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New - Bobcat 7 Pin to 8 or 14 Pin Adaptor

Posted by Robert Leib on

Skid Steer Genius is proud to announce the release of our 7 pin to 8/14 pin adapters.

If you own a Bobcat brand machine that has only a 7 pin electrical harness and you want to run 8 pin or 14 pin wired attachments, then this is the adapter for you.  

It is so simple that it is pure Genius.  Just plug it in.  Takes less than a minute.  Plug in either your 14 pin or 8 pin attachment and get to work.  The controller and output connectors are held to your boom using magnets.  This means you have no installation, you can easily remove it when you go back to using your Bobcat branded attachments and if something falls on it, it will move out of the way and is very unlikely to be damaged.

When you order, we can pin out the adaptors to your favorite attachments specifications.  This means you can now operate a John Deere, Cat, ASV, Terex, Yanmar, Kubota, New Holland, Takeuchi, Gehl, Mustang attachment on your Bobcat.  Simple Genius is what we are all about.


Why does this exist?

I have been designing attachments for 20 years.  Prior to that (in the 80's) I worked on helicopter electronics, then control systems and finally industrial computer controls.  I have owned dozens of Bobcat brand machines dating back into the 80's and have watched their improvements.  In 2010 when I ordered a new machine, all of a sudden my new $60K machine would not longer plug into my attachments. I was very angry and decided to do something about it. I wanted my simple old fashioned 14 pin connector back. 

Working with an electrical engineer, I figured out how the controls are operated from inside the cab and we designed a small computer controller that reads the commands and causes an electrical event to take place.  I started marketing this device in 2011 and it was a hit.  From there, customers have made many requests for a version to suit their needs.  I have worked countless hours figuring out how to do it and now you will start to see the results of my work.  This is one of these new products.  

Here are the links to the two adapters currently being offered.

Click Here for Bobcat to Cat/ASV/Terex 8 Pin Output.

Click Here for Bobcat to Kubota/Cat/NH/JD/Case and other 14 Pin Output.


Keep watching the site as all kinds of Genius controls will be launched in the coming months.  Contact us directly if you have special requests.  You never know.  We may have just designed it.

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