deere with 14 pin trying to connect to a hp750 planer with what looks like a cat 14 pin harness installed... do i need the k power pin?

    How old is the planer?  Does it say SMART?  If it is a SMART attachment, ou are going to have a problem.

  • Hello- My customer has a John Deere 325G machine (utilizing the Deere 14 pin connector) but already owns a Cat power angle rake which also uses their 14 pin connector. the drum of the rake spins off of the auxilary hydraulics but will this get the unit to angle as it should?

    This is what you should do.  It will save you time, money and frustration moving forward.


  • Looking at ordering this SG-JD14-CT14 - Machine Side John Deere 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat D Series 14 Pin for our Deere 333G utilizing a CAT P306 Cold Planer. 1) will this work? 2) do we need that extra power port? I'll send picture of the 333G connection now.

    Yes, it will work.  No, you don't need the power port.

  • Do you have an email I can send the pictures of the connectors?

  • Need to connect a new Deere 324G SSL to a Cat PC306B Cold Planer. Attachment is also used on the customers Cat 246D w/14 pin harness. Appears to be 9 pins utilized on the Cat 14 pin connector. Possible that the SG-JD14-CT adaptor will work for this application? I can send more info if needed. Thanks for the help.

    We have a big problem with new Cat attachments as they have SMART technology which actually is really stupid.  Can you send me a photo of the connector so I can see.  I just instructed another guy to return the planer yesterday because it would not work.  They got all fancy on us for this year and will now not be able to sell them to any other people except Cat owners.  They are made by the same company in the same plant in Italy by Simex.  They just wire them differently so they won;t work with each other.  So ridiculous.

  • As per our phone conversation, please send me the machine function operation information on the John Deere machines running a Cat cold planer. Thank you. I will let you know what we find.

    You were supposed to send me an email to respond to.  I need your address to send them to.


    Sorry, but I don't make calls unless we are troubleshooting our products.  9 times out of 10 I get dragged into a rabbit hole trying to troubleshoot someones machine and then they just call me whenever they like when the machine breaks down.  Please fill out the form on the site and I will answer your questions.

  • We ordered this harness for John Deere 331G machine and the attachment is a Erskine snow blower that was on a Cat machine so the harness on the attachment is Cat. Customer says nothing works no chute or deflector. Can you help?

    So did you order a JD14-CT14?  Or is it an old Cat attachment so it would be a JD14-CT8?  If you did, then I need a photo of the attachment 14 pin so I can see what's up.

  • will this work to run a quickattach snow blower that worked on a Bobcat/ Kubota and now is on a John Deere 333G? Both have 14 pin connectors but different pin placement. Thank you.

    No.  You will need this.

  • can i order this one to see if it will work and if it doesn't can i send it back to get the correct one? the cat power rake attachment is a 14 pin and my deere 333g looks like it also has a 14 pin plug

    This is the correct adapter.

  • I have a John Deere and I am looking to run a cat cold planer the attachment currently runs on a cat d series it needs left/right slide. Left side up/down. Right side up/down and angle left and angle right will this work with the 6 pin or do I need the k pin added

    This adapter will work but you will have to take your hand off the right stick when activating some functions because your 5/6 function controls are on the right upper panel.


    It depends on your choice for shipping methods.  Anywhere from overnight to 1 week.

  • Hello can you please call me for help identify what I need? I need to see if I can get one ASAP for a project this week. John Deere skid steer 2020 to cat pc 205 planet 2003. Alec shuff 989-889-1902

    Order by noon and it will ship today.

  • My attachment is 14 pins but only 8 pins it look is been use and the skid steer have 14 too but it look only 9 is been use.

    This adapter is for a JD machine going to a Cat D series attachment.  If the attachment is high flow, it will have a jumper from ground to K and N.  This is not required for JD.  If the JD is a 2020, then it has a ground - A, 6 control pins - CDEFGH, and a keyed hot - K.

  • What is your availabilty of SG-JD14-CT14 - MACHINE SIDE JOHN DEERE 14 PIN TO ATTACHMENT SIDE CAT D SERIES 14 PIN? Thank you

    47 currently in stock.

  • Hello, I recently ordered a SG-JD14-CT14 and realized I got the wrong thing. I'm needing a go from CAT 8-PIN to JD 14-PIN. Can you help please?

    You can re-order through our web site and return following the attached guidelines.!returns

  • I have a John Deere 333g 2020 and I want to run a Cat PC306 Cold Planer. Will this work? The deere has a 14 pin plug with 8 actual pins for the male connector and the Cat Cold Planer has a female 14 pin plus with 12 actual pins.

    Yes.  I iw just awkward because two of the controls will be up on your dash and you need to push two buttons at the same time for functions to work.

  • I have a John Deere 324g skid steer and am looking to run an SG36 Cat stump grinder. Both are 14 pin with only 8 pins. Which adaptor do I need?


  • when will this product be back in stock

    In a week.  A delaer cleaned us out.

  • I purchased this part to adapt a JD 329E SSL to a CAT SR321. The auger will operate and the chute moves left/right, but the deflector on top of the chute doesn't work. Can you help? Thanks

    Send me your phone number please?

  • I have a 2016 JD 329E and would like to run a 2023 CAT SR321 snowblower on it. Is SG-JD14-CT14 the correct adapter?

    Yes.  That is the correct adapter.

  • Why is this not working on a 23 325g and cat equipment? I just moved pin A to B with no luck.

    John Deere Ground is on A.  All other companies use B.  If you bought this adapter you do not need to move the ground wire because that is what the adapter does.

  • I have a 333g . Will this plug allow me it run a cat GB124 Grader attachment?

    If this is the new SMART grader, you cannot use it.   The new controls use a computer controller similar to Bobcat and has too many solenoids.  They have finally locked people out of using their attachments like Bobcattried to do.  I have to decide if it is worth spending a year on stripping these down like I did with Bobcat.  For now, I have no solutions except to say "AVOID CAT ATTACHMENTS"!  If everyone just stopped buying, they would soon get the message.  It's people accepting the Bobcat solution that caused all of the issues over the past 20 years. 

    Bobcat added controllers to everything that just over complicated the product and made them a lot more expensive.  Who really needs a computer installed in a broom?

  • Can I use this to connect new cat Hm418 mulcher to John Deere 333g? Both machines made in 2022. Wires on attachment appear to be connected directly to 3 solenoids

    It should work but I am not sure about the brake connection.  You may have to move a pin or two.

  • Hello, I have a 2020 JD333G and need to run a CAT HM415B Mulcher, SN HMB00333. Please direct me to the correct adapter to order. Thank you!

    If you want to run it as is, then buy this adapter.  I presume that the Cat attachment has a 14 pin connector and only 3 hydraulic hoses.


  • I have a John Deere 333e and want to run a Cat BA118C sweeper. Will this adapter work? Thanks

    Cat made attachments with 8 pin connectors for Series A,B & C.  In 2017 they came out with D series and switched to 14 pin connections.  If your attachment is newer and built for D series it will have a 14 pin connector and will work with this adapter.

  • I have a 2019 333g John Deere skid steer and wanting to connect to a cat hm215 mulcher. Will this work?

    If the mulcher is newer with three hoses and an 14 pin connector, yes this will work.

    If the mulcher is older and uses 5 hoses and an 8 pin connector, it will not work.