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Chinese Auction 7 Pin Bobcat Control Kit - Dual Control

  • $675.00

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Use this kit on Bobcat machines e/w 7 Pin CAN controls.  This is a digital controller and harness kit.  Includes 2 x Din harnesses.

These are attachments generally sold through RB Auctions or on eBay.

Current Names Being Used that this kit is designed to fit.  They add names as soon as people realize they are not real.  There are no companies in the USA or parts.

Land Honor, Wolverine, Handy, Kit Containers (HAHA), All Star, Agrotk, TMG, Landy, Great Bear, Suihe, Great American Attachments, etc.,,etc.

It is your responsibility to verify that this will work because they constantly change the design to use whatever parts they have on hand.  If you are not sure, send us photos of the attachment, solenoid control block and all connections including any kind of controller that they shipped.  Most times we can help but sometimes we have to deliver the bad news and you will be on your own.

All of these attachments are notorious for not working out of the box or for falling apart after only a few hours.  If your attachment does not work, we will troubleshoot our connection only to prove that it is working.  The rest is on you to figure out.

This could mean that you need to change solenoids from 24 volt to 12 volt, bleed air out of the system, change couplers and move hoses around or even make replacement parts or modify the mounts to fit your machine.  

One thing that you should do is to replace all of their crappy hardware with grade 8 and use blue Loctite to ensure that nothing falls apart at the first use.  This is especially important for any kind of mower.  I have had people comment about losing their blades immediately but it's ok because they saved thousands over an American brand.  What they do not realize is that there are no parts available in this country because the brand names are just made up.

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  • Is there a 4 control option? I have a mower with 4 plugs. 2013 bobcat t750

    Is it this mower?  CLICK HERE

    If not I need to see the solenoids and know what mower it is.


  • Purchased a HANDY - 5 thumb tree and rock handler - at a local auction. I know, I know - but, using for light duty - infrequent use - and, along with the price - have very low expectations. Connecting to a 2011 Bobcat T870, Series Model A90 with a 7 pin connection. On the HANDY - There are four solenoid control connections. They are the Duetsch Square type. Three flat faced hydraulic connections and a control box (with four buttons) that plugs into the cigarette lighter for power. Opened the the HANDY box controller - all of the control buttons wired to a single power line and each of the ground wires for the selinoids appear to be wired together just outside of the selenoids. For operation - connected the hydraulics, turned on the hydraulics - and then, depressing one of the four button makes the power connection to the solenoid and activates the cylinder. Open / Close and rotate right or rotate left. Before placing the order - wanted to check in with Skid Steer Genius to see if there is anything else to consider - any updates - additional information -- before placing the order. Thank you - Sincere best wishes, Mike Powers

    I am pretty sure that it is the same control as the AGT set up.  It's all the same manufacturer with different name tags.  If you have Deutsch connections then you do not need the adapters.

    BTW:  That thing is a copy of an EZ-SPOT-UR.  The fear is the main pin not being proper material so they just snap off when you least expect it.