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Adapting Bobcat Attachments to run on Kubota SVL machines

Posted by Robert Leib on

This is not an easy feat, given what Kubota has offered their customers in the past.  Genius went to work early on to release a few options for Kubota customers in order to operate most attachments.  We now have both enhanced options available for the SVL 75, SVL90 and SVL95 machines that enable customers to have a better alternative to what they offer at a better price.

SVL 75, SVL90 and SVL95 Controls Explained:

When Kubota released these machines initially, they failed to realize that most buyers of modern machines expect to buy them to operate modern attachments.  The initial release only had two button controls on the left stick with a 14 pin option.   Customers purchased this kit for $500 plus expecting it to have all of the modern features found in competitive branded machines.  THEY WERE WRONG!  When the first winter arrived, customers started calling us and asking why their snow blowers would not work.  Once we looked into it further, we could see only 4 pins inside the 14 pin connector.  There was a ground, control 1, control 2 and a 12 volt constant.  A snow blower generally requires 4 control wires.  We immediately went to work to create a Super Controller Kit that would install like a factory kit and give the operator up to 10 controls because we can see the future coming where smart attachments will rule the industry and additional controls will be needed. 

Kubota eventually released their own kit which resembles a pack of orange buttons tie wrapped to the left stick for $1500.  The problem with this approach is that all of the buttons are the same color and are on the same stick.  They are difficult to use and cause the operator and lot of problems when trying to run attachments like the grader, planer and stump grinder.  This is just not what we would have expected from a company as large as Kubota.  The Super Controller is definitely the way to go in this installation.

Realizing that there are still customers out there that only require 1 or 2 connections, we went to work on supplying a harness that is similar to the Kubota harness but at a much better price with better cable characteristics.  We now offer the Kubota Machine Side Harness at a value price.

With all of the bases covered we now have a Genius solution for anything you may want to do with a Kubota skid steer or compact track loader.

Here are a few examples of what you can operate.

Bobcat Planer or Stump Grinder:  Use the Kubota Enhanced Controller or our Super Controller and our Planer Harness.

Bobcat Grader:  Use the Kubota Enhanced Controller and Basic Harness if you do not have side shift and/or laser receivers.  Use our Super Controller for everything and our Grader Harness.

Our harnesses are designed to connect directly to your Bobcat attachment and bypass the 7 pin Bobcat Canbus controller so you can run the attachment the old fashioned way.  You will not need the Bobcat 7 pin harness or controller again.  True American freedom to do what you want.

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