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SG-CB-4008 - Genius 7 Pin (4 Output) | 8 Pin Output Controller For Bobcat® Loaders, Toolcat & Versahandler - 4 Port | Skid Steer Genius

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New for 2017.  Our controllers are getting smaller and smaller.  This is for people who have old Cat, ASV or Terex 8 pin attachments and a newer Bobcat using 7 pin controls.

Note:  Only buy this if you have an attachment with an 8 pin connector.  It will not work on 14 pin attachments.

This is a true Genius Controller designed for solenoid controls only.  Our customers spoke and we listened.  You asked us to create an 8 pin output connector style controller so you could plug 8 pin attachments directly to your Bobcat® machines without using a box control and we listened. 

Here it is.  The new 4008 controller.  It is a 4000 series, 4 output controller with an 8 pin connector pinned the old fashioned way.  Using the Cat/ASV/Terex 8 pin layout which works for Cat/ASV/Terex 8 pin attachments up to 4 controls.

This adapter is specially designed to plug into any Bobcat® 7 Pin connector and allow the operator to run up to 4 x 12 volt solenoids directly from the stick controls of your Bobcat®.  Works on Bobcat® skid steer loaders as well as Toolcat and Versahandler machines.  

Takes about 1 minute to install.  Is 100% plug and play.  This configuration is for boom mount so you can use it over and over on any attachment that has up to 4 solenoids to control.  This is complete and ready for plug and play directly into any Bobcat® branded machine.  It has power, communication, and a port status indicator LED to show you that it is working and that it is receiving commands from the Bobcat® machine.

Throw away the crappy controller that the manufacturers supply and switch over to true machine controls.

Read more about how this product functions here.  



This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is not endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are in no way attempting to make you think this is a Bobcat® product. This product is optically isolated from the controls of your machine and can in no way damage your machine or controls.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not damage a thing.  If a dealer is attempting to tell you that your warranty will be voided if you use this product or that it will damage your machine, please call and report it to us.  Skid Steer Genius is a specialty controls company.  Our goal is to make anything you buy for your machine work on any machine.  Others design and build in such a way as to stop you from doing this.  

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • I have a 2011 bobcat s850 with 7 pin connector and need to power a 6 way grader blade that runs 3 dual action 12 volt solenoids. Will the 4 way adapter work in this case leaving an open channel?

    The grader requires 6 channels to operate. 


  • I am trying to locate an adaptor from 7 pin to 14 pin electrical connector


  • We have this adapter for are bobcat but john deer broom. But light on adapter turns green on then goes to yellow what's wrong.

    Blown inputs.  How old is it?

  • I have a 2013 Bobcat T630 with 8-pins. I need to hook it up to a swing boom brushcutter with 8 total wires (4 sets of red and blue wires on 2 solenoids.) Our local Bobcat dealer recommended skid steer genius and I need to order whatever it is to operate this implement please. Thanks

    Is it a CID swing boom or Chinese cutter from RB Auctions?

  • I was wondering if I can you this adaptor SG-CB-4008 or the adaptor SG-BC14-CT8 to go from my 2012 Bobcat S650 to go to a 2018 Cat model SR118 snow blower? I believe you call it a 7 pin connector, or maybe 8, I know it isn't a 14 pin. There are 5 wires on the snow blower and the plug in has just 5 connections as well, which makes sense. I rather do this type of adaptor instead of other set-ups you have. Otherwise I will look at trading off this Cat blower for a Bobcat blower. Thank you, Doug

    SG-CB-4008 is the ticket.  Just plug it in and go.

  • I have a 2006 bobcat t190 and want to use sg16b stump grinder 8 port will this work

    As long as the grinder has 3 hydraulic lines and 4 functions only.  Left/right & Up/down.

  • Hey I have a246D caterpillar high flow with 14 pin but I wanted to put a cold planer but the planer is a 7 pin so I hope you can help me with this problem and thank


  • We have an MSD 7R mobile shear with a 14 pin connector and need it to be used with a new bobcat 566 with a 7 pin connector. only 3 pins are used on the shear with our old bobcat S150


  • I am a bobcat dealer. I am looking to talk to some one. Is there a phone number that I can call some one on?

    Please email back and Craig will contact you.  No.  We no longer publish our nuber because we end up having to fix everyone's attachments and these sometimes took days and we were paid nothing.

  • I have bobcat t650 (2015) I want use hm315c mulched , is it work?

    Won't it just plug in and work?  What are you needing?

  • I’ve got a bobcat T-66 with a 7-pin plug, looking to use an AMI 8-pin 4-in-1 Snow Pusher, will this work?

    8 pin is very rare.  Please triple check this as that plug was only used on Cat ABC, ASV and Terex.  14 pin is the most common and this adapter will NOT fit 14 pin.  Do not count the pins.  Count the all of the positions.

  • I have a Terex TSR70 skid steer loader with a 8 pin connector and I'm looking to use the newer Bobcat 7 pin attachments. Can you help me. Thank you

    First of all.  This is the completely wrong controller for what you are asking.  I need to know specifically each attachment that you would like to use.  In the mean time I have this awesome lookup table that I created that should help educate you.


  • i want to use a Turbosaw attachment with a 14 pin plug previously used on a Manitou 3300 on a new Bobcat S850 7 pin. what will i require to make it work?

    How about this?


  • I have a bobcat 2011 s750 with 7 pin plug and 3 hydraulic line bulkhead, I purchased a Cat sg18b stump grinder with 8 pin wiring and it has 5 hydraulic lines? I need help

    This will not work.  The stump grinder needs a new hydraulic control block or you will need to run it missing some functions.

    Here is an FAQ about what CAT did.


  • I am trying to attach my 7 pin A300 bobcat to a 8 pin PR96B John Deere attachment. What product do you recommend?

    John Deere does not make 8 pin attachments.  Photo please.

  • What pin locations are used on the 14-pin connection and what switches does that correspond to on a Bobcat loader? And same question for the 4014A.

    On a cable, they use B-Ground, CDEFGH for controls.  K for Keyed power.

    On a 4014, we use B-Ground, EFGH for controls and K for Keyed power.

  • Hello, My name is Brock with Bobcat of Omaha. I have a customer who is wanting to run his Bradco Planer on his Bobcat S740. I believe its 8 pin that is for sure going to the Bobcat 7 pin harness. Do you have an adapter that you can offer to run on this? Thank you for your help!

    You would need 2 things.

    1:  A 14 pin to Bradco harness adapter.

    2: A 7 to 14 pin adapter that will translate the Bobcat CAN to 12 volts.
    A 6014 CAN adapter will be needed but we have nothing in stock for 2 months due to a worldwide processor shortage.

  • Will this harness work for a CAT SR318 snowblower?

    If you have a 7 pin Bobcat and the snowblower has a Cat 8 pin, then yes.

  • Can I use this on an ASV/Terex R265T with a John Deere 7-pin attachment?

    No you cannot.  It says it is for a Bobcat loader.  You have an ASV machine which means 8 pin.  Your attachment is 14 pin. 

    You will need this adapter.

    Hopefully you do not need more than 4 controls because that is all your machine is capable of.

  • I have a 2006 BOBCAT T300 with the 7 pin harness I need to connect to either an 8 pin or 14 pin for a Prowler swing arm brush cutter.. Which do you recommend.?

    This or the 4014 are correct.

  • Will this work with a Toolcat and a Quick Attach snow blower?

    Yes it will.

  • I have a bobcat broom that is a 14 pin, that goes to a 751. Would this work to put broom on a S650 with a 7 pin?

    No.  You would want our 7 pin CAN to 14 pin 12 volt controller.  The CB-4014.

  • this is Lynn Robinson @ Barry equipment & rental in Twin Falls Idaho looking for pricing and availabilty for connector to go from a 7 pin on an 84" angle broom to a 9 pin connector on cat skid steer, would appreciate it?

    This is currently unavailable because it would involve a computer controlled output that would take your 12 volt switched signal from your Cat and then it would send a Bobcat command to the attachment.  We are working on this but it will be more for a fleet owner because it will be expensive.  Instead we offer a bypass harness which will bypass the Bobcat computer on the attachment.  Here is the link to the harness for your application.

  • I have this style connector and its worked great till recently. 2023 Bobcat T595 and a single solenoid concrete mixer. Lights turns green and may work a once but then changes to orange and will not operate.

    When the LED turns Amber, that means that the controller has lost the signal from the Bobcat bus. On a used controller that usually happens when they connector has been damaged or the cable has been pulled slightly from the controller. Please check those connections carefully.

  • My bobcat t76 2020 has 7 pin can connector to grinder asphalt CAT PC306B 2018 ?

    OK. Use this one CLICK HERE if your machine is made in the USA.

    If it is made in the Czech Republic use this one CLICK HERE

  • Hi, We are the Kubota dealer in San Diego CA. We have customers that are purchasing ssv75 high flow skid steers. They currently have the Bobcat 18" & 24" asphalt planers. Which harness can you recommend?

    This one - CLICK HERE


  • I am getting ready to buy this connector SG-CB-4008 for my 7 pin bobcats but I need it to control my 14 pin caterpillar soil conditioner with only 2 solenoids. I think I need this adapter SG-CT8-CT14 also with it but the pins in the picture are not pinned to match my cat 14 pin connector on my soil conditioner. Then I was noticing the 8 pin cat to 14 pin bobcat connector SG-CT8-BC14 is pinned out the same way so I thought one of the pictures on the website was wrong and hopefully it is on the one I think I need.

    We have the 6014's coming in the week of the 8th so I would just wait for them. CLICK HERE

  • Hi Guys, I've read your FAQ and I see down below a question related to my problem and doesn't answer. I have an old Bobcat 84" grader which has a 8 pin connector (NOT 14 pin). My Bobcat T770 has a 7 pin connector. The grader looks very similar to the one in your video but, mine is 8 pin: Do you allow customers to pay for telephone support?

    Please send photos of every connection so we can analyze what you have.

  • Trying to run bobcat soil conditioner on kubota svl 95.i have ordered your kubota 14 pin machine side kit but now need Adapter to function from 14 to conditioner.

    What year is your Kubota?  If it is older than 2018 and you ordered our kit, you only get two controls.  CLICK HERE FOR FAQ
    You will need to add controls using an Injector - CLICK HERE
    Did you read this soil conditioned FAQ?  CLICK HERE

  • I have a 2021 bobcat s66 trying to hook up a metal pless plow that has a 14 pin plug

    CLICK HERE  This is the device.  Will be back in stock soon.

  • I need a 7 pin Bobcat on attachment side and 8 pin on the Machine side ASV. Which adapter do I need? Thank you

    Doesn't exist......yet.  If it's an old Cat/ASV or Terex it will never exist.

    What are our trying to do?

  • I need something like this to run an angle broom. This should work based on the number of outputs, however, the 14 pin molded connector looks to be a Deutsch DTP series connector (lager pin diameter). The standard 14 pin connector is a Deutsch DT series connector (medium size pins). can you confirm if this has the DTP or DT series pins?

    This is the 8 pin version. If you need the 14 pin version then you will needs this. CLICK HERE

  • I bought a new 24 T770 bobcat. It has 7 pin. We had a kubota with 14 pin. want to hook up kubota snow blower. with this work for me? I have picture of the 14 pin connector on attachment. if needed.

    No.  This is for old Cat/ASV and Terex attachments.  You need an SG-CB-6014.  They will be back in stock soon.

  • i need to attach a Cid swing boom brush cutter to a 2023 t595 bobcat what do I need

    CID sells an adapter that we make that does the trick.  Contact your dealer.


    No.  That does not exist on 8 pin machines.

  • I have 2018 Bobcat T770 with 7 PIN. I want to attach AGT-ECSSRB. What adapters i need?

    You need three items because you have to adapt your machine, your attachment and the connectors on your attachment.

    Click here for the machine adapter

    Click here for the attachment adapter

    Click here for the connector adapter  - You need four of these

  • I have Bobcat 2018 T770 with 7 PIN connector. I want to connect FECON BH74 Mulcher with 8 PIN (ASV compatible). Which adapter will work?

    This will work.  If you do not have a hood, you can use our bypass kit and get rid of all of the electronics.


  • CAT PC 206 Grinder asphalt 7 pin change to bobcat t76 ?

    Is it a newer D series planer with 3 hydraulic lines?  If so, CLICK HERE


    Is it an older ABC series planer with 5 hydraulic lines and an 8 pin electrical connector?  If so, CLICK HERE

    Most answers to common questions can be found here in our FAQ section by CLICKING HERE

    There are also many helpful videos that can be found by CLICKING HERE

  • Hi I have a 2022 bobcat t76 with the factory 7 pin plug fitted .. is this the adapter I need to run my angle tilt blade and my 6 way bucket?? Also do you ship to Australia

    We need to know the exact brand and model of the attachment you are trying to run.  You have chosen a controller for old 8 pin Cat attachments.  Is that what you own?

  • I have a Bobcat T76 with a 7 pin electrical. I want to hook my LandHonor articulating brush mower to it. There is 8 wires coming from the solenoids what adapter do I need to accomplish this?

    First off, these are DEATH machines.  Please read and follow these instructions.

    For Bobcat you need to add a controller.

    I hate it when customers are injured or killed by these Chinese copies but it is what it is.  It was a good deal, right?

    I am currently making a video comparing these to the USA original to show just how bad they are.

  • I have a bobcat t590 that has a cat hm315 mulcher on it. Bobcat 7 pin, cat 8pin. The sg-cb-4008 that you sale appears to be my missing link. They did not have the plug hooked up guessing because it had the wrong plugs. There is only on thing I need to work on the mulcher.. it has a cylinder the needs to open on the front of the mulcher. Electric over hydraulic. This adapter should allow the 2 to communicate, is that correct?

    That is correct.

  • Will it make the conversation to operate a cat asphalt planner on a bobcat s770

    Does the planer have an 8 pin connector and 5 hydraulic lines?  If so please read the following so you understand.



  • I am in search of a Bobcat 7 pin male to a CAT 14 pin male. What do you have

    A 6014 will work but you need to move A to G and J to H.  They are out of stock for a few more weeks.  Keep watching the site and they will pop up.

  • Do you guys offer a adapter that would go from a bobcat 7-pin to a JCB 14-pin?

    Our 6014 is the correct adapter.  They are out of stock for a few more weeks and then they will appear back on the site.

  • I have a 2021bobcat T770 model with the & pin connector . I bought a Danuser SM40 post driver with the tilt feature it will not hook up to my 7 pin plug. suggestions?


  • I have a 2022 bobcat S76 platinum it has 7pin and I just purchased a 2023 metal pless model PLSS0830 Plowmaxx std it has two solenoids I’d like something plug and play rather than installing manufacturer harness with rocker switch

    What connection is on the plow?

  • I have an Bobcat soil conditioner that has an a 7-pin plug. I need to be able to run this on a new CAT skid steer with 14-pin plug. I don't see that particular adapter. Is it available?

    This is covered in depth in our FAQ - CLICK HERE

  • Hello, I have a Bobcat Toolcat 5600 2018 with a 7 pin connector. I want to attach a Cat SR118 snowblower with a 14 pins connector ( it seem to have 5 live connector ). Is this the proper adapter ? Thank you

    If the snowblower has a 14 pin connector, you do not want this adapter because it has an 8 pin connector.  What you need is a 6014.  We literally ran out last night.  There are a few trickling in over the next few days so keep watching the site for when they arrive.

  • I have a t 650 bobcat, skid steer, 7 pin connector it got pulled apart what color wire goes were to the plug. 1 c d 3 b 2 a what color wire goes to each of these


  • i have 7 pin adaptor on my 2014 s650 bobcat for my snowblower attachment and the green light has turned yellow and now i cant operate the shute

    The amber light is a troubleshooting light that tells us that there is no CAN signal so the controller is not booting up.  This can be a bad wire, connector or damage to the input of the controller.  Send me close up photos so I can see if there are any physical issues.

  • Will this unit work on my 22 bobcat t-740 to a AGT-ECSSRB?

    Not a chance.  You need to first convert the machine.

    Use THIS

    Next you need to convert the attachment.

    Use THIS With the Deutsch option.

    Buy four of THESE to convert your solenoid connections.

    NOTE: GO THROUGH AND VERIFY EVERY NUT AND BOLT CONNECTION.  This is a very poor quality Chinese copy of an American attachment and they do not hold up for very long.  Parts and service are non-existant.

  • Have one but when plug in goes from green light to orange one what does that mean?

    The controller has gone bad or there is no signal coming from the machine to trigger the controller boot sequence.

  • I have a brand new Takahashi TL 12 and I need a adapter for the electrical to hook up to my bobcat grinder

    It's all covered in our FAQ on this grinder.  CLICK HERE

    The pin out is the same as the old Bobcat pin out.

  • I own this canbus and it has worked great the last 3 years. It quit working today unfortunately. ( I use it to be able to control the chute on our snowblower ). I've watched your videos to troubleshoot and am not having success. The rear harness near the battery in the back of my Bobcat s650 is plugged in and pins are lined up correctly. The Bobcat's 7 pin female connector on the bobcat is in good condition and connects securely to the canbus. The canbus will sometimes turn amber and then blink green for 10-15 seconds. Sometimes it will stay on a couple minutes and I'm able to use the attachment but then the canbus will turn off. Othertimes the green flashing will not start at all. I've checked the wiring connections on the 7 pin side of the controller and they are all in and tight. The bobcat is sending out plenty of voltage from the 7 pin connector. Fuses are all good inside the bobcat. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

    That is definatley a connection issue.  Amber means loss of bus connection but if it comes back and works, it means it made connection to the bus.  No green light mean loss of 12 volt power.  If it comes back on then a connection has been made.

    The most common issue we have had with the older controllers is soemthing falling on them and pulling the connection apart inside the molded part of the connection.  This has happened so many times the we redesigned it so it will tear apart and can be repaired.  Unfortunately the older ones cannot be taken apart and repaired.  Send me a few close up photos of your controller and I can tell if this is the issue.

  • I have a 2013 t650 sidsteer I got a dozer blade attachment and I need a plug to make it work I got a female 7 pin plug in on my machine the dozer blade has 2 plug on it it is a 14 pin female and the other is a 5 pin look like a female plug can you please help me here my name is Kelley

    Can you send us photos of the attachment connections please?  What brand is the dozer?

  • i have a brand new cat 299d3 skid steer. i need to hook up a bobcat asphalt milling attachment to this new skidsteer


  • Will the same cb 4008 fit A 770 b/c and make xhineaetreehear(4 coils) function?

    We have never heard of this attachment - xhineaetreehear.

    How about some photos?

  • I want to attach an Erskine 2020 snowblower to a Bobcat S76 . What electric connector do I need?

    What type of connector is on the Eriskine?  They usually use trailer connectors.  We do not support trailer connections so it would have to be removed.  You can chop it off and use a 14 pin along with our controller or change the entire harness and still use our controller.  Here are the links to the products.




  • I've got a 7 pin bobcat 6 way blade that I'm trying to put on my 333g john deere. Do you have a plug an play harness for that?