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Beware of Imitations.

Posted by Robert Leib on

If you have followed our progress for any amount of time you have seen us develop the most comprehensive array of controllers, harnesses and adapters found anywhere.  We back this with amazing support and quality that is unheard of.   It hasn't taken long and already the imitators have joined in.  First it was the controllers and now it is the harnesses and adapters. 

Today we had a customer send us an adapter because it fell apart.  When it arrived, we found that we did not make this adapter.  Everything about it was substandard and did not meet our qualifications. We repaired it and returned it for only the postage charge even though we never supplied it.  This is the kind of service that you can expect from Genius products. 

Here is what he sent us.

Competition Adapter

Here is what is wrong with it. 

  • Incomplete housing with no rear mount for strain relief.
  • No strain relief.  Dust boots held on with tie wraps on one.
  • The second one looks like a strain relief but it is not even held in place.
  • There is no wire connecting the two plugs.  Just a piece of tubing that is not flexible so it breaks easily.
  • There is no proper rubber enclosing the wires so there is no seal between the couplers.

Overall a very poor imitation, but we are sure there will be more to come.  Please remember the company that has spent years researching how to make all machines and attachments work together when you select who you will buy from.  Thank you.


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