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SG-BPH-14-6-9DP | 14 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 6 Output

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7 Pin Bypass Harness (6 Output) For Bobcat®, Erskine and Quick Attach Branded Attachments

Connect from your Case, Gehl, Kubota*, JCB/Volvo, Mustang, Takeuchi, New Holland, John Deere, Yanmar, Cat after 2014) to your Bobcat® as well as Erskine & Quick Attach branded attachments.
NEW for 2019:  Bobcat is now using 2 styles of connectors on their attachments.  This harness features Delphi connectors.  If you need Deutsch you will need to buy adapters.  You will only need to buy adapters as needed so count your solenoids and order only as many as you need.  We did this to save you money and to make the harnesses less complicated.

This is the harness that people have been blogging about all over the internet. We custom built these for a few people because we felt sorry for them as they had unknowingly bought Bobcat® branded attachments that were 7 Pin compatible only. They were unaware that these attachments would not just plug into their new Caterpillar, John Deere, JCB, Case and other skid steer brands. These attachments were designed specifically so you cannot do this. Others had bought Quick Attach/Erskine attachments that had control boxes or nothing at all.

We started as attachment manufacturers and felt that the 7 pin option was only designed to block users from running their attachments on anything but Bobcat® brands.  There are so many hostile customers out there that we felt that we could help, so here is the deal. We built one of these to see if it would work. Our customer was more than happy to help out with feedback of how he used the harness. We posted this to our database so we could help the next guy. He posted the results to an online forum and then our phones starting ringing off the hook. So we now operate Skid Steer Genius as an example of how to actually help people and not hinder them.

This product now comes completely assembled for the old Bobcat standard pin configuration which covers Case, Kubota, New Holland, Gehl, Yanmar, Mustang.  You will need to to make the following changes if you own a Cat D-series or a John Deere machine.

Cat D-Series - Pin G moves to Pin A.  Pin H moves to Pin J - That's it!

John Deere - Pin B moves to Pin A. A smart thing to do would be to change the machine so it will be compatible with all attachments.  Otherwise you will always changing the attachments over to match the machine.

Click here for a video on how to move the sockets.

We ship this kit with a diagram and installation instructions so that you can pin it for your specific application. All of the pins are professionally crimped. Also included is the pin removal tool so you can move pins easily.

We have now shipped thousands of these and have a very extensive database on how and where these will work.  When you buy a harness from us, the cost includes unlimited support until you get it working to your 100% satisfaction.  A few of our competitors have bought these from us, copied them and now offer a similar looking item, but they have no idea how they are installed or work in all circumstances.  We do


How Does it Work?
Bobcat® branded attachments that have a 7 pin harness installed have a computer installed on the attachments. We run our harnesses directly to the solenoids on the attachments from your skid steer loader. Bobcat® installs a computer right in the middle of the action. In most cases it is total overkill and not needed. They have only a few attachments that have a lot of functions that need more than the usual 8 or 14 pin outputs on every other brand in the market. In our opinion, it has more to to with marketing. They are under the mistaken thought that you will only ever buy Bobcat branded attachments. Instead, it just costs you a lot of money changing them back to the way that every other manufacturer does it.

Our harness bypasses their computer and plugs directly into the solenoids and brings the attachment back to modern reality. The other end plugs into your 14 pin harness on your machine. The only issue we have seen is if your machine is not wired for enough outputs to run that particular attachment. Example. Kubota SVL75 & SVL90, SVL95 (2016 and prior) loaders only have two outputs. This will work OK on items like brooms, but not much more. Not sure why they did not think ahead an allow for more outputs, but that is just the reality. As of June 2014 Kubota added an add on button controller to allow more controls.  Check out the Genius Super Controllers for an easier installation at 1/3 of the cost.

Bobcat® Cold Planers:  These attachments have sometimes have 7 solenoids.  6 are for control and one diverts the flow from the drum to the controls.  If you do not have 7 solenoids, then this harness will work.  If you have 7 solenoids, click here.  Most skid steer loaders have 6 switches for control so they do not have enough to operate the Cold Planer the way you normally would think. 

 Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6
Left Skid Right Skid Angle Side Shift Forward Reverse


This harness allows for the control of 6 solenoids. On Bobcat® attachments, this does not necessarily mean 6 functions. They often use two solenoids for each function so we rely on you to check this out prior to ordering or check our published results to see if we have already done it.

Now the disclaimer. The "Bobcat®" trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat® Company. 
This is not a Bobcat® product. We are not affiliated with Bobcat. We have not copied anything from Bobcat. We are not in any way trying to make you think you are buying a product from Bobcat® nor are we trying to make you think you buying a product endorsed by them. We expect them to tell you the same thing. After over 20 years of designing, manufacturing and selling some pretty incredible skid steer products, we know what we are doing. We stand behind this product 100% and guarantee it will not affect the operation of your machine or your attachment.
It simply bypasses the common language CanBus computer on the attachment and plugs directly into the control solenoids. It does not interact with the machine in any way. We believe this to be a much more reliable way of operating an attachment.  Fewer components always means less down time.

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  • Hi! I have a 2014 Takeuchi TL8, just bought a Bobcat 6way Dozer Blade Model 80 Dozer Serial #232111794. It has 4 solenoids with 2 wires going to each solenoid. What is the correct harness I should purchase? Is it plug and play? Thank you, George

    It is always best to check our FAQ section first because we have covered this in detail.  We also have an instalation video located in our video section.  Here are the links.!bobcat-dozers-explained

  • i have a takeuchi TL10 what harness do i need to run a bobcat soil conditioner s/n s6te02901

    It is always best to check our FAQ section first because most of the applications have already been answered there.  Here is the link.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained

  • I am buying a 2011 Kubota SVL90 and I would like to angle my Harley rake with the aux joystick controls. The rake has 2 power and one ground wire. I also have a Dymax shear that has an accumulator arm on it with the same 3 connections. I also have a SSV 75 with no electrical pug on the machine so I would like to get a plug and play harness for that machine. Do you have what I need for both machines? Thank you for your time.

    Here is the harness for both machines.

    You need to be sure the attachment has a 14 pin connection on it or you will have to buy one for our connector section.

  • I have a 2012 Case TV380 with the 14 pin connector on the machine. I am wanting to connect it to a 2005 Bobcat SG60 s/n 233002098. Can you give me a list of all components necessary to make this work?

    You just need this harness.

  • I have a Takeuchi TL12 and I'm using a Bobcat 80 blade with s/n 232112094, is this the harness I need?

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.

  • Which is the correct model of this harness to use fro a Bobcat Dozer Blade. The 6 pigtails won't work, its one connection

    This is correct if you are connecting to a 14 pin equipped machine.

  • What all do I need to purchase to be able to run a bobcat brand soil conditioner on a 2014 kubota skid steer

    Hello and welcome to Genius.   Running any 14 pin machine which includes Takeuchi, Case, Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, Gehl or Mustang with a Bobcat attachment requires a bypass harness to get around the Bobcat computer which is installed in every attachment. This is a simple plug and play process.   For the soil conditioner, please read this FAQ.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained     Please purchase this harness and be sure you check to see that it has either the Delphi or Deutsch connectors on the attachment and choose accordingly.     John Deere Owners - John Deere uses the same pin-out as most machines except they place the ground in a different location. You will have to move the ground wire in this harness from B to A. It is advisable to do this on the machine side so that it makes your machine compatible with 80% of the attachments on the market. If you have other attachments that are John Deere and do not want to move the machine side, it is fine to just move the pin on the attachment.   Please note that it is the customers responsibility to be sure that your machine has enough active buttons to operate this attachment. The soil conditioner uses 5 buttons. One button should lock so that you can run the attachment in reverse without holding your thumb down the entire time.   Cat D-Series e/w 14 Pin Electrical Connections – Order this harness. Because it is a universal kit, you will have to move 2 pins. On our harness, move G to A and H to J. Use the J wire which will be colored white with a black stripe. You can then switch the drum on in reverse as needed by hitting the Aux 8 switch on and off.   Cat/Terex/ASV 8 Pin – 4 buttons are required to operate the Soil Conditioner. These machines have 2 buttons on the left stick. Aux 7 which is the left Trigger and then Aux 8 which is the locking toggle on the upper left portion of the cab. This means that for angle left/angle right you can use your two buttons. For wheels up/wheels down you will have to use the front trigger for up and the toggle for down. You must pay attention to Aux 8 as it is a locking switch. If you leave it on, your opposite action will not work because it is jammed in the opposite direction already. Note: Soil conditioners have a 5th function for reversing the drum. You will not have this function unless you add a button inside your cab and an extra wire running down the boom.   For only 4 functions, purchase this harness.     If you plan on running the extra switch, purchase this harness.   Thanks   Skid Steer Genius

  • I have a Caterpillar 259D and 2017 Bobcat "80 dozer" blade. is this the correct harness. Thanks

    Yes it is correct.  Go to the video section and search video #117 for installation instructions.

  • I have a JD 331G and I just got a 2011 bobcat 84" angle broom ser.#231416340 is the harness I need the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP

    This is the correct harness.  You do have to move the ground pin.  If you have no other JD attachments, do it in the machine connection so your machine will become universal.  JD bastardized their entire product line by not using B as their standard ground like everyone else does.

  • I have a 2019 Kubota ssv75 which harness would I need to run a Bobcat snowblower on the Kubota ssv75?.

    This is the correct harness.  Just make sure you double check the solenoid connections for Deutsch or Delphi.

  • I have a Kubota svl95-2 trackloader. It is a 2018 model and has the multibutton joysticks. Is there an adapter to run a bobcat grader correctly, or do I need a super controller?

    You can only run an 84" with no laser with 6 controls, otherwise you neeed a Super Controller.

  • I am looking for an adaptor or harness kit for connecting a CAT 299D2 XHP (2018) s/n PX203051 Skid-steer or “D” series to Bobcat 68 Angle Broom (2009) s/n 231317188. Is the below harness going to work for this or is there additional items I will need? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT $17500 $175.00 Let us know as soon as possible Thanks Steve

    That is the correct harness.  Just verify if you have Delphi or Deutsch connections.

  • what harness will work on deere 333g to use a 96'' bobcat grader with out laser

    If you want all of the functions to work, you will still need the entire kit seen here.

    If you would like to give up on side shift and never use a laser, you can buy the BPH-14-6-9 harness.  Just realize that you only have 4 buttons on your handles so your angle will have to be done with the up/down buttons in the upper right side of the cab.


    This product currently does not exist.

    Here is why.!why-is-there-no-adaptor-to-plug-my-7-pin-bobcat-attachments-into-my-catkubotanhjohn-deere-etc-machines

  • I have a New Holland c190 (2008 year) and purchased an 80" 6 way dozer blade attachment made by Bobcat (7 pin). I do not have any electrical controls yet (I understand that NH uses 14 pin) and so will need the wiring harness as well as whatever control / joystick etc might be required in the cab to run the dozer blade. Can you please advise? I am looking for a full solution here.

    If you cannot buy controls from the manufacturer, thne this is the machine solution.

    For your Dozer Blade, you need to purchase a bypass harness found here.

    Here are some install instructions.

    Here is a detailed response to your question.!bobcat-dozers-explained

  • I have Cat 277C and want to run an Erskine 6-way dozer blade... I feel like this is the correct harness. Can you verify?

    No.  A C at C series uses an 8 pin.  Like this

  • I have a 2015 Case sr175. I'm planning on purchasing a Bobcat 6 way dozer blade. Is this the correct harness I need for that attachment?

    Yes.  This is correct.  Watch this install video for more details.

  • I just bought a Kubota SVL75-2 (Serial # 41729), I would like to keep my Bobcat attachments. I have a 68" broom (serial # 231318493), a grader ( serial # 802701140), a soil conditioner (serial # 232001718), and a 80 dozer ( serial # 699100381). which adapters do I need for each attachment?

    OK.  Here we go.  For the future you can use the guide that I set up for this exact situation.

    Broom -

    Grader 96/108 -

    Soil Conditioner -

    Dozer -

  • hi I have a bobcat soil conditioner 232000551 I also have a t770 bobcat I'm wondering if your 14 pin wiring harness for 175.00 will fit my equipment

    Is it missing a wiring harness or an old one with a 14 pin harness?

  • Hi, I bought an 80 inch bobcat 6 way dozer blade, and I'm planning on running it with a takeuchi tl8. This looks like the correct harness for me, but I thought I should confirm. Thanks.

    Yes this is the correct harness.  Please watch video #117 for more dteails of how to connect this harness.  Thank you

  • I just bought an older bobcat dozer blade and trying to hook it to a 2012 takeuchi tl240 loader. This looks like the right harness. Can you verify ?

    This is the correct harness.  Just verify that your machine has enough button controls installed.  You will need 4.

  • I have a Cat skid steer 277C do you have a harness that will hook up to a Tree spade made to work on a Bobcat?

    Here is the video on what to do.

    Here is the harness.

  • Just want to make sure i order the right connector , I have SSV 65 with 14 pin want to run a bobcat sweeper with Delphi plug. Am correct with SG-BPH-14-6-9DP

    Correct. This is a 6 output cable and you will only use 2 connections, but it allows you to choose which 2 that you use. This means you can choose the buttons that you press to make each function work.

  • Hello I have a bobcat 2017 s590 and I recently got an 1812 model 67” snow blower attachment by bobcat and the augers spin but the hydraulics don’t work with my new machine as far as turning the Shute. What harness can I buy to make it compatible for my newer machine. Thanks

    I suspect your Bobcat has only a 7 pin CAN control connection. Is the snowblower older and not have a 7 pin? Possibly a 14 pin connection? If so, you will need this controller to change the CAN signals into +12 volt powered signals. SG-CB-4014. Depending on the attachment, you may have to move two of the pins as sometimes they use C,D,G & H pins where we use E,F,G & H. A small tool is supplied in each kit and there is an instructional video on the site showing you how to move the pins.