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The History of CanBus on a Bobcat.

Posted by Robert Leib on

In the beginning there was the 14 pin & 8 pin connector system that many of the manufacturers adopted. These connectors were wired through a relay driver system that would connect directly to your attachments. When you pushed a button in your cab, your attachments would be directly controlled. It was a wonderful world. A major manufacturer noticed that people were starting to go to the open market for their attachments. Many of these attachments were ingenious options to what they were offering. In an effort to keep people from buying these attachments, this manufacturer stopped providing the 14 pin connectors and came up with a computerized driver system commonly known as the 7 pin or attachment control device. They made the entire system closed to other companies building attachments. The locked their own customers out from buying any attachment that they wanted to use that were not supplied by that manufacturer. We are machine owners and operators just like you and feel that in a free country we should be allowed to buy any kind of attachment we want to use on our loaders.  You spend a lot of your hard earned money on a skid steer and you should be free to attach anything you want to that machine.

Skid Steer Genius is all about electronics and computer controls. We have made it our goal to come up with a product line that would make this system obsolete. We are not going to bore you with the technical details. What it means to you is that you will plug our magical box into your 7 pin connector and it will attach to the side of your boom with magnets. You will have 1, 4, 6 or 10 places to plug your attachments into that will actuate your attachments using the controls on your left stick. It is simple, effective and amazing.

Why should you care?

  • Using our adapter enables you to operate any other manufacturers attachments. This is usually a basic connection similar to what has been done for decades. Simple and inexpensive as well as easy to troubleshoot.
  • The connectors on the attachment cost $6 each so if you damage one, you do not have to go back to a dealer and order an over priced $120 connector. We have bought these connectors directly and they do not cost anywhere near $120. They are from a German manufacturer but tagged from China. It is all mark-up.
  • This adapter connects to your boom so you can use it over and over on different attachments. A typical Bobcat attachment has one on each unit. This adds $100's to every attachment that you buy. I believe this to be a complete waste of money to have a computer attached to each attachment. 

We take a common sense approach to our control systems. When we see something that does not make sense, we correct it. This was a complicated project for us, but it was necessary. Our new machine came with a jury rigged 14 pin connector on it. The manufacturer was proud to tell us that they were happily doing away with this option on their new machines. We had to do something. Our customers depend on us to supply them with the most genius products found anywhere. 

Now the disclaimer. None of our products are Bobcat products. We are not affiliated with Bobcat or any other machine manufacturer. We have not copied anything from Bobcat. We are not in any way trying to make you think you are buying a product from Bobcat nor are we trying to make you think you buying a product endorsed by them. We expect them to tell you the same thing. After over 30 years of designing, manufacturing and selling some pretty incredible control systems, we know what we are doing. We stand behind this product 100% and guarantee it will not affect the operation of your machine. It simply reads the common language CanBus commands from any machine, car, truck and your Bobcat 7 pin system and turns them into 12 volt switched outputs. It does not interact with the machine in any way. We have special programming available that will allow you to connect this to anything using CanBus technology so you can control virtually anything.

Contact us with your requirements. We can program this to work with anything.

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