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Skid Steer Attachment Control Box 10 | SG-JCB-400

  • $450.00

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This engenius little joystick control box allows you to operate up to 10 functions on practically any attachment easily and inexpensively.  If your machine has no controls supplied and you just have a couple of attachments that you want to operate from time to time, then this is your choice.

Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter, attach the box to any metal surface and plug the cable into your 14 pin equipped attachment, and get to work.

If your attachment is not 14 pin compatible, then you will need to convert the attachment either by changing the connector or using one of our Genius adapters.

The JCB-400 control box is ideal for operating 14 pin Graders with lasers and Raptor Boom Arm mowers or practically anything requiring up to 10 controls.  Additionally you can operate Cold Planers because the toggle allows you to select the direction while the joystick selects the function.

Control Description - 14 Pin Output - 10 Controls:

B - Ground, C/D - Joystick Left/Right (Momentary). E/F - Joystick Up/Down (Momentary), G/H - Toggle 1 Left/Right (Momentary), P/A - Toggle 2 Up/Down (Locking), M/N - Toggle 3 Up/Down (Momentary) 

The base price is for the control box.  You must choose either a 10 foot cable for temporary operation or the 23 foot cable for permanent installations.

The input cable can be removed and the pins line up perfectly with the power connector under the back of the Kubota seat so you can plug it in directly with no additional cabling.  

But that's not all folks.  If you do not want the hassle of the power at all you can order an additional battery box to power the JCB 400.  Since it only switches on during use, the battery will last for weeks before it needs re-charging.



The JCB-400 controller is ideal for your Bobcat grader and even allows you to operate laser controls.  Choose your options from the drop down boxes above.  By adding a GW-100 harness, you will bypass the Bobcat computer and make it 14 pin compatible to plug directly into the JCB-400 14 pin connector.  If you want to add a Futurra laser system choose the GR-X harness which adds full 14 pin capability to the harness to plug and play the Futurra lasers.



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