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Choose the manual that you need.  Click on it and download exit through the cart.  All manuals are encrypted and Copyrighted.  You must register so we know who is using our manuals.  If you are a manufacturer and you use this for your own products, we will find out and will will take legal action.

  Especially if you are one of the scum bags from Quick Attach/Erskine.  We are tracking your IP and will have digital proof of your actions and we will sue you!

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  • I have a John Deere PR72 power rake with what looks to be a 5 pin connector. Would like to use it on a new Cat 259D3 skid steer. Do you have a harness?

    It should be a 3 pin and this will work.

  • I purchased a CB-4014 from you last year. I went thru the programming procedure and it worked for my snow blower. I set it up again this year and I cannot get the LED to light up when I go thru the programming procedure. All fuses are good. Do you have any suggestions or procedures I can follow to get it working?

    Have a look at this troubleshooting video and let me know what you see.

  • I received your WiFi camera system and the manual says charge for 8 hours. It does not say if the unit has to be turned on or not and it does not describe the red blinking light, or what indicates charging or fully charged. The manual says to click on Video #130 for a detailed set up and operational video, but #130 does not exist on your website. Also not crazy about all the cords that need to be connected in order for the camera to be connected to the battery. This also requires that the pig-tail cord for charging is always exposed to the weather and I blow snow in Minnesota. Are these cables weather rated to withstand the cold wet snow?

    For your application, we do not think you will be happy with it.  This is a wireless spot camera used for blind areas in average conditions.  We developed a much hardier solution for your needs 15 years ago and sell them as such.  The hardier camera is used for fixed applications, has a larger view, heated camera, permanently sealed connections and no apps to connect to.  We are perfectly happy to have this unit returned and replace it with a fixed unit.