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How do I operate my CID Swing Boom on my Bobcat 7 Pin?

Posted by Robert Leib on

Freedom at last!  You are no longer required to use the factory joystick to run your Swing Boom.

Many manufacturers create attachments with little regard on how to control them.  Most of the attachments arrive with a box of switches or a plastic box containing a joystick.  Once it arrives, the customers are all faced with the issue.  How the heck do I install this and where do I put it?  Most of these boxes are too big or awkward so it is impossible to mount the controls in the cab.  The CID Swing Boom is sold under a few different names by online re-sellers. The CID Swing Boom, Prowler Swing Arm & Spartan Articulating Brush Cutter are all the same unit made by CID of North Carolina.


They all arrive the same way with a basic joystick controller that you have to wire into your machine.  Whenever you have to run cabling down the boom, you run the risk of the cabling being damaged during use.  Skid Steer Genius has created kits that allow you to operate this attachment with the existing controls of your machine. 

If you own the following brands of machines with a 14 Pin Kit installed on your machine: Bobcat, Cat, John Deere, Case, Kubota, Gehl, Mustang, JCB/Volvo & Takeuchi, choose this kit  Click Here for 14 Pin Machines

If you own the following brands of machines with an 8 Pin Kit installed on your machine: Cat, Terex or ASV choose this kit  Click Here for 8 Pin Machines

If you own a Bobcat with a 7 Pin connector, Click here for Bobcat 7 Pin Controls.  This kit is more expensive because it contains a micro controller that we designed that reads the bus of the Bobcat and finds when you push a button.  It turns that button push into a 12V switched power connection and drives the solenoids of the Swing Boom allowing you to control it directly with your stock OEM buttons.

We have put together the most extensive listing of electronic controls for skid steer loaders found anywhere.  We hope you have learned something from this and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

How do they work.  Our Genius kits allow you to plug directly into your machine with the same OEM plug that your manufacturer uses.  The other end has 4 plugs that plug directly into the control solenoids of your Swing Boom Brush Cutter.  There are two sets of solenoids.  One set makes the boom swing left and right and the other makes the boom go up and down.  Once our kits are installed, you will turn on your hydraulics and by pushing the buttons on your stock OEM controls, you will be able to control the boom just like it was made by the machine manufacturer.  Another kit designed to be pure Genius.

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