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Want to run a Bobcat Grader on another brand of skid steer?

Posted by Robert Leib on

We have great news.  Because of your feedback wanting kits for Bobcat graders, we have purchased a grader and will be designing kits to bypass their controllers.  What we would like from you is help.  We know attachments and their controls.  What we do not have experience with is lasers on Bobcat Graders.  If any of you reading this feel that you could lend a hand, drop us a line.  It would be greatly appreciated by all of those people out there that are waiting to buy these graders to be used on their non Bobcat branded loaders.  We will use this blog to update you on our progress.  We are very anxious to dive into this project as it could be challenging and that is what we like.  We take great pleasure in defeating locks on attachments and thereby allowing you to use what you want where you want.  That is the Genius way!

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  • I purchased your John Deere harness for my customers bobcat laser box blade last year. He uses both a John Deere and bobcat CTL. He swaps the harnesses. I have the laser working on the John Deere. It needed a power and two grounds to work and run on auto adjust.

    Jeff Faulhaber on

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